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GOP Caucus Meeting Straw Poll Results: Lieutenant Governor

Ahead of the PA GOP’s winter meeting the regional caucuses hold straw polls of the state party members to measure support for each of the candidates.

After the Central, Northeast, and NECRA caucuses met on January 6th businessman Jeff Bartos is leading among the three declared Lieutenant Governor candidates with 94 votes.  Former state Rep. Gordon Denlinger is in second with 24 votes, and former state Treasurer candidate Otto Voit in third with 19 votes.  

Bartos, who is running as a ticket with state Sen. Scott Wagner outperformed Wagner overall in the straw polls.  Wagner finished the first three with 91 votes.  

“These three decisive straw poll victories are another sign that Republicans want the Wagner-Bartos team to clean up Harrisburg and bring some private-sector common sense to our government,” Bartos said after the straw polls.  

Update: Bartos won the Southeast Caucus vote, taking 74 votes in the caucus and completed his fourth win out of the four caucus meetings so far.

“With today’s decisive vote, our campaign has earned 78% of the total straw poll votes cast to date for Lieutenant Governor,” Bartos said after the vote.

Update 2/3: Bartos completed a sweep of the caucus straw polls winning the Southwest and Northwest Caucus straw polls over the weekend.

“Our victories in all six straw polls show that Republicans throughout the commonwealth are unified behind the Wagner-Bartos ticket,” Bartos said.

Bartos joins Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for Senate, as the only candidates to sweep all six caucus straw polls this year.

Below are the caucus votes from the weekend.  They will be updated as the votes continue in the coming weeks.

11 Responses

  1. I had gay sex with Necpra once at a Republican State Committee Meeting once. It was incredible. He was so willing!

    1. Harrisburg can actually show Pennsylvanians they can work together on something by eliminating the horrible way LG is paired with Gov. The field of R’s is giggle inspiring and the Sitting LG is worse….. the timing to allow top of the ticket to make a selection has never been better.

  2. No Republicans. PERIOD

    Can’t trust them. Few of them have any spine.
    It appears that they are only in it for big coperations and themselves.
    I plan on working for qualified candidates who have all of our interests in mind, and plan for the future of a global world.

      1. I’m as anti-Republican as much as the next guy but we don’t have much room to talk about trustworthiness and the LG position. Any of their candidates are better than serial abuser Stack

  3. I love how the Northeast voted for Jeff Bartos even though he blasted Lou while he was still running for the the US Senate… talk about short term memory, says a lot about how loyal those people are.

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