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GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Debate For Last Time

The Gubernatorial candidates Laura Ellsworth, Paul Mango, and Scott Wagner met Friday for the final debate ahead of the May 15th primary and spent the hour trying to contrast themselves from each other.

According to the Associated Press all three candidates pushed that they are in the best position to beat Governor Tom Wolf in the general election.  

Ellsworth continued to push that she is a political outsider and that as a woman she will succeed in the “year of the woman.”  Wagner used the debate to continue the message of his most recent ad, that he will fight for everyone regardless of whether they agree with him.  Mango stuck to his messaging that as the most conservative in the field he would offer the most contrast to Wolf.  

Mango continued to take shots at Wagner for character flaws, referencing an attack ad he ran against Wagner.  

“The bottom line is, I have character flaws, I’m not a perfect person,” Wagner said according to the Associated Press. 

The hour long debate did not cover much new ground as the candidates prepared for the final push to the primary election.

6 Responses

  1. I am a Dem and lefty, so I won’t be voting for any of them in the General. If I were an R or conservative, I would not want Wagner or Mango representing me or my views. I’d be as embarrassed to have either as I would of TheRump.

    Ellsworth is the only class act among the bunch, and if the GOP sends either of the spoiled bullies into this years General, they will get pulverized. Ellsworth is your only hope, however very slight it is.

    1. You lost your Democratic credentials when you voted for Stein in a swing state thus helping Trump win the election. What did you think of Stein dining and laughing with Putin and gen Flynn?

      1. Steven Todd is a bit too credulous for my taste. Stein was obviously unqualified and an idiot, and it didn’t take more than 10 minutes of research before the election to figure that out.

        1. Yes, in her bio she listed being head of her local recycling committee as a qualification for the presidency. Of course that is slightly above Trump’s qualifications.

  2. I’m sorry, but though he has not done a half-bad job as President, I’m sick of Trump’s pettiness, anger and outright lies. All three of these GOPsters could probably do the job as governor, but Ellsworth is the only one with whom I would want to sit down and have a cup of coffee.

  3. There had been some discussion after the debate on PCN with former Senator Piccola highlighting the candidacy of Scott Wagner saying he got elected to the Senate as a write-in which Piccola said was hard and that Wagner’s trash business had few citations from the authorities. Ok. It’s all great but is this the sum total of what makes someone the best person to represent the Republican Party as a candidate for Gov? This whole race for Gov of Pa is now taking the undertones of a Republican defeat when clearly less than optimal candidates for Gov are being praised while the party whistles past the political graveyard. It’s as if the Republican Party has decided to make the best of it when they know they need a much stronger candidate for Governor.

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