GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Get Fiery in Debate

In a heated debate between the three Republican Gubernatorial candidates, Paul Mango and state Sen. Scott Wagner squared off while Laura Ellsworth stayed away from the fray.

On the issue of gun control, none of the three candidates pushed increasing measures.  All three agreed to increasing security at schools.  

Mango and Wagner got into several heated exchanges during the debate, including over the issue of bathrooms.  

Mango said Wagner supported a bill that would allow transgender people use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, accusing Wagner of being a liberal.  

“He is not keeping our kids safe and secure.  He’s a dangerous, ineffective liberal insider just as Tom Wolf is,” Mango said according to State House Sound Bites.  

Wagner’s response echoed President Donald Trump’s attacks in 2016, “This is the best time to call him lying Paul”  according to the Patriot News.  

Ellsworth avoided getting into the back and forth, saying she supports expanding workplace anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The two candidates got into it over their success as business people as well.  

According to State House Sound Bites, Wagner said he was the more successful businessman because he hands out 600 paychecks, and said Mango cut jobs through his former firm McKinsey and Company.  Mango responded that his company it “10 times the size of Penn Waste.”

13 Responses

  1. The battle for the biggest assh..e? Proof that money doesn’t buy brains! Selfish, greedy fascists, that’s all we need to run this Commonwealth completely into the ground!

  2. Elect Former Lower Mericon Constable Eric Broadway to Governor of Athens Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  3. Mango and Wagner. Sort of like Abbott and Costello or Rowan and Martin or Martin and Lewis…Just doing some comedy to entertain and make it a good primary and then keep it going till next Fall. Then reality sets and Mango and Wagner lose. Wolf wins. Pennsylvania presses “re-set” and we wait 4 more years for a real Republican challenger and a true race for Governor. Neither “Moe and Larry” ie “Mango and Wagner” are going to be Governor and are nowhere near the drawing power of the legendary Tom Ridge, in fact, they are the complete opposite. Wolf looks good for 2018.

  4. It would be nice if they showed pictures of the Gov welcoming illegals at the Philadelphia airport last year and his lack of action on wild welfare fraud.

    1. You mean people with travel visas who were enroute to the US?

      Typical Republican misinformation…

  5. What do Wagner, Mango and Ellsworth have in common with every Pennsylvanian not named Tom Wolf? None of them will be governor this time next year.

  6. Wagner needs to be fitted for a straitjacket. He is a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic

  7. Mango supports medicaid expansion and, thus, ObamaDon’tCare; thus, I like Wagner.

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