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GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Spend $20 Million in Primary

The Republican race for Governor has surpassed $20 million spent by the three candidates running.

According to the Associated Press state Sen. Scott Wagner spent the most of the three candidates in April, spending $5 million in the month.  

Businessman Paul Mango spent just over $2.2 million in April, and lawyer Laura Ellsworth just over $130,000.  

Both Mango and Wagner continued to be the largest contributors to their campaigns, with Mango giving himself over $200,000 and Wagner giving his campaign over $360,000 in the month.

All three candidates continued to trail Governor Tom Wolf’s campaign in cash on hand.  Wagner led the Republicans with $2.2 million on hand, Mango reported $1.6 million and Ellsworth has $410,000 on hand.  Wolf’s campaign, who does not have a primary opponent, reported $14 million on hand.

12 Responses

  1. What a waste of money. Neither republican has a chance in November!

  2. The Mango is an overrated fruit. It’s hard to eat, you can never get them at the right amount of ripeness and they’re expensive. I find that the idea of the flavor mango is much more palatable, usually when using artificial flavor. Reminds me a lot of Paul! He is hard to tolerate, never seems to say the right things to the right crowd and the idea of him is a whole lot better than what he actually is.

    Let’s not be fooled by a sheep in wolves clothing. Wagner is the best candidate in this race for more reasons than I have time to explain.

    1. You obviously work for this crook Wagner. He is not fit to be Governor hopefully his office at the trash company is still available for him. Listen to him speak it’s all about relaxing regulations on anything that has to do with his businesses. Paul is for the people a real stand up guy. Also what’s up with the criminal case against Wagner that is sealed from years ago? What did this guy do that was so bad to have criminal charges brought against him? The party really screwed this one up endorsing this clown.

      1. Lol NOPE. Nice try tho buckwheat. Pretty sure the office is still open he owns the company you dumbass. If you haven’t been paying attention to politics, which seems the case, republicans have been running on deregulation and pro business interests since your mom was wiping your butt (could be sooner than im thinking on
        that one). Paul is okay, but he doesn’t have the staff or the sauce to move forward.

  3. Wagner can blow all of his money, he still won’t get elected, he just rubs people the wrong way. He touts all this low tax crap, but fails to address pension reform and refuses to tax the shale gas + oil exploiters who are taking our states resources and enriching themselves! Hell, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Alaska tax the drillers why do we just have to give our natural resources away without making these thieves pay?

    The budget of New York City is 7x that of the entire state of Pennsylvania, and somehow they manage. We have gridlock and can’t make a move with partisan leaders say so! This is no way to run government! Must have compromise and a middle ground.

  4. Wagner looks like a guy that is from central casting in Hollywood for a Vice-Principal who handles disciplinary matters. “You skipped homeroom?,” Wagner would say causing the student to quake in their boots. He misses that Tom Ridge charisma and seems humorless. Now he is running ads on Fox saying he is a conservative candidate–good strategy to get those crossover Dem votes!! Wagner is totally off kilter in this race and out of sinc with the political times. Wolf by 10 points.

  5. Despite the least amount of money, Laura Ellsworth has the best chance at making a close race against Tom Wolf, and at least helping down ballot candidates.

    1. Am proudly voting for Laura Ellsworth in the GOP primary.

      Thought of voting for Mango,who’s very sharp, but was turned off by his dishonest attacks against Ellsworth in the last debate.

      1. Plus, I think a credible female candidate could possibly upset Wolf in November.

  6. They don’t stand a chance against Wolf. If the Governor’s election were held in 2016 they would’ve fared better.

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