GOP sends “Welcome Basket” to Strouse

NRCC Strouse basketWhen is a gift not really a gift? When you’re a newcomer running for office and the other party is trying to define you before you can define yourself.

That’s the goal behind the GOP’s latest jab, which involved sending a “Welcome to Bucks County” gift basket to an upcoming Kevin Strouse fundraiser.

According to the NRCC, the basket contains:

-Philadelphia Phillies hat
-Philadelphia Eagles eye stickers
-Bucks County street map
-Bucks County pen
-Bucks County tin for storing souvenirs
-Brochures highlighting the many tourist attractions in Bucks County

Strouse is hoping to challenge Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) next November.

“While Kevin Strouse may choose to have his first campaign event outside of his district in Philadelphia, he has a lot of catching up to do in order to learn about Bucks County and the rest of the 8th District,” said NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior. “It’s going to take more than support from Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC for Strouse to make a coherent argument as to what makes him uniquely qualified to represent a district he knows nothing about.”

Strouse’s campaign fired back.

“If Republicans in Congress like Mike Fitzpatrick spent half as much time creating a positive agenda to help middle class families as they do thinking of ways to mock and smear veterans looking to continue serving their country, we’d all be better off,” said spokesman Justin Lamorte.

The gift basket will supposedly be heading to the Pyramid Club on Market St. in Philadelphia, where today Strouse will hold a fundraiser with DCCC Chair Steve Israel (D-NY). Strouse was named one of the campaign committee’s “Jumpstart” candidates last month.

Lest the irony be lost, the NRCC is based in Washington DC. Rep. Fitzpatrick’s office routinely declines comment on campaign-related issues, instead deferring to the national committee.

Strouse was born in Delaware County and moved with his family to Bensalem in March. He also has been tagged as an outsider by his primary opponent, businesswoman Shaughnessey Naughton.

Naughton grew up in Bucks County but was registered to vote in the 2nd congressional district until earlier this year. She announced her candidacy in May.

8 Responses

  1. Most of the Dems that voted for Iraq, did so due to false intelligence from Bush Whitehouse, and have acknowledged it was a mistake.
    On the GOP side, they resisted withdrawal from war, and have been beating the drums to attack Iran (and favor some form of military action against North Korea).

  2. David – Didn’t the majority of democrats support the war before they didn’t? I think John Kerry is a fine example

  3. Maybe the DCCC can answer back they of course they know where their candidate is and what he’s doing, just like each and every American all day every day, and then give him a tax break while the IRS declares another completely apolitical audits of every Tea Party group in Bucks while Obama drones circle overhead

  4. Sean-
    GOP armchair warriors sending military personnel to die in needless wars for oil (or to reignite the Crusades) is an intentional act.

  5. It is a shame that radical liberals do not get that they are in BUCKS COUNTY PA and not California.

    Strouse is an outsider who was hand picked by Nancy Pelosi and the radical leftwing.

    Using military personell is an intentional act by the Pelosi leftist. They hope to get veteran and pro-military support.

  6. Strouse should send the GOP a book about women’s reproduction, a DVD of the movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, weather charts showing increased temperatures, and a calendar with the year 2013 circled.

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