GOP Strikes Back at Dem Supreme Court Candidates (VIDEO)

Just under two weeks out from Election Day and the campaign is heating up.

On Monday, it was the Democrats (through an independent group) that fired the first shots against the Republicans. Today, the GOP is firing back.

The PA Republican Party released a new video, titled “For Sale”, that accuses the Democratic State Supreme Court nominees of being bought by special interests.

They even created a website,

“Democrat special interests think the Courts are for sale,” the narrator begins before noting that the candidates have accepted money from Philadelphia trial lawyers and labor unions.

The web spot also uses a quote from one of the Democratic candidates, Kevin Dougherty, where he said that fundraising is a necessary evil. The video then stamps a red “EVIL” over the screen in classic negative ad fashion.

“Stop Dougherty, Donohue and Wecht,” the narrator concludes. “The courts shouldn’t be for sale.”

There are three open seats on the PA Supreme Court up for grabs on Nov. 3. The Democratic nominees are Christine Donohue, Kevin Dougherty and David Wecht. The Republican nominees are Anne Covey, Michael George and Judith Olson. An independent, Paul Panepinto, is also running.

15 Responses

  1. This is literally the worst ad I’ve ever seen. Who the hell is that narrator? She sounds out of breath.

  2. Maybe if I keep talking about shills and how I’m one of four people in the world who think Kathleen Kane is innocent, people will start impersonating me. Please, take me seriously!

  3. The Republicans fail to recognize that the time is at hand for their control of the Supreme Court to end.THE

  4. H3 — Damn! You continue to inspire copy-cats. How do you do it? No one ever pretends to be me. SIGH.

  5. I mean, there haven’t been any Republicans taking envelopes full of cash, or getting nabbed by the feds for trying to extort campaign support, or holding grand fundraising birthday parties with taxpayer money and resources, or doing any of the crazy shit that Kathleen Kane has done. But hey it’s unfair of those Repervlicans to say that about Democrats!!

  6. This ad is laughable. Wait until the Koch brothers throw in their donation to the Republicans and then we will see who is trying to buy our courts from the people.

  7. The union attack may have moved some votes against John Kane in Delco in 2014. And that was in the more union-friendly and liberal minded Philadelphia suburbs. It’s probably not a *bad* shot to take, but I wonder how salient it will be. Kane was going to stay on as head of the Plumbers *and* take a Senate job. The Court nominees are just raising money. But judge =/= Senate.

    Who knows. I think gripping about fundraising is generally a wash, and people aren’t going to care one way or another. Either way, negative advertising is usually a sign that the side running the ads is down in their internal polls.

  8. Yeah!! The Courts should be for making fun of Blacks … and homosexuals … and female victims of domestic violence. Just ask Repervlican Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

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