GOP to Challenge New Congressional Maps in Court

After the state Supreme Court released the new Congressional map, state GOP leaders said they will likely challenge the map in court.  

State House Speaker Mike Turzai said that the new map would cause a “constitutional crisis.”


According to WFMZ, the state Senate’s top lawyer Drew Crompton said separation of powers will form the part of the argument.  

Crompton would not tell media the specific legal strategy the leaders would employ, nor would he say where a challenge would be filed.

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15 thoughts on “GOP to Challenge New Congressional Maps in Court”

  1. Isaac L. says:

    I would be extremely surprised if this were to be taken up by federal courts let alone adjudicated in Turzai and Scaranati’s favor.

    This was a state supreme court decision based on the state constitution.
    The 10th amendment gives the states a lot of latitude in interpreting their own law and constitutions unless it conflicts with federal law. So unless they can make an argument that there is a Due Process or Equal Protection violation (good luck with that), I don’t really see a scenario in which they might prevail.

    This is almost certainly a political maneuver and a delay tactic, trying to get one more cycle out of the old maps.

  2. Jules Mermelstein says:

    When the legislature refuses to follow the Constitution, it is up to the courts to correct it. Constitution 101.

  3. Captain Sparrow says:

    Do you geniuses realizes Sparky is messing with you? What he outlined is exactly what’s written in the constitution currently and is being ignored by the Pa courts.

    These boards are great. A little reminder every day exactly how stupid our society has become. Please everyone, back to Candy Crush.

  4. Courtwatcher says:

    Let’s see: the Rs argue that the Legislature they control should continue to draw the maps so they can keep rigging the districts for their own benefit. And argue further that Ds are not allowed to mind. And then they go court shopping for one that will see it their way, because clearly that court would be reliable whereas the PA Supreme Court would not be. What an interesting legal theory.

    1. Sparky says:

      Your screen name is super ironic given that you know nothing about the law, specifically the role of the legislature in drawing Congressional district maps as outlined in the PA Constitution. It a good read. Your should check it out.

      Would certainly make the whole “courtwatcher” thing far more entertaining for you if you knew what was actually going on.

  5. Geraldine Manderer says:

    Why not just have BOTH parties vote on the maps submitted so far that were not Party specific. Compromise 101. Keep the Courts out of this. PA looks SO FOOLISH here on the National stage. Oh wait – this is PA – we can’t keep politics out of…..ANYTHING……including Supreme Court actions on maps. Shameful. There is still time to save face, but time is running out.

    1. Jim says:

      Yea Just like the Republicans did when they Gerrymandered— Tough shit

      1. Miltant Moderate Republican says:

        People kept forgetting many Democrats in the legislature in 2011 voted for the maps that State Supreme court threw out.

        1. PhillyPolitico says:

          Not really. It’s not like the Democrats had much hand in drawing them. It was people that got leaned on for a safe seat for Brady and stuff like that.

          And honestly when all you can get are the table scraps I’m not sure I blame people for fighting over them. This isn’t a #BothSides issue. Republicans were in charge of every level of government in 2011. The Dems were shut out.

        2. Groen says:

          Yeah, and? Last I checked that aren’t any of those Dem legislators on the Supeme Court.

    2. yerkiddenright says:

      No, Geraldine, the foolish ones are anyone who thinks what the PA Supreme court did wasn’t political.

      1. Sherlock says:

        No $hit genius. It’s all political.

    3. Sparky says:

      Novel idea Geraldine. Better yet, we should have the Republican legislature and the Democrat governor hammer out a deal on congressional districts and pass a piece of legislation codifying the map. Then what we could do is write down somewhere in law that this is the way it’s supposed to be done every time, that way we can avoid this ever happening again.

      We’ll call it the constigation…or computation…or I don’t know, but something like that.

      1. GOPee says:

        That’ll never, ever happen. Reason? It makes too much sense.

      2. Fair Districts PA says:

        Or we could pass HB 722

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