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GOP Unbound Delegate Count

081025_gop_logoDonald Trump enjoyed a major victory last night.

It turns out the win may be even bigger than anticipated.

We’ve compiled a list of delegates that were elected by Republicans last night. Remember, the state has 71 delegates, 17 of which go to the statewide winner. The other 54 can chose to support whoever they want.

By combining our list of Trump, Cruz, and #NeverTrump delegate slates alongside the Tribune-Review’s tally, we have a comprehensive view of what the situation looks like today.

As of right now, Trump has the support of 32 delegates while Cruz has three. At the moment nineteen delegates are undecided. Of those 19, nine said they would support the district winner, which would bump Trump up to forty-three. Furthermore, at most only 8 delegates are committed to voting against the GOP front-runner.

The full list is presented below:

1st Congressional District

Seth W. Kaufer: Uncommitted

Christopher M. Vogler: Whoever wins his district

David Hackett: Whoever wins his district

2nd Congressional District

Elizabeth Havey: Whoever wins her district

Calvin Tucker: Uncommitted

Aaron Cohen: Uncommitted

3rd Congressional District

Philip S. English: Uncommitted, also #NeverTrump

Carol Lynne Ryan: Trump

Robert J. Yates: Cruz

4th Congressional District

Matthew R. Jansen: Trump

Joseph A. Sacco: Trump

Marc Anthony Scaringi: Trump

5th Congressional District

Ash Khare: Trump

James Feuer Klein: Trump

C. Arnold McClure: Trump

6th Congressional District

Wayne Buckwalter: Trump

Ryan A. Costello: Whoever wins his district

Vicki Lightcap: Trump

7th Congressional District

Joan M. Miller: Whoever wins her district

Michael V. Puppio: Whoever wins his district

Robert Willert: Unknown

8th Congressional District

Barry Robert Casper: Trump

Robert G. Loughery: Whoever wins his district

Samuel James Worthington: Trump

9th Congressional District

William F. Shuster: Trump

Debra D. Taylor: Trump

Judith F. Ward: Whoever wins her district

10th Congressional District

Tina Pickett: Trump

Mario Michael Scavello: Trump

Carol Sides: Trump

11th Congressional District

David J. McElwee: Trump

Richard Morelli: Trump

Andrew Shecktor: Trump

12th Congressional District

Monica Morrill: Trump

George “Jeff” Steigerwalt: Cruz, also #NeverTrump

James J. Vasilko: Trump

13th Congressional District

Lauren Elizabeth Casper: Trump

Gilbert Cox: Trump

Thomas Jay Ellis: Trump

14th Congressional District

Michael DeVanney: Uncommitted

Cameron S. Linton: Uncommitted

Mary A. Meloy: Uncommitted

15th Congressional District

Patrick J. Kerwin: Trump

John K. Reber Sr.: Trump

Scott C. Uehlinger: Trump

16th Congressional District

Douglas W. Brubaker: Cruz, also #NeverTrump

Gordon Denlinger: Uncommitted, also #NeverTrump

David M. Dumeyer: Whoever wins his district

17th Congressional District

Carolyn L. Bonkoski: Trump

Gloria Lee Snover: Trump

Teresa Lynette Villano: Trump

18th Congressional District

Justin DePlato: Trump

John Thomas Petrarca: Trump

Thomas J. Uram: Trump

12 Responses

  1. As a delegate to the 11th Congressional district I would like to remind all voters to be sure and keep in touch with your delegates as the Convention approached. Make sure they know how you want them to vote! We are YOUR voice, but only if you speak to us. I stand by my pre-election commitment – I am a Trump supporter, but more important a popular vote supporter. Since Trump won PA overwhelmingly, I intend to vote for Trump on every single vote at the Convention, and intend to deny any movement to change the convention rules, a process which I believe to be highly unethical. My support is for the voters of Pennsylvania. Make sure your delegates support your vote as well!

  2. The 13th district has spoken. Lauren Casper will be an outstanding delegate. Tom Ellis and Gilbert Cox will also represent us well. Let’s all work together going forward and save our real shots for the other side, namely Hillary.

  3. Where did you get your results? The statewide election results page currently has Mary Elizabeth Wert (Cruz) ahead of Vicki Lightcap (Trump) for one of the 3 spots in CD-6; in fact she’s in 2nd ahead of Buckwalter. I haven’t double checked that results page against this for all the races, but the 6th was the first one I checked and it was wrong.

  4. A couple of those 13th delegates will say whatever they want to stay relevant. At least two of them have been consistently involved. The other is an opportunist. Guess that’s politics.

  5. Funny, because all but one of the delegates in the 13th were also on mailers and ballots for other presidential candidates. Just goes to show how some people will do anything for votes.

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