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GOP Up, Dems Down in Registration Numbers

With nearly one-half of 2022 behind us, Republicans are showing big gains in voter registration numbers at the expense of Democrats in the Commonwealth.

The Department of State’s election statistics as of June 27 show that the GOP has picked up over 32,000 Democrats who have changed their party affiliation to Republican, while just under 8,700 have bolted from GOP to the Democrats.

In fact, the Democrats have lost nearly 50,000 from their registration rolls, as an additional 17,000 have changed to other, as opposed to just over 10,000 lost by the GOP.

The gap between the two parties in voter registration has closed just over 530,000 as the Democrats fell under four million at 3,998,956 compared to the Republicans’ 3,458,936.

As percentages, the Democrats hold 45.7 percent to 39.5 percent for the GOP. Approximately 15 percent are registered to other parties or consider themselves independent.

This continues a multi-year trend of Democrats leaving their party for other pastures. In 2020, Republicans picked up about 32,000 more voters from the Democrats and another 7,000 in 2021.

Fifty-nine percent of all registered voters in the Commonwealth are over the age of 45. Among GOP voters, two in three (67%) are 45 and older, while 42 percent of those who identify as Democrat are under 45.

Top 10 GOP Counties

  1. Allegheny, 262,184
  2. Montgomery, 204,677
  3. Bucks, 194,625
  4. Lancaster, 177,305
  5. York, 159,183
  6. Chester, 151,536
  7. Delaware, 150,388
  8. Westmoreland, 120,672
  9. Philadelphia, 118,601
  10. Berks, 109,316

Top 10 Democratic Counties

  1. Philadelphia, 798,023
  2. Allegheny, 525,741
  3. Montgomery, 298,975
  4. Delaware, 202,756
  5. Bucks, 201,954
  6. Chester, 156,539
  7. Lehigh, 113,881
  8. Lancaster, 112,467
  9. York, 98,017
  10. Northampton, 97,808

7 Responses

  1. Lots of DINOs from SWPA and NEPA who haven’t voted Dem in years are switching to R so these numbers are a bit misleading. Still, Dems need to do a better job of registering new voters and getting moderate Rs who have voted Dem recently to make the switch, particularly in SEPA, LV, and SCPA.

  2. Percentage changes state-wide and by county would be a better measure than just raw numbers.

    1. Yup. They are driving away Blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

      They are more than welcome on the right.

  3. Doubt the veracity of your numbers. Whatever. After testimony at Jan. 6 Committee today, GOP numbers should be plunging. Trump is a criminal and traitor, plus crazy as hell.


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