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Governor Corbett Endorsed by Boilermakers

GovernorCorbettThe Boilermakers Local 154 announced today that they have decided to throw their support behind the Corbett campaign.

Upon endorsing Gov. Corbett, Boilermakers Local 154 Business Manager Raymond C. Ventrone expressed his pleasure with the energy policies Corbett has enacted during his administration.

“Since taking office, Governor Tom Corbett has kept his promise to fight for Pennsylvania jobs, making our Commonwealth stronger and more prosperous for our members, their families and all Pennsylvanians,” said Ventrone. “We look forward to what the next four years of Governor Corbett’s leadership will hold for Pennsylvania’s future and are proud to stand with him as he seeks re-election this November.”

According to the Boilermakers Local 154 website, their organization has been in place since 1896 and currently maintains a workforce of “2,200 members, 1,350 journeyman, 371 apprentices and 507 trainees.”

The Boilermakers are now the second major labor union to endorse Gov. Corbett, after the Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania endorsed Corbett in late May. Their President and Business Manager Philip Ameris, who represents the over 15,000 western Pennsylvania laborers, originally opposed Gov. Corbett when he was elected four years ago but has since changed his position and now regards Corbett as “someone you can trust and I think he’s moving Pennsylvania in the right direction. He’s very pragmatic and he keeps his word.”

However, such news should be greeted with reserved optimism by the Corbett campaign, as they still face an uphill battle. The most recent Quinnipiac Poll shows that Corbett trails Democratic candidate Tom Wolf by a margin of twenty points. While this latest endorsement is good news for Corbett, he and his team are not out of the woods yet.

9 Responses

  1. Yeah, go support a guy who says he would sign a RTW bill if came across his desk. Dumbasses……

  2. regarding pleasuring, there seems to be significant amounts of it going in between Mr. Wolf and the public sector unions/their supporters.

  3. We have sufficient taxation from the gas industry, who pays their business tax, plus. Now if the state is short revenue, we would need to additionally tax all other businesses an additional rate on their products. In fact, look at all the tax money we miss from not taxing food, water and prescription drugs. We also are losing a lot of tax money from unearned income tax revenue. Seniors need to pay more to feed the public sector unions insatiable appetite.

  4. Uhm…the Boilermakers are not a “major” union. Good for Corbett, irrelevant for voters. Not a lot of money, no substantial membership, no significant field team.

  5. No, dumb would be endorsing somebody just because they are ahead in the polls, as you seem to imply, Steelblitz1. The unions are supporting Corbett because of his performance and the way he has supported jobs.

  6. “Upon endorsing Gov. Corbett, Boilermakers Local 154 Business Manager Raymond C. Ventrone expressed his pleasure with the energy policies Corbett has enacted during his administration.”

    Well, while Corbett has been “pleasuring” Mr Ventrone, the state has been suffering a budget shortfall from the lack of sufficient taxation on oil/gas. But, we do have a surplus of pollution and toxic run-off.

  7. The western pa Laborers and the boilermakers are the 2014 version of dumb and dumber. The guy is getting his ass kicked by 20-25 points…

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