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Groen Elected to DNC’s Executive Committee

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen was elected to the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee over the weekend.  

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the DNC’s Executive Committee, and I look forward to what we can accomplish together as a party,” Groen said.  

The Executive Committee is made of about 70 members, and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the party.  Groen received the most votes to fill the Eastern Regional Caucus’ two seats for males on the Executive Committee.  The Eastern Regional Caucus is made up of the states from Maine to D.C.

“In Pennsylvania, we are building our party’s infrastructure and harnessing the grassroots energy from people all across the state who are angry at the direction Donald Trump is taking this country. We are reminding people that Democrats are for growing the middle class, making sure that everyone that works hard can get ahead, and ensuring that everyone can afford to receive health care,” Groen said.

20 Responses

  1. MARCEL IS A DOUBLE AGENT he secretly does deals with Republicans to benefit his own Pocket

  2. I supported Marcel for Chairman after Mr. Burn resigned as I believed he actually had the experience of picking and supporting winners as chair in Montgomery County. Also, I did not see anyone with near his proven experience stop up to heal us after Mr. Burns departed.

    Fact is that Hillary lost in PA, not because of the party organization but due to the staff that her campaign picked to run her campaign and that had nothing to do with local or state leadership. This includes the many areas of the state that got little attention from her one size fits all campaign. Anyone who understands real politics knows that fact.

    Pennsylvania won three top seats in the same election for Attorney General, Auditor General and State Treasurer. So, the loss was not a Party loss. As to other losses dare we realize the terrible results of the Gerrymander perpetrated on the voters in PA?

    So, if one looks to blame on must also look to talents and as a State Committee member and Caucus Chair, I had great respect for Marcel in his trying to make the caucus movement better and his attempts to bring some procedural processes up to date.

    Mr. Burn and and I had not always agreed nor do I always agree with Marcel but when we do argue I have seen him sometimes (not always nor to my full liking) change his mind and go 180 once he is convinced we need a different policy or procedure.

    My personal gripe is that many who condemn him without targeting the procedures we must change to better voice our ideas in time to affect change. Thus these so-called virtuous critiques lack any real substantial understand of the limitations of the various regions and difficulties of a state with the demographics of PA.

    1. Bradley-

      You’ve left out some critical historical facts.

      1) Jim Burn was forced to resign.

      2) Tom Wolf and Marcel Groen (and others) conspired to sabotage state committee by withholding and refuse to support fundraising (Marcel even bragged that Montco committee wouldn’t attend and contribute to party fundraising until Burn was gone)

      3) Basically, they did to state committee, what Trump is trying to do to Obamacare, so he can declare it a failure

      4) This left a weakened state party, and caused the exodus of good people who didn’t like the dirty politics.

      5) Had Wolf and Marcel not DELIBERATELY weakened the state party to make Burn look bad, then the party would have been stronger in 2016.

      6) As for top row seats, the GOP put up weak candidates. Also, there has been some complaints that Marcel was too concerned about little Joshy and not concerned enough about Hillary.

      1. David, I left out no facts. I factually cannot and do not deal with rumors as I am actually elected to administer the functions of this party on facts and not rumors.

        The State Committee People in general do resist any takeover of their duties by elected officials because we are the direct link to the street level committees.

        Since my election I had fully supported Mr. Burn and since his leaving have not seen dominance by anyone over Marcel. In fact, I have seen him manage to pull many disparate interests together.

        He seems to understand, the friction always exists within this party to accommodate all without yielding to any one of our constituencies. The need to establish cohesion between these groups will always be difficult due to the nature of our political tendencies to have heroes. Politics is not dirty it is human and what is clean decision to one can be a very dirty one to others. From thus comes the famous description from Al Sharpton, that organizing democrats is like herding cats.

        The party often is weakened by agendas of some who have no idea of what party means. But, the rules of the party are clear and must be followed despite the heroes of the moment that some choose to believe are more important than the movement itself.

        Once some get elected or have a political title or position it is important that we recognize this tendency exists. I did! And we refused outsiders as being able to lead our party from the top! Marcel is a member and has been for years.

        Thus, I avoided rumors and innuendo and stuck to the apparent. I had no confirmation from Mr. Burn on the rumors but they could be true, but he resigned and didn’t ask anyone on State Committee that I know of to fight for him. Perhaps there is more or less to this story? I really can’t confirm it, and I did try.

        But I can confirm the reasons I presented for my support of Marcel as stated above were objective to his proven performance.

        That you have your reasons for disliking some democrats is evident but, your last comment about “little Joshy” is a bit beneath any standard of rational that I would use in such commentary as one who is elected to be objective. Josh’s size has nothing to do with his performance in office which is the best I have so far seen, since I have followed the AG’s appointed and elected in PA.

        I do believe that you might try to remain objective and present facts instead of exposing bitterness toward those you speak about. That is what my last paragraph was meant to convey, “My personal gripe is that many who condemn him without targeting the procedures we must change to better voice our ideas in time to affect change. Thus these so-called virtuous critiques lack any real substantial understand of the limitations of the various regions and difficulties of a state with the demographics of PA.”

        Thus, if you want to speak of correcting how we relate or our procedures being made better I will fully listen. But I have the responsibility of voting on what I know to be possible under our by-Laws and what they require. I am elected to keep this party functional and to also argue with my fellows to hake it better. I have an responsibility to act on facts for the good of the party and I do!

        Thus, until our next session and or until someone chooses to present a better direction to our PA party and actually get Democrats into high office despite the atrocious gerrymanders in this state, I will continue to support the leader we have.

        Marcel’s election to the DNC is great for this party and I to the best of my actual knowledge support it.

        1. Brad-

          1) It’s a FACT that Marcel and Wolf (and others) conspired to defund state committee, withhold typical donations, and encouraged others not to donate until Jim Burn was gone. Marcel even bragged about his own refusal to fund state committee under Jim Burn.

          2) Jim was FORCED to resign, and plenty of people knew it.

          3) My comment about Josh was regarding his immaturity and pettiness, not his physical height.

          1. Your hate for Marcel is overwhelming “Me thinks you protest too much” Jealousy and envy is a sign of mental illness.

  3. Marcel was instrumental in turning Montgomery County a deep red county to a solid blue county. He is a great choice for not only the state chair but also for the DNC executive committee. The trolls on here talk tough with their Twitter fingers. Probably a reflection of their empty personal lives. How sad and lonely for them.

    1. While Marcel did work hard to organize Montco, the real reason for solid blue is migration from Philly and dying off of old republicans. They’ve got over 40,000 DEM registration advantage. So, taking credit for winning countywide is like taking credit for the sun rising. Marcel probably hastened the inevitable winning by few years, but let’s put it perspective.

      In Delco, the Dems recently crossed over the threshold of more registration than the GOP by about 6,000. However, that’s not enough to make up for the GOP turnout machine and improper use of thousands of county workers who are employed through political nepotism. Once the Delco Dems reach 15,000 advantage, they can start winning DA, judges and county council. By the time they reach 40,000 advantage, there won’t be a countywide elected republican.

  4. Lol Marcel’s blonde mistress is who runs him and the party anyway and everyone knows it.

  5. Groen is responsible for the staff. Some of the staff are in over their heads. The judicial candidates are paying the price.

  6. It wasn’t the Chairman who lost the election. It was the two stupid people in Philly who work for the Party. They had no idea what they were doing and now they are “helping” the judges – lord help us! Both are Wolfpack people whose loyalties aren’t with the Judges or State Committee, but with Governor Wolf. They will purposely lose elections to get a win for Wolf and they make the Chairman and State Committee look bad!

    1. Ellen-

      1) Which “two stupid people”?
      2) Did Marcel hire them?
      3) Would Marcel have taken credit if Hillary won?
      (Hint: the answer is abso-f*cking-lutely)
      4) Hillary lost in Scranton area. How is that Philly’s fault?

      1. Where is State Committee Staff located? PHILLY! Who hired the staff? Governor Wolf – they are Wolfpacks

  7. So now Marcel has fooled them on the National level. He has no reason why the Dems lost in 2016, yet he is being rewarded for his lack of vision and the crony system continues.

  8. The Dems learned nothing from 2016. Electing the guy who led the PA Democratic Party to defeat is a loser move…

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