Groen Resigns As Pa. Dems Chair

Marcel Groen announced he is resigning as chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party after being asked by Governor Tom Wolf after an interview with the Daily News.  

“I have always believed that the Commonwealth’s Chief Executive should have final say on whom the Chairman of the Party should be.  The Governor’s staff informed me that he no longer wants me to serve as Chairman of the Party.  While I have done no wrong and disagree with the Governor’s assessment, I do not wish to be a distraction to a Party that has to rectify gerrymandered maps and elect strong and civically responsible candidates throughout Pennsylvania.  As such, I will honor his request and will immediately resign my position as Party Chair,” Groen wrote in an email to state party members.  

Groen took over as chair after Jim Burn resigned. He was elected to the DNC’s Executive Committee last October.  

Groen has faced recent criticism for the party’s silence on issues regarding sexual harassment, including allegations against Congressman Pat Meehan.  

“If he was inappropriate, that’s for the people to decide — not for me,” Groen told the Daily News.  

In the interview Groen said that the Governor was “already pissed off at me.”  

“I accept full responsibility for comments attributed to me in an article printed several days ago in The Philadelphia Inquirer by Will Bunch.  Some of my comments were taken out of context and some were inaccurate. They were certainly in artful and in hindsight were not offered with the level of clarity I would have liked,” Groen said.  

Below is the entire letter from Groen.

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  1. Just talked to Val. She assures me she feels the same way about Wolf today, as she did the day she meant him. Said she tried, but she knew what he was then, and still is.
    As far as the attacks on her over all this. She understands people with no life need something to do.
    Absolutely she will attend State Committee, just like she has for 30 years.
    She laughs again, her love for the political game of life has not changed.

  2. Hopefully, “The Goniff’s” demise will bring the most disgusting Democrat in PA – Josh Shapiro – down with him.

    How does Shapiro get all his money?? Does he sell his office?? Follow the money!

    1. this is the gravamen of what has transpired and what probably will transpire, notwithstanding the evasive rantings of d2

    2. Josh got $150,000 from School Charter PAC, so don’t expect any indictments for bribery of legislators for charter votes.

      1. so, do you now concur with me that Marcel’s ultimate victory within the Dem-Party has been manifest, notwithstanding your diatribes?

  3. Sewage rat Diano is a total hypocrite.
    Hey asshole Hanna is Wolf pick You say past is wolf pick and now you promote it. Sheridan spent the last 4 days calling every person begging for Hanna. You’re such a total moron.
    Selling a total lie
    Hanna sold his house months ago
    Hanna sold his business months ago
    Hanna has moved to Oregon
    But sell the lie, because everyone will believe his Love for the state, he moved out of is soooooooooo funny. Normal people stay in states they don’t own anything. Normal people sell everything, their wife and family move, but you stay with no job, no house. Sure that story is true.
    Pull reports, Hanna gives NO money. Hanna has no experience running anything.
    Hanna has no knowledge of the statewide political press, Hanna can’t put two words together to make a sentence: He is unable to do interviews and present a good image and promote an inclusive message both for print.
    Hanna has no credibility anywhere. Imagine, Hanna calling big donors…. Ha HA Hanna has No established relationships party constituencies in order to have enough credibility to raise sufficient funds to maintain and grow party operations.
    Hanna has no relationship with staff except Sin Hanna permitted Sin to present fake reports. Hanna is completely in control of treasures report. He is a sham. He permitted all the money to be spent. He stopped the new committee from getting any documents. He permitted all records to be shredded. Did nothing. Nothing. It’s his job to protect the money.

    1. Rat-

      My understanding remains that Jack was blind-side and thwarted by Uber-gate and related issues. He may well be legally responsible/negligent, depending upon how actively he was deceived. The smart money is on the records being destroyed and declared “lost/missing” by those at fault, leaving Jack holding the bag.

      My further understanding is that Jack has retained an apartment in Indiana county, in the same building as his law practice, and resides and is registered there (per current voter file). Stop by his law office if you feel the need. He’ll certainly be gone after June, but is here now. If he was actually gone, he’d just resign and avoid the 4 months of headaches.

      Jack hasn’t acted like the sycophant for Wolf that is typical of the rest of the staff. He’s never struck me as a lackey.

      There is certainly plenty of “controversy” surrounding Sin and her role at state party. If she has Wolf’s support, he may wish to find her another role, to eliminate the issue. Given the turnover, Sin’s role should be reassessed by Jack and Wolf to see if there is a better fit for her. Maybe she might want a different role herself.

      I think Jack would be supportive of having the Auditor General look at the books, and settle the issue (and assign blame wherever it belongs).

      As for Jack’s skills/desire for State Chairman, my impression is that he’s serving to help the party because he’s about the only one left. There’s still probably a vote needed on Saturday to confirm him. Jack does not strike me as ambitious for the role, and likely serving reluctantly to help out where he can and try to be a voice of calm/reason. As for the press, this is why organizations have spokespeople and communication directors.

      Val gave me a lot of crap a few years ago for criticizing Wolf. I doubt that Val is “Rat” poster.

      1. Seriously David,
        Ask Val how she feels about Wolf now? She’s been ranting about him to anyone who listens. I’m sure she will be there next week, just buy her a few drinks…. and who knows what might happen! Lol

        1. Sue-

          My point was that my criticism of Wolf makes Rat’s attack on me less likely to come from Val. If I see Val, she’d probably recant her prior support of Wolf to me (and maybe tell me some stories I haven’t heard). I’ve got no grudge against her, and am always up for a good story.

  4. @ d2:

    You may think you have assumed ownership of this page via the Marcel-bashing you feel you delivered to him and to his defenders [notwithstanding my latest refutation of your increasingly-exposed weakling-arguments, infra],

    … but …

    You have ignored the gravamen of my first comment, to wit, that Marcel can laugh at your recriminations over upcoming years, as his protégé Josh becomes governor [and perhaps more].


    I will continue to remind them both [plus Mrs. Bernice Groen] of the terrorist-delivered blood that they know BHO financed without their objection [despite having been repeatedly reminded of this Nazi-recalling behavior before/during/after by moi].

    And I will continue to remind readers of your anti-Jewish posturing that, for example, evinced the admission [after considerable back-and-forth, years ago, on this site] that you concur [with Arabists, etc.] that the re-establishment of the ancient State of Israel on 5/15/48 was a “Nakba” [catastrophe].

    1. Although seemingly off-topic, it is necessary to parse-out your latest anti-Jew/Israel/Zionism diatribe:

      “I couldn’t give 2 f*cks about Marcel’s policy on Israel, unless he agreed with your genocidal ideas. The Iran Deal was the best deal possible to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and is in Israel’s true interests. However, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is long overdue for international inspection (since they refuse to admit they are nuclear power, and Netanyahu is an dangerous war criminal on the loose).”

      Nothing I have ever written is “genocidal” and, to the contrary, the Iranian leadership has supported relocation of Jews to Eretz Yisrael so that it would be easier ultimately to kill them all with a minimum number of bombs.

      These are the people you [and BHO and Islamists] have resolutely supported conveniently forgetting [for example] that Kerry once said [ironically] that “no deal would be better than a bad deal” regarding the Iranian Nukes.

      The JCPOA does not provide the basic tenets of everything BHO and his henchmen [including Samantha Power and Wendy Sherman, who already had failed regarding the NorKs] such as 24-hour inspection anywhere; it’s a pathway to empower evil, within a finite time-period.

      That you could even conjure a phrase [“is in Israel’s true interests”] that is so incorrect, haughty, elitist, so disgusting … SHOULD serve to disqualify your comments regarding your insider-contacts regarding your party’s politics.

      Israel’s effort to survive in a hostile neighborhood appears to have been lost among your cohorts, and that’s why you hate The Donald [and everything he’s doing to reverse the damage imposed upon America by BHO]; get used to his MAGA “winning” strategy, perhaps most eloquently articulated by Kellyanne Conway.

    2. Bob-

      Yes. You gleefully supported Netanyahu’s policy of indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians and leveling neighborhoods in Gaza. Around 2,200 killed, with about 1/4 children. UN estimates that about 65% of those killed were civilians. This is slaughter, not self-defense.

      We know what you are.

      1. The Palestinian Arab terrorists stored munitions in schools/hospitals/ambulances and, thus, collatoral damage occurs in WAR; nothing was indiscriminate [people were warned to vacate buildings prior to bombings via newsletters/’phone-calls] and, amazingly, you even admit that 35% of those who were killed [per biased Hamas stats] were indeed Islamists.

        Gaza attacked first, or have you forgotten conveniently [again] the daily INDISCRIMINATE bombings of Israel that preceded the limited/reversed incursion.

        Jewish lives matter.

        1. ht tp://ww w.thetower.or g/1955-un-report-confirms-hamas-stored-and-fired-weapons-from-un-schools/

          UN Report Confirms Hamas Stored and Fired Weapons from UN Schools

          1. ht tps://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/2014_Israel%E2%80%93Gaza_conflict

            The 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict also known as Operation Protective Edge (Hebrew: מִבְצָע צוּק אֵיתָן‬, Miv’tza Tzuk Eitan, lit. “Operation Strong Cliff”)[note 3] and sometimes referred to as the 2014 Gaza war,[28][29][30] was a military operation launched by Israel on 8 July 2014 in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.[note 4] Following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas members, the IDF conducted Operation Brother’s Keeper to arrest militant leaders, Hamas fired rockets into Israel and a seven-week conflict broke out.

        2. Robert-

          Genocide isn’t the proper response to an attack by a weak adversary (that you are occupying and abusing).

          If there were no international oversight, Netanyahu would be building gas chambers in Gaza, and you’d be volunteering to turn on the valves.

          1. there was no genocide and there was/is no occupation; your deceit is exceeded only by your anti-Jewish sentiments

  5. A note about the likely interim chair, and current treasurer, Jack Hanna. Last Summer I had been under the impression that Jack was moving away in the Fall. I’ve since looked into this and learned that Jack is still in PA and planning to stay until the end of his term, this June. So, he’s still in PA and eligible to be interim state chairman.

    With Marcel out of the way, there is renewed hope that he will be able to institute some policies for transparency or even reach out to our Auditor General to look at the books, to resolve some of the issues with Uber-gate and missing documentation.

    A lot of people here have commented on Sincere’s role as Executive Director and her allegiance to Wolf vs the state party (when the two are in conflict).

    My suggestion here is that if she retains Wolf’s full confidence, that he’s better served having Sincere on his executive staff or campaign staff, and remove the controversy (or pay her salary himself, if she’s on state committee to serve him).

    At the moment, Peggy Lucas has resigned. She is one the sharpest, organized and most competent people it’s been my pleasure to meet at state committee. If it’s within Jack’s ability, I hope that he could bring her back into the fold as Executive Director or Vice Chair. I think that would greatly stabilize the current chaos.

    As for Wolf, if he’s really interested in his reelection, he’s better served by the most competent state committee staff than the “most loyal” to himself. If he doubts this, he need look no further than the sh*tshow with Trump’s white house and stop trying to create his PA version.

    Bob Casey has a big stake in having a strong/competent state committee. Bob’s name is also going to be at the TOP of the ticket in November, not Wolf. So, I’m hoping Bob’s team can jump in and aid Jack in thwarting Wolf’s continued self-sabotage of the state party during this reorganization, and help fill some critical slots.

    When Corbett was in office, Bob was the defacto head of the Party as the top office holder, and should at least carry equal weight with Wolf in shaping a strong state party.

  6. ONE of the real stories behind this story. 20 + Years of service to the State Party Staff resigns 36 seconds after receiving resignation notice from Chairman Groen.

    1. Art C-

      I know that some resigned. Was it all? (list please?)

      Did they resign in support of Marcel or bowing to Wolf?

      Biggest loss from the Staff is certainly Peggy Lucas who has run every event smoothly.

  7. David Diano person who speaks out of ass. David Diano person who speaks without any firsthand knowledge. David Diano person who lives in no world of reality. David Diano person who lives in mommy dark no oxygen basement. David Diano has no real life so creates fake one.
    Democrat National Convention sitting in a bar at 3am Bernie delegates broken hearted. Women walks up to bar and starts talking to fellow Bernie delegates. Old man puts his arm around women’s shoulders and says we are all in the same boat encourages her to keep the faith.
    Next thing you know you are being accused of SEXUAL Assault.
    Why the women made false allegations??
    No one knows but thoughts are
    1. Past bad experience?
    2. Need of attention?
    3. Wants to burn down the Democrat party?
    4. Emotionally confused?
    What women fails to notice, security video camera.
    No one knows for sure why by we do know 70 year old man life destroyed by a lie.

    1. Now that Marcel is no longer with the Party, David Diano, who are you going to hate now? Jack Hanna or Nancy Mills? When is the Party going to come out with an Age Discrimination Resolution? It exists within the Party.

      1. Absolutely no policy will be proposed to protect against senior abuse. Governor Wolf and Campaign manager Jeff Sheridan have awareness of the abuse of Office Manager of the Democratic Party. Executive Director acts with total approval. On November 29th Chairman Groen informed Sheridan that Executive Director must be moved out of party or be terminated for hundreds of reasons but one of them is abuse of office manager. Guess what happens the very next day.

        1. Well Video, why didn’t Marcel terminate her himself? He is in fact her boss right? Why would he need Wolfs approval? If your comment holds any truth to it, it further confirms that Wolf is running the State Party. All Wolf’s people work there and Marcel can’t make a decision about his own staff?
          Why bother to have a State Chair or even a Commitee if one person is controlling everything? You do realize that the committee was trying to get away from all that top down bs decision making? Marcel and his greed to be chairman seemed to forget about the committee when he took over and was more then willing to be Wolf’s puppet all for a freakin title. Hope it was worth it.

          1. Poor Marcel-

            Yes. It does seem like Marcel couldn’t wipe his @ss without Wolf’s permission.

            Wolf made the lesson pretty plain with Jim Burn, that if Wolf doesn’t get his way, he cuts off the purse-strings and fundraising. So, we’ve gotten a worse top-down situation from the Gov’s office, especially when he’s really bad at the mechanics politics and the functions of state party.

            But, when people like Wolf and Marcel act without integrity, it catches up to them. Wolf should keep that in mind, because his turn is coming.

  8. Will the new policy also include avenue for victims of false allegations or will it only protect the accuser?? What about the 70 year old man the (real victim) accused at the DNC, when will his name be cleared from this nightmare? A court of law found him NOT Guilty. A security Video proved he is innocent. This female accuser still stands today screaming she was a victim. Politicians stand today using their power to back these false allegations.

    1. Real Victim-

      1) He was acquitted in court. His name was cleared. The court of public opinion is different, but I don’t hear this issue much outside of this site (which is hardly representative of the population).

      2) False allegations are rare. However, if they occur and are proven, they should be treated like libel, defamation of character, filing false police report (if criminal complaint) and perjury. There is a legal mechanism in place to protect the VERY RARE victims of false accusations.

      3) I haven’t see the security video.

  9. Marcel’s sychophants (Val) are now all over social media urging that the committee members need to be allowed to pick the Chair with no Wolf interference.

    Where was this thinking in 2014?

    Marcel cut a deal with the devil to acquire a title he coveted, the devil came calling Friday and he can’t even finish a 4 year term that properly belonged to someone else.

    Now he leaves in disgrace after losing Pa, to Trump, losing McGinty, and losing Woodruff. He quits a week before an endorsement meeting and a month before a special election in WPA.

    Put an asterisk next to his short lived but still way too long tenure.

    1. ForkTongues-

      Where have you been living the past 3 1/2 years. I’ve been complaining about Wolf’s interference in the Chair selection process since it happened in Jun 2014.

      I agree the timing of Marcel’s exit is unusual, as he could easily be replaced at the next meeting, after the Primary and newly elected state committee members. Maybe Wolf wants to put someone in place to screw Stack in the Lt Gov primary. It’s a bad time for chaos.

      Wolf should have removed/replaced Marcel after the Nov 2016 debacle.

      1. I’ve been regretting my decision as a new committee member to listen to Marty Marx, Saidel and Brady in 2014.

        1. ForkTongues-

          What advice did they give you in 2014 that you regret listening to?

          In 2014, Brady tried to get Wolf to pay a lot of “walking around money” for Philly. Wolf won the election by more than the total Philly vote, and was right to refuse Brady’s attempted extortion (which hasn’t even proven effective given Philly’s poor turnout numbers). So, that probably soured their relationship a bit. Saidel works for Brady, so I wouldn’t expect different advice than you heard from Brady.

          Marty’s AFL/CIO guy and knows the state, but Western PA especially. He’s tough and can play hard-ball politics, but his advice is usually thought out.

          1. Blah blah blah-

            I was at PA Progressive Summit this weekend, and a very sharp Harrisburg political operative came up to me and volunteered that every comment I had made on this thread had been dead-on.

            What are you arguing?
            1) That Brady tried to get “walking around money from Wolf”? (he did)
            2) That Wolf refused to pay (also true)
            3) That Wolf didn’t need the Philly vote to win (it was a landslide)
            4) That Philly turnout is way to low to justify paying Brady walking around money that doesn’t delivered promised results (look at the turnout numbers)
            5) That Saidel doesn’t work for Brady (he can’t praise Brady enough)
            6) That Marty is from AFL/CIO and knows Western PA (that’s his jam)

            When you think that YOU actually know something, try being specific and posting under your own name.

          2. Blah blah blah

            Well, in 2014, Marty was Stack’s campaign manager. Stack got about 47% of the vote in a 5 man field.

            How many statewide winning candidates have you managed? Oh… none? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

            Stack’s campaign team advised Wolf to focus on using his expected landslide to pick up some house seats. Instead, Wolf ignored Marty’s advice and lost house seats. Record negative coattails despite a record win.

            Thanks for playing

  10. State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky continues to attack State Democrat Party for failure to rush to write sexual harassment policy.

    Kruger-Braneky states as “it’s been a year and half since a women was sexually assaulted at the DNC convention and still no policy”.

    The desperate for PR state rep Kruger-Braneky fails to mention: is the Truth, the reality of the now proved to be absolutely false DNC assault convention story.

    Yes, Leanne a court of law found that your “victim” was not telling the truth. A security video from the bar showed your “victim” was in fact {not a victim of sexual assault}.

    Groen refused to accept illegally written and proposed policies that removed Due Process but demanded the policy be FIRST Leanne, Legal. A policy that protects Real victims but does not promote roads to false allegations. On the other hand Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky just want to use victims for election results.

    State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky once again uses her elected Tax dollar paid job to travel across Pa, uses victims of sexual violence to promote herself.

    #metoo #timesup will be destroyed by politicians desperate for self-promotion like Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky.

    Voters of Pennsylvania demand protection of civil rights not your self-aggrandizement.

    Use your own advice RESIGN from office that you in fact Abuse.
    Your own deceptive PR stories will come home to voters

    Hey Leanne in the words of Nicoloas Fraser-why are you???

    1. Nicholas
      Stop, just stop. Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky know the truth that the women lied at the National Convention. God bless her soul. Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky, know she isn’t stable. Just like they know the “victim” who attacked Leach isn’t stable. God bless both of these young women, they are tools for election.

      But Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky count on people never asking questions or looking for truth. What Governor Wolf and State Representative Leanne Krurger-Braneky really mean when they say zero tolerance is zero tolerance for truth..

    2. Nicoloas-

      While Leanne is good at self-promotion, she’s right on the issue of the party and the legislature having a strong policy on sexual harassment. She’s not using taxpayer dollars to pay off sexual harassment, like other elected officials have. And, her efforts should save more taxpayer dollars.

      As for the DNC incident, I haven’t seen the video. It sounded like poor behavior by a drunken fool at a bar, that was very short-lived, and should have been handled better. I don’t have enough of the details to render a verdict on the differing accounts or their credibility.

      However, there are many cases where circumstances are worse than what was alleged at DNC, and those cases should be covered by a strong policy (but also a policy that gives the accused some opportunity to defend against a RARE false accusation).

      Woman are assaulted and harassed frequently and often have to endure sexist behavior in silence, without means of redress.


      There are over a dozen women who have complained about Daylin’s behavior. The one Daylin keeps treating as “unstable” wasn’t even part of the article, though she wrote her own separate account of what she knew about the goings on at the office and the sexist culture that permeated it.

    3. Kruger-Branakey is one of the most incompetent, self-serving and two-faced people on the face of the planet, and everybody knows it. Nobody actually trusts her.

  11. BTW, I’ve been remiss in leaving out some direct commentary on Marcel’s written statement:

    1) Inartful is one word.

    2) “I have always believed that the Commonwealth’s Chief Executive should have final say on whom the Chairman of the Party should be.”

    a) Marcel is supposed to be a lawyer. The party rules are quite clear that the members of state committee have the ONLY say.

    b) Corbett used to be the Commonwealth’s Chief Executive, and he didn’t get to pick our chairman either.

    c) Marcel still needed to be voted in my the state committee members (ie, the final say), despite the backroom deal he made.

    d) None of the above is shocking, since Marcel consistently demonstrated a shocking disregard for the rules.

    e) If you don’t know, don’t understand and can’t follow the rules, you shouldn’t be chairman.

    f) I think it should be “who” not “whom” in his sentence.

    3) Marcel followed that sentence with: “The Governor’s staff informed me that he no longer wants me to serve as Chairman of the Party.”

    a) Wait… so now the thinks the governor’s staff has the say?

    b) Wolf couldn’t pick up the phone and call him directly and ask for his resignation? What kind of p*ssy move is that, after all the effort to thwart Jim Burn and install Marcel in the first place?

    c) In that same position, I would have said, “Hey, underling. Tell the Gov to f*cking call me himself, and ask me nicely.”

    4) “While I have done no wrong..”

    a) Please read the interview you gave.

    b) Please read my last hundred posts on your tenure.

    c) You f*cking lost the electoral college vote for the first time in 24 years.

    d) Uber-gate

    e) I’m sure Jim Burn has a longer list of your errors. 🙂

    5) Nearly every sentence begins with “I”.

    a) #MarcelToo

  12. ICUMI [and, as usual, d2 undoubtedly did]:

    The Blue Wave has waved bye-bye.

    ht tps://w w.monmouth.ed u/polling-institute/reports/MonmouthPoll_US_013118/

    “Democrats currently hold a negligible edge on the generic Congress ballot. If the election for House of Representatives were held today, 47% of registered voters say they would vote for or lean toward voting for the Democratic candidate in their district compared to 45% who would support the Republican. This marks a dramatic shift from last month, when Democrats held a 15 point advantage on the generic ballot (51% to 36%).”

    1. Robert-

      How f*cking stupid are you? I’ve explained this to you before. If you want to post a link, just leave out the h t t p and the slashes.

      1) In the fine print: “The Monmouth University Poll was sponsored and conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute from January 28 to 30, 2018 with a national random sample of 806 adults age 18 and older, in English”. So, no Spanish language polling.

      2) The Monmouth poll (that you cherry-picked) is an outlier

      3) Lot’s of GOP incumbents are retiring, and lots more Dems are running.

      1. as usual, d2 morphs info to befit his biases, thereby impugning its credibility….

        my posting of links allows for cut/paste after deleting spaces; different strokes for different folks, notwithstanding your attempted uniformity dicta [so classic of dem-elitists]

        the polling includes people who understand English, clearly both the dominant electorate AND less likely to include illegals who might intrude thereupon [such as in Callle-FOR-nya, to which you should probably relocate to reside among like-minded radicals]

        that you excluded citing a contemporaneous datum either suggests ignorance or conscious suppression of info that would undermine your meme, again classic behavior you’ve exhibited on PoliticsPa [and, most likely, elsewhere]

        most GOP incumbents are retiring from safe-GOP seats, and pivotal will be the Senatorial races [about which you maintain electrical-silence because it’s likely the GOP majority will be increased]

        you continue to show why you’re such a fraud, particularly when you fail to address the unique points made regarding Marcel’s [1]–h/o reflex-support for the anti-Jewish JCPOA, and [2]–having emerged victorious long-term due to the positioning of Josh

        1. Sklaroff-

          The polling is designated RV (registered voters), so not “illegals”, as your blatant bigotry likes to presume to deflect from falling GOP support.

          “contemporaneous datum”? Following the f*cking link to Real Clear Politics. Economist/YouGov and Reuters/Ipsos covered the same time period. Even Rasmussen and Fox polls taken a week earlier are consistent with the gap being around 7 points, and not two points as you want to pretend.

          Daryl Issa’s leaving. Not that safe a GOP seat. Dent’s leaving. Not a safe GOP seat, even without new redistricting.

          I couldn’t give 2 f*cks about Marcel’s policy on Israel, unless he agreed with your genocidal ideas. The Iran Deal was the best deal possible to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and is in Israel’s true interests. However, Israel’s nuclear arsenal is long overdue for international inspection (since they refuse to admit they are nuclear power, and Netanyahu is an dangerous war criminal on the loose).

          1. your continued blindness to the fact that “Illegals” SHOULD equate to NON-registered voters illustrates the ignorance of you-Dems regarding the need for voter-ID

            Your denial of the cite I provided forced you to cite other articles that illustrated my point, namely, that the blue-wave has crashed

            your citation of two vacated-GOP seats doesn’t negate my point that MOST are in safe-GOP districts, as you would wish

            you may not care about whether Israel survives, but most Dems should reverse the anti-Jewish policies of The Donald’s predecessor

          2. Sklaroff-

            Do you even read what you write? YOU besmirched non-English speaking registered voters with illegals. The outlier poll you referred to was registered voters, who would be legal and documented. Plenty of registered voters with weak English skills (which is why many counties print voting instructions in more than one language).

            You exhibit your ignorance on voter-ID, when it’s been revealed and exposed in court that the GOP pursues voter-ID as a means to suppress votes and selectively chooses the forms of ID to disenfranchise specific minorities and demographics. This came out of document discovery from GOP legislators.

            The Blue Wave hasn’t “crashed”. The Dems are running more candidates for more seats. That creates more opportunities and increases Dem voter turnout. GOP incumbents suddenly retiring are afraid of the wave, and their replacement candidates don’t have power of incumbency to lift them.

            If PA gets its long overdue fair redistricting, we will likely flip about 5 seats (based upon previous, fairer map).

            Israel hasn’t survived. It’s become what it feared and fled from and is led by a genocidal war criminal and supported by disgraceful people like yourself.

            I hope that Israel can regain its soul and become worthy of its ideals, instead of a mockery.

  13. Dave’s washed-up political enemies list (or list of political @ssholes I’ve called out and roundly criticized, before it was cool, and most still liked them):


    Sestak———-Gone (back to Virginia?)

    Daylin———-Campaign “suspended” (political career in flames)

    Bob Brady——-Resigned (to spend more time with his family?)

    Marcel———-Resigned (not a lot of dry eyes here)

    Rob McCord——FBI? (after his insane racism attack on Wolf in 2014 Primary)

    Seth Williams—Club Fed (and I didn’t even know he stole money from his mom)

    Who’s next? 🙂

      1. Philacrat-

        Yes. That School Charter Chump has got to go.

        Unfortunately, Joshy took $150,000 from the same school charter PAC, so we can’t expect any bribery investigations from the AG office.

        Actually, Joshy’s next career move is expected to be Gov. He’d have to get past a primary, without Marcel in power, and Wolf leaving (and not giving a sh*t about what happens in his wake). Joshy was in Montco politics, and just like Marcel (and current Montco chair) has not called for Daylin’s resignation. So, what did Joshy know, when did he know it, and why hasn’t he called for Daylin to resign? Hmm…

  14. little marcel has been screwing up this party for decades he left the bucks county dems 98 k in the hole and was a double agent for the repubs and dems in bucks county . little marcel took credit for any win when he did nothing to make it happen . little marcel took credit for all the dems moving out to montco from Philly like he had something to do with it . little marcel was only in it for himself and what he could get out of it for himself and for his law firm . little marcel has been an unmitigated disaster wherever he went . little marcel destroyed the dem state committee . little marcel should have been banished from the party the day he first registered as a democrat .buh bye little marcel don’t let te door hit you where the dog should have bit you , you dunce

  15. Over/under on the irrelevant narcissist Val S getting in a drunken altercation next Friday is now at 745pm.

    1. BikerBabe-

      This assumes she will even be there. She got let go and Marcel is leaving in disgrace. Why would she bother to go?

      Of course, no one can take this bet with you, because you might be the one to start the drunken altercation with her in the first place.

      1. Oh, she’ll be there! A narcissist can’t help herself. Last I checked she had no reason to be at those meetings prior. She was never even a state committee member.

        1. Lol…if only state committee members have a reason to be at the meetings, maybe we should ban everyone else. Maybe then we could get something accomplished instead of herding cats. And, the icing on the cake would be that Diano wouldn’t be there either.

  16. In 2014 there almost wasn’t a Democratic Party. Wolf took all of the Staff to work on his campaign. The staff was told if they didn’t quit the PA Dems, they would not get a job in his Administration. Fast forward to 2018, Wolf fires the Chair and the Party is in disarray again. Sincere can not run the Party, she has never taken the time to know what is supposed to be done for State Committee nor does she care. Her goal is to win the election for Wolf. After the election in November there will be no State Party. Staff will again go to work for Wolf and the Party will be left with nothing, not even enough money to survive.

    1. Wolf and his f*ckery have certainly damaged a party that he doesn’t care about. Sure, he vetoes draconian anti-abortion bills, but that’s an easy core Dem choice, and requiring no courage, and no more effort than a pen stroke and bragging about it.

      If Wolf had REAL leadership, such a bill would never even cross his desk.

      But, Wolf’s biggest failing is on the budget and inability to get a severance tax to pay for schools.

      ALL HE HAS TO DO IS: SHUTDOWN FRACKING AND PIPELINES as a public health/safety/environmental hazard. The pricks running oil/gas and bribing all the legislators to stop tax will flip their position and agrees to 10% to turn the spigot back on.

      Wolf isn’t principled enough to shut it down for the good of the residents, but if he’s going to sell out their health, he should at least do it for 10% and not 0%. Then the money could be used to help kids get an education and other priorities that he and the oil exec fat cats don’t have to worry about.

      We need principled leadership, and we’re stuck with Wolf, because he’s the only Dem in a position to keep Wagner (and worse) from becoming Gov. We need a state party chairman that builds THE PARTY and tried to fill every slot against GOP legislators. We need leadership that understands that it’s “okay” to support a Independent in a district where a Dem can’t run and win, because “Independent” is the superior strategy to evict the Republican.

      BTW, at this weekend’s progressive summit, seven Lt Gov candidates debated the issues. Each had strengths we need (budgeting experience, community building, environmental, race issues and civil justice). The six that lose the Dem primary should be tapped to lead the state party and Wolf’s cabinet.

      Wolf could be a good Governor if he gave a sh*t about anything other than his own ego rewarding sycophants, and instead fought to build the party an reverse his negative-coattails from 2014.

      So, Tom, if your staff is relaying any of this to you: Wake the f*ck up and start listening to people who care about the issues because it’s the right thing, and not because they’re donating money to your campaign to win a state contract.

      1. Wolf needs to resign now. We need a person who can win in November. Wolf and his pack destroyed Pa and the party.
        Resign before the truth comes out against you Wolf.

        1. Resign-

          I think Wolf is a lock for November (barring any scandal). He’s got a ton of money, a blue wave at his back, incumbency, the voters aren’t “up in arms” about anything he’s done, and the GOP candidates are a bunch of schmucks that make Trump look competent.

          The problem with Wolf is that he’ll win, but devastate the party at the same time, because he doesn’t care.

          You explain something important to him, and he nods in agreement, then walks away and it’s clear from his eyes that he’s completely forgotten the encounter and any support he implied.

          He needs a reboot and software upgrade.

          Given the blue wave, he has the opportunity to actually lead the party, make REAL gains in the state legislature and help the people of PA that can’t write $10,000 checks and don’t kiss his ass for a job (ie: over 12 million people)

          As cutting as my criticism is (and how petulant and childishly he behaved with state committee), I hope he takes my words as an honest expression of frustration with the opportunities he’s thrown away. He can do better. But, he needs honest brokers advising him, not the political shills and sycophants that permeate Harrisburg and the boardrooms.

          There are people who REALLY know how to solve problems. There are people who could run the HDCC better and fill more candidate slots, if they were interested in getting good people and less worried about getting good fundraisers.

  17. Best fit for the job is Jonathon Saidel. Loved by everyone in the state. Only person qualified to reunite the party and continue to move us forward. Mark my words. Eagles and Saidel both winners.

    1. Saidel is a good guy and popular. I’ve known and liked him for years.

      However, is he too much of an insider to make the changes the party needs? He’s been close to Brady (and some have rumored that Brady might pick Saidel as successor to head Philly Dems), and Brady’s top-down style.

      We need a bottom-up, grassroots kind of chairman. Frankly, my first pick would be Fetterman. He’s proven he can fundraise, and his support is based in the grassroots who feel disenfranchised by the party backdoor politics. He would also be an olive-branch to the Bernie people that think Bernie would have done better than Hillary.

      That said, I don’t think Fetterman has any interest in being state party chair, especially since he’s been working hard for Lt Gov.

      There are 7 people running for Lt Gov. They all say they can help make sure Wolf gets re-elected. 6 of them are going to lose the primary, and state party chair is another area where they could be of help to Wolf.

      So, I think some of these Lt Gov candidates should be on the short-list for party chair.

      1. Saidel? Lol, knock it off , running around telling the same stupid jokes is not leadership. He lacks the balls to say no to the governor. Replace one insider with another ? No way! He’s been teasing this up for years now. With Brady gone he thinks he’s big time. Sadly, this is probably his best joke yet. Stay in the engineer’s club making all your nowhere plans for nobody.

      2. Saidel has no interest in putting up with this f*ckery. And Fetterman as party chair? LMFAO I think you got a bad batch of whatever you’re on, Diano. Fetterman cares less about the party than Wolf.

  18. Lets put the brakes on who is going to be the next Party Chair. That decision will be voted on after the next state committee person election in the spring. Only elected State Committee members can elect a new chair.

    1. Bruce-
      Seriously, you mean only the governor or governor elect can elect a new chair?
      Governor Wolf has turned our party into a joke with this bs……

    2. Bruce

      Silly sheep is correct. The Wolf lackeys claimed that the gov picks the chair (tradition over the actual rules).

      Marcel is Wolf’s mess. Wolf needs to own his mistake.

      1. I am sick and tired hearing Dave Diano talk about the former Chair. The reason Dave hated Marcel was because Montgomery County quit using Dave’s voter file. When the DNC came up with VAN, all the Democrats in PA went with it. As far as Hillary losing Pennsylvania. Look at the folks who run the Party from Philadelphia? Hillary’s race was a cluster F from day one and Marcel had nothing to do with it. You had Corey Dupes who wouldn’t return calls, Sincere and Corey thinking they could run a national campaign – what a joke. The Governor protects his Wolf pack and Marcel was not part of it. Why did Dwayne Woodruff lose? because Tom Wolf did not support him nor did he support the other Judicial races. His support was to Sandy Mundy because her husband gives big bucks, not to the Democrats, but to Wolf. What Wolf did to Mike Stack and his wife unthinkable. Someone who deals with mental issues and then the Governor of the State brings it out and airs it as dirty laundry. Sad day for Demcorats!

        1. Question Mark

          Montco committee people and candidates use both VAN and VoterWeb. The VoterWeb accounts for committee people were free accounts. VAN has been around for a decade. It’s the HDCC that’s tried to keep candidates from using VoterWeb, so they can control the candidates with VAN. (They won’t even sell VAN to dems challenging incumbents.)

          I broke with Marcel when he told me he was part of the Wolf effort to defund state committee, until Jim was forced out. It was a d*ck move. Later, Marcel became state chair and began a reign of top-down backroom politics, and attempts to circumvent the will of rank and file committee.
          On top of that is the abuse and mis-management of party funds, like uber-gate.

          1. The abuse of party funds and Ubergate was the actions of people who are still there and protected while Marcel is gone. Hmm

        2. Marcel rallied hard for chairmanship for years prior, boycotting events held by PA Dems just as Wolf did because he didn’t get his way and couldn’t get the votes for Katie McGinty (and boy did they try).
          As soon as Marcel took the gavel, Tom Wolf started showing up again. Are you really that stupid to think that if Wolf didn’t like Marcel he would even be there??
          Marcel had great things to say about Sincere in 2015 when he gave her ED and Sin was absolutely a Tom Wolf selection.
          Marcel was certainly front and center for the Democratic National Convention, having the time of his life. Things turned sour sometime in November between these 2, around the time Marcel’s girlfriend resigned after her drunken rant.

  19. Todd Eagen would be good as Interim Chair until the June Meeting. We could than have more time to evaluate a permanent Chair after reorganization.

    1. Concerned-
      Do you really believe you will be given that right on whom you select?
      If Wolf doesn’t get his pick again, he’ll take his ball and go home…….

  20. Although I’ve been away from Pa for a long time I recall Marcel from his days long ago in Bucks County. A good guy I always thought.

    1. I imagine Don Providence is a cross of Joe the Plumber and the 2 old guys from the Muppets. I love his insights into the madness of Pennsylvania politics.

  21. Gov pick me pick me I will do everything you tell me. The women in my county hate me but pick me pick me. I sell my soul to the lowest bidder every time. Pick me. I sell out women. I sell men. I am good. Pick me pick me.
    All my love Nancy

  22. I think for Drew McGinty a former congressional candidate from Pennsylvania could be named as the next Pennsylvania State Democratic Chairman after the Incumbent resigned today.

  23. Groen has NEVER supported the endorsed Dems state wide especially women . he has been rude and miserable . good riddance…

  24. Honorable Chairman Marcel Groen made a choice: not to sell his soul to Wolf.
    Governor Wolf demanded Groen stand with him and remove due process. Remember Wolf?- a course of formal proceedings (such as legal proceedings) carried out regularly and in accordance with established rules and principles — called also procedural due process
    Groen said: Go F^%k yourself. I stand on the side of Civil Rights.
    Governor Wolf demanded Groen stop free speech
    Groen said: Go F^%k yourself. I stand with The First Amendment of the United States Constitution
    Governor Wolf demanded Groen silence women
    Groen said: Go F^%k yourself
    Governor Wolf demanded Groen to must stop free thinking.
    Groen said: Go F^%k yourself;
    Basically Governor just go F*$k yourself.
    I resign

    1. Go F%^K yourself-
      Val, is that you?? What, Marcel is a Martyr now??
      You are describing Jim Burn’s Chairmanship, not Marcel’s….
      Not only did Burn do the above to Wolf, he also did it to Rendell 2X. Lol
      Funny when this was all going down in 2015, Marcel and yourself were so far up Wolf’s ass
      You couldn’t see where he ended and you began. What, now it’s unfair??
      It’s called karma….

    2. Well, let’s see.

      Wolf picked McGinty. The party said f*ck you to Wolf.

      Wolf and Marcel TOGETHER said f*ck you to Jim and the state committee party members who made their choice.

      Daylin got exposed. Wolf called for him to resign. Marcel continues to cover for Daylin. Who believes that Marcel hasn’t known about Daylin for years?

      The consensus rumor has been that Marcel wanted to be state chair to cash in on a Hillary win, and become an ambassador to the Netherlands. Probably had unpack his bags the day after the Nov 2016 election. No indication that he ever enjoyed the job, but rather seemed like a short-timer.

  25. While I certainly do not share Mr. Groen’s political views, his accomplishments cannot disputed. Quite often one who leads an organization to dominance is not equipped to contain and balance the factions that usually develop within a party once it has established its hegemony. Marcel was the rare leader who effectively did both.

    1. Eagen 2-0 with State Committee. 0-2 with Primary voters. If the man wants to be a Commonwealth Court Judge, being State Committee Chair is not the route. The most it will do will get him endorsed for the third time, which would happen any way. Dems need some new blood.

    1. far, far worse

      he remained a Kapo even after having repeatedly been advised of his Juden-Rat conduct

      this was done for personal aggrandizement, and he [and Bernice, his wife] must live with this guilt for the duration, for they FAILED TO SPEAK OUT [along with Josh]

          1. Bob believes himself a pro-Semite. But his idea is a “final solution” of killing non-Jews, starting with the Palestinians.

  26. This Burn fantasy is going nowhere. He sued a county chair recently to get rules bent to suit him. He bullied Wolf. He has history with younger women. Why look backward? There’s plenty that needs improving–maybe now some of that can get done.

    1. Anybody But Stack-

      I don’t think that Burn wants to deal with the sh*tshow that Wolf and Marcel have created. So, I don’t expect him to resume command. But, I do feel he is owed an apology from Wolf who damaged the party with his retaliation over McGinty and selection of Marcel.

  27. Tom Wolf, and his attack dogs on Due Process and Right to Free Speech State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky, Allegheny Chair Nancy Miles.
    Tom Wolf past employees know the REAL Wolf.
    State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky staff know the REAL Leanne
    Allegheny Chair Nancy Miles county Committee people know the REAL Nancy
    Absolute attack on your rights for their temporary political gain. Voters do care about their rights.
    #meToo will soon becoming after them. Evidence will soon be published. MeToo has been played like a fine fiddle….

    Tom Wolf must Resign
    State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky must Resign
    Allegheny Chair Nancy Miles must Resign
    The people that scream the loudest have the most to hide…
    Get your popcorn ready and wait for the show…

  28. You get what you deserve. WOLFPACK
    Truth for a change
    Wolf Hated Jim Burn
    Wolf Hated Marcel Groen
    You fools! Wolf hates the Democrat Party
    Never did Wolf support Burn or Groen.
    Now Wolf wants Jack Hanna who lives in what state???? Let’s see Jack and Sin fake budget. Wolf wants Jack to protect Sin and her spending habits of OPM. (Other peoples money)
    Ship is about to sink… Just stay tuned to facts

    1. Fact Checks-

      Wolf may hate Marcel “now”, but it’s news to me that he didn’t like him previously. Why then, according to you, did Wolf anoint Marcel to replace Burn?

      From my conversations with Jack Hanna, it was my distinct impression that he was thwarted and blocked from uncovering the truth about Uber-gate and other OPM abuses. I doubt that Wolf wants Jack in any position to uncover documents (that haven’t been shredded).

      1. Your “Marcel” hate is so deep your blind. In 2 1/2 years when did you ever see Groen and Wolf together except when forced.
        Hanna the story teller. No fear the real reports will come out. The signed by Hanna reports are laughable.
        Hanna approved all spending. Treasure Hanna is in total control. Read the Bylaws. Hanna will have a bunch of explaining to do. Well him and his girl Ms. Sin Harris

        1. Fact Checks-

          Wolf doesn’t seem to be “friends” with anyone. He just wanders around events pretending to listen to the people that come up to talk to him. You still haven’t explained why Wolf picked Marcel.

          My impression of Hanna is different than yours. He seems genuinely frustrated that he couldn’t get straight answers (and though he didn’t say it, I suspected that documents had been lost/shredded). I think a lot was done behind his back (though technically I agree, that as treasurer, he does have legal responsibilities). It seems that Jack missed catching potential embezzlement/abuse, but I’ve never gotten the impression that he was complicit.

          1. If doc were shredded …. WHY didn’t Jack expose it to the press?? He knew it. He knew of abuse of credit cards why didn’t he call the press? Professional Audit must be done to expose if abuse of funds by ED. Jack the puppet. Back room deal done.
            What state does Jack live in?? Or living in your car counts. Sin has a bed in her office for him. Bunch of frauds selling their new spin story.

          2. Fact Checks-

            I don’t know about Jack’s living/sleeping arrangements. Last year when this broke he mentioned he was leaving in the Fall and moving, and hoped to get to the bottom of it before he left.

            I wasn’t in the back room. Were you?

            All I can say is that Jack seemed genuinely blind-sided by what happened, and frustrated with his inability to get straight answers. I’d like to see the Auditor General to take a look at the books. But, I have no basis to assess blame to Jack.

            If you are an “insider”, I’ll be at state committee next weekend, so feel free to approach me with some actual details.

  29. It is desirable to intrude into your “party” so as to provide info that y’all may not know, may know, and/or may not consider relevant; nevertheless, it is provided for “chew.”

    I’ve been voting in the same Abington 7-2 precinct with him for decades and had served as both elections-judge and committee-person; relations were generally ok initially [we’d distribute each other’s handouts if party-affiliation were established by a given voter, if someone needed a bathroom break], but not subsequently.

    I lambasted him and Josh semi-annually for the past decade, following an hour-long meeting with Josh [when he was a state-rep] and an Iran-expert, at which we laid-out that neo-Nazi risk; he/they ignored the issue, instead reinforcing what BHO was going to do, what he did, and what he defended himself for having done.

    Thus, I have reminded him [when the opportunity has arisen, publicly and privately, unambiguously-directly and via-staffers] that BLOOD drips from their hands due to subsequent funding by Tehran of global terrorism, including against Jews, for BHO holds the world’s record as the largest funder of International-Islamism [and its inhumane sequellae]; this pronouncement has also fallen on deaf ears/hearts.

    Through it all, however, Marcel has installed Josh as the next gubernatorial candidate; that Josh has youth and slickness behind him suggests that Marcel [regardless of whether he can retain his national connections] will have accomplished his primary political goal.

    1. Sklaroff-

      It is not “desirable” for you to intrude with your racist and genocidal views against Muslims. You support Netanyahu’s war-crime policies of indiscriminate killings of women and children, and destruction of whole neighborhoods to drive out innocent Palestinian civilians.

      Please keep your extreme bigotry in the hooded right-wing of the GOP where it belongs.

      1. Again, you reveal your anti-Jewish sentiments, manifest over the years when – after a bit of give-and-take – you admitted that you had opposed the re-establishment of the State of Israel in ’48.

        Thus, you are starting from a compromised ethical position when daring to contradict the historical narrative I have provided, and these observations should be viewed as having poisoned whatever else you have posted, are posting, and continue to post on PoliticsPa.

        BB has not done what you aver and, candidly, the longer your political party avers such lies/deceit, the more the GOP will regain the non-radicals among the Dems.

        1. Sklaroff-

          Your concept of “pro-Jewish” is the genocide of everyone who’s not. BB is a war criminal overdue for a trial and conviction.

          You are the Jewish equivalent of a KKK member. If there was a JJJ, you’d be the Grand Wizard.

          1. ad-hominem attacks, so classic of you-dems, don’t work when confronted with facts … such as the just-released memo

  30. Marcel raised a ton of money. The loss of the State is not his fault when you see similar results in Michigan and Wisconsin. The white working class blue collar workers were always the backbone of the party. Now the party wants all the college educated mostly Republican in economics voters to bail them out in the suburbs of Philly and Pittsburgh. These are not voters that can be counted on to vote Democratic in every election. The base of the party has basically been
    abandoned. The party must go back to its roots as
    the people’s party and stop being so elitist. The so called
    “Salt of the earth people” are
    leaving the party in droves. These are the people the party must concentrate
    On-not the wealthy sububanites who will only vote
    Democratic when they can’t stand a Republican
    Candidate. The new party leader should keep this in mind.

    1. Jake-

      If Hillary had won PA, do you think Marcel would have taken credit for it? (Hint: he started taking credit for it right up until election day)

      What the party DOES need to do to win the tough seats in areas where the R’s won’t vote for a Dem is to support Independent candidates that can win over the moderate R’s. The policy of “we can’t support a non-Dem” needs to be modified to “we can support GOP-opponents” or “the enemy of my enemy can be a political ally”

  31. I don’t think Cole’s business cards were even printed when he was forced to resign. Pull his phone records for the texting truth. No #MeToo courage here I guess.

  32. Best thing would be for interim chair to step in and lead until June meeting where the whole body will elect a new chair. The interim should promise not to run and just act as caretaker. Me personally I’d like to see a strong woman lead the party. Someone above reproach and surround them with a strong staff. Just my 2 cents.

  33. This is what Wolf (and the party) gets when they do top-down, backroom politics.

    Remember: In 2014, Wolf wanted McGinty to be chair. The preliminary vote count was 2-1 against her, and in favor of keeping Jim Burn, when Katie withdrew and Wolf created the phony “Fresh Start” PAC.

    For the next year and a half, Wolf (and cohorts like Marcel) behaved like petulant children and sought to hurt Jim by hurting funding to state committee. Wolf pushed donors not to give money to state committee, and Marcel stated that Montco committee wouldn’t contribute until Jim was gone. Wolf wouldn’t even show up at state committee events. PURE PETTINESS.

    When they finally pushed Jim out, Marcel took over, just in time to hand out perks to Rendell and other cronies associated with the DNC convention. But, the state party was weakened by their deliberate sabotage, and Marcel’s top-down style and manipulation of key committee votes.

    In Jan 2017, I saw Tom Wolf at the PA Farm Show and asked if he had a replacement for Marcel.
    He said (with a straight face): “Why?”
    I said: “Because he lost the state’s Dem electoral votes for the first time in 24 years”

    Let’s face it, we know Marcel would have taken credit for a PA win by Hillary (because he’d already started taking credit for it months before the election).

    Now we have #MeToo gate and #MarcelToo gate, due to lack of leadership and Marcel’s failure to chastise his pal Daylin. (stones and glass houses may have played a role)

    Tom Wolf finally had enough and pushed Marcel out. (Too little too, but finally).

    Now Wolf has a decision to make: Does he f*ck it up again by trying to install another crony as state chair? Or does he let the committee make a pick from the ground-up, and keep his thumb off the scale?

    We’ve seen how the HDCC has screwed up election after election with their thumbs on the scale. When will the party leadership realize that doesn’t work?

    Do I think it’s appropriate for Wolf to make a “SUGGESTION” for Party Chair? Sure. But, it shouldn’t be an edict.

    It should be someone who will OFFER a vision to the party, and ASK the party where it wants to go, relative to that vision, and then LEAD the party to the party’s goals.

    Personally, I’d like to see Jim Burn come back for the next few months and finish out the term he was rudely forced to abandon, and get Wolf’s full fundraising support as an apology. (This seems unlikely, but it’s the morally right thing to do, if Jim is still interested.) Wolf should certainly offer Jim both a private and public apology. (This seems even less likely, but would be the right thing to do, as well.)

    If not Jim, who is interested/available? Who would put out a strong/proper sexual harassment policy as their first act? Who can unite the party to maximize the 2018 Blue Wave? Who is humble enough to serve the committee over their own self-interests?

  34. Sorry, but the Wolfpack has made terrible decisions with relation to politics and the party. Trying to take over the party with McGinty – and starting their own group to prop her up and save face. Then creating enough problems to push Jim Burn out against the will of the members. Then putting Marcel in and Sincere as ED (what a joke she is – read her Facebook feed). Now pushing Groen out – please don’t put in Saidel or Mills or Isenhour or McGinty. All are disasters for one reason or another – the members don’t want to be bossed around by the Rendell/Isenhour/Wolf/Brady mafia anymore.

  35. Bring back Jim Burn! He might be a nasty little toady for the mob’s interests in politics but the godfather says he was good for business. Also, he needs a job since his hours are being cut as a whiny shill on local cable blab.

  36. It is really an impossible job as Val D. is finding out now. You are heading up a group of activists and as a professional with a business trying to be a moderating presence. It just does not work. The question is whether these committees are even relevant or just conduits for IE cash. In the end, the Governor has this call and my guess is that Groen was never his guy to begin with.

    1. Not defending his comments in any way, but he rose to the job by successfully leading a county party that took a red county and made it blue. And let’s not forget the money, he raised a ton of it. Glad he stepped down, but it’s not like they just picked some guy out of the phone book.

      1. Porter Randolph-

        Marcel did raise a ton of money. Sometimes I wonder how much quid-pro-quo it involved for law firms or other organizations getting work/contracts.

        But, before Marcel left Montco chairmanship, he made a big deal about winning row offices there. At this point, there was about a 40,000 Dem registration advantage. That’s like taking credit for the Sun rising.

        In Delco, we won row offices and two seats on council, due to good candidates and the 2017 wave that increased Delco Dem turnout by 15% over normal odd-year levels. The Dems there have a 13,000 registration advantage, but more R’s turned out, and the races were tight. They would have been close loses without the wave. Once Delco gets to 20,000 Dem advantage, wins will be more routine (like the Sun rising, and the next chair taking credit).

      2. Dead wrong! Groen’s county was blue for SEVERAL cycles before they finally wona couple of row offices! His incompetence kept pushing LOUSY, underfunded candidates that had no chance to beat the likes of Bruce. His ONLY feature was that he was the puppet of a few very deep-pocketed contributors. AWFUL for Montco, and WORSE fo PA Dems

        1. Voter registration advantage is useless if they only show up every 4 years to vote for President. Bucks Dems had the registration advantage for 10 years or more but only managed to convert that to a county level win in November.

        2. Revrsebo-

          When Montco hit 40,000, they had won row offices two cycles in a row. That’s when Marcel made the big-deal about it that I referred to. My point (which I guess I wasn’t clear about) was that it took Marcel getting to a 40,000 advantage to win, and Delco will need only a 20,000 to do it twice.

  37. To be honesf, good riddance. He lost the title of leader @ Hburg State Committee when he let Ward Leaders and a lose circuit of Pant Suit Nation run a muck for Judicial endorsements, thus having honest candidates lose and inexperience win Nov. A top of Judicial, let’s not forget that under his leadership HRC and M lost!!! Yes, he won row….but the distance in the party is a call for new leadership. PA has a solid chance to flip red to blue this year, but even then he lets the primary field look embarrassing and too full for unification. Instead of leadership, he induced partnerships….that’s not what the PA Dems need. Best of luck MC, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

    1. To follow up, *honest. *MG.
      Also, the fact every sentence starts with “I” really shows that even in the moment when the party is in need of desperate new leadership you (Marcel) make this about Marcel’s ego. It’s shameful and eccentric. It speaks to what has occurred across the Commonwealth for far too long. Between allowing representatives accused and convicted of domestic violence still hold office, letting Clark stay in the race, having Woodruff lead the ticket, having the smartest man in the game (Moulton) lose, letting wards do their thing and pay no attention to State Committee, allowing primaries to be so fierce and full, HRC lose and KMcG lose: new leadership from the top down is warranted, even without the Daily News spreading “Fake News.” Place fellows like Eagen to lead the party…. that will bring forth change!

      1. In order to turn the state from red to blue, Pa Dems must focus on the whole state. Not just Philly and Pittsburgh. May be a new state chair like Eagen is the answer.

  38. Good- Cole Goodman should resign his state committee seat too. His school board tenure was cut short for a reason.

    1. I heard Cole was acting extremely improper with a high school student when he was on the school board for her school.

      1. “I heard” That’s it, all it takes. Wolf lives for No facts, No truth. Cole your are done. Once Wolf reads your past. YOU ARE OUT…

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  • When Will PA House Agree On Rules?

    • After the Special House Elections (Feb 7) (92%)
    • End of the Month (Jan 31) (4%)
    • End of Next Week (Jan 27) (2%)
    • Early February (Feb 1-6) (2%)

    Total Voters: 152

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