Hafer Fined $50K, Gets 3 Years Probation For Lying During Corruption Investigation

Barbara-HaferFormer state Treasurer Barbara Hafer was sentenced to three years probation, a $50,000 fine, and to complete 500 hours of community service by a federal judge today.

Hafer pleaded guilty to to lying to the FBI in June.  The FBI was investigating the relationship between Hafer and Chester county businessman Richard Ireland.  

Prior to sentencing Hafer faced up to six months in federal prison.  

“I did it. It was wrong.  And I am sorry for it. I’m ashamed, and I am heartsick over the situation,” Hafer said during sentencing according to the Inquirer.

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6 thoughts on “Hafer Fined $50K, Gets 3 Years Probation For Lying During Corruption Investigation”

  1. Jim says:

    In the federal courts, lying to a judge, FBI agent, Ausa, grand jury, other fed officials and mailmen usually brings time…unless you are Bill Clinton. The general exception is when a female gets ANY charge. A woman will usually get a lighter sentence than an equally charged man because there are fewer female prisons and the courts have no where to put them.

  2. The Answer Desk says:

    This is the correct outcome for this nothing case.

  3. Yorkster says:

    Wonder if the DC case of
    Lying to the FBI will get the same soft sentence?

  4. Yorkster says:

    Wonder if the same soft sentence will be
    Given in the other case of lying to the FBI?
    Doubt it!!!

  5. Jim says:

    Run, Barbara, Run!

  6. john says:

    Hafer got off easy…disgrace…lying to the feds….she should have gotten several months in the white collar clink or at least 6 mos house arrest…..

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