Harper Poll: Clinton 46 Trump 46; McGinty 44 Toomey 44

clinton-trump-debateIt’s going to be close…very close.

That’s the conclusion of the latest Harper Poll.

Harper has the presidential contest tied with Clinton and Trump at 46% each. The Senate race is also tied as Katie McGinty and Pat Toomey both have 44%.

In the presidential race Gary Johnson got 2%, Jill Stein secured 1% and 4% are not sure. The Senate contest showed Ed Clifford with 6% and 5% undecided.

Finally, 50% believe Clinton will ultimately win against 37% who picked Trump. 13% weren’t sure.

Harper Polling surveyed 504 likely Pennsylvania voters on November 2nd and 3rd using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. The margin of error is +/- 4.4%.

20 Responses

  1. DD is correct about that dirty little secret. In WV it is called “getting on the check” or something similar.

  2. Hey, Paul, what “conservative values” you talkin about? Cheating on your wife, carousing with boys, or robbing the congregation to pay for a mansion?

  3. Tim, if you don’t want it down your throat, then don’t swallow. Or pick somebody like Trump, with real small hands.

  4. Tim, if those trailer trash whites would get off the meth pipe, they could go to college free too and learn how to cook better meth.

  5. ha ha what make you think their won’t be another sexual predator won’t be doing the picking? it’s the other clinton that should worry us all.

  6. Oh Bill …. That could cut the other way.

    Stomach 4 years of Hillary so we don’t have a sexual predator picking SCOTUS candidates.

  7. It’s the Supreme Court. Stomach four years of trump for 25 years of a Scalia. Or we will be back to a Warren court.

  8. Thta’s a bunch of c-r-a-p Diano about the majority of people on welfare being white people and you know it! It’s mainly minorities [ie; blacks and hispanics], immigrants, and coal burners who get konked up by their black jockers! So don’t try to throw that stuff down my throat~if we took all the money that is paid out to the welfare rats in South East PA, hell, we could lower income taxes statewide and make the turnpike free! I don’t know where you get your information fromor iff you just make it up as you go along. Crooked Hillary will do NOTHING to fix the fiscal problems this country has. She will only add trillions more to the national debt, thus, preserving “Obama’s Legacy”! Bonzai!

  9. Greg the Republican – I understand your concerns with Trump and respect your vote. How Hillary is a better choice though? Please explain her conservative views..

  10. I have voted R my whole life. But I love my Country too much to vote for Trump. He is not only not a conservative, but he is an ignorant dope.

    Hillary Clinton gets my vote this time.

  11. I love people like “Joe the Democrat” (yeah, right) who somehow try to pin Bill Clinton’s sexcapades on Hillary. I’m sure that has gotten Trump just tons of women’s votes.

  12. Oh boy. I love when Rs all of a sudden agree with peeps like the Young Turks when they vaguely agree with them. Like when Trump thought he could win over Sanders voters because he thinks their heads are as empty as his.

  13. @Tim- I think I read about you in a wonderful article about the alt-right internet trolls

  14. Tim-

    1) She’s going to close loopholes to make sure that fat cats like Trump pay their fair share of taxes.

    2) She’s going to raise taxes on the super-rich, who have been getting away with fiscal murder.

    3) Most people on welfare are white and in the red states. The Southern states are pretty much welfare states that take in more money than they pay in taxes.

  15. Where s Crooked Hillary going to get the money to pay for the “debt free college” she’s promised to all the young saps who believe her line of bull dickey? Oh, and how about a free community college education for everyone! Free, free, free! All the welfare rats and libtards in South East Pa and Filthadelphia on the receiving end of a government handout or program know the meaning of freeeeeeee! So it is essential that their welfare mammy, the democrat, Croooked Hillary is elected so the freeeeeee stuff keeps flowing!

  16. Gulag, the scumbag sexual predator is Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton not only didn’t try and stop him, she helped him commit his crimes. Pick a different soapbox to stand on. That one crumbles quick. Your democratic candidate enabled sexual assault, plain and simple. At this point any claims against trump are just that, claims. Idiot.

  17. Trump is a scumbag sexual predator without a clue how to be president. He has neither the temperament nor the knowledge of the world nor any ambition to prepare himself and learn anything.

  18. This one is as worthless – commissioned by R’s – as the PPP one commissioned by D’s. Both done for fundraising purposes…

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