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Harper Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 28%

Hillary-ClintonHillary Clinton is the choice of a majority of Pennsylvania Democrats in the 2016 presidential race.

According to the latest Harper Poll, the former Secretary of State has the support of a majority, 55%, of Democrats from the Keystone State.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders finished second with 28% while former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley came in last with 4%. 13% were undecided.

There is a large gender gap in the results as women favor Clinton by a 66% to 18% margin, while the divide among men is a much closer 43% to 40% split.

When broken down by ideology, though, Sanders leads among very liberal voters (49/45). Clinton has the advantage with moderate (54/24) and somewhat liberal (59/28) voters. Geographically, the ex-Secretary of State leads in the Southeast and Southwest while Sanders is ahead in the middle of the state. Finally, Hillary leads among every age group except 18-39 year olds who prefer Bernie by a point (41/40).


Among PA Democrats, 77% have a favorable opinion of Clinton. 45% take a very favorable view while 32% have a somewhat favorable view. Just 21% view her unfavorably (11% very, 10% somewhat). Her numbers are driven primarily by female and older voters.

Meanwhile, 68% have a favorable opinion of Sanders against 28%. 29% take a very favorable view while 39% just a somewhat favorable one. 8% view the Senator very unfavorably while 18% see him somewhat unfavorably. Sanders’ numbers are driven primarily by younger voters.

Harper Polling surveyed 640 likely Democratic primary voters through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The poll took place between on January 22nd and 23rd. The margin of error is +/- 3.81%.

10 Responses

  1. She’s radioactive. And a loser. This poll is so far off that it is laughable. Poll her against Trump and see what the results are. She has neither the energy nor the stamina to be the President. She’s a washed up has been from yesteryear.

  2. I can’t trust Clinton. I don’t trust this poll of presidential voters either, but I do think the Kathleen Kane results are pretty accurate and I fully support the Kane!

  3. Observer: PA has the third-oldest population of any US state, behind Florida and Maine. So, yeah, a lot of Democrats in PA still have landlines.

  4. Landlines??? Lololol…. Might as well call it the Over Sixty Poll! The real MOE is about 25%…

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