Harper Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 33%

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is still the clear front-runner in the PA Democratic primary.

According to the latest Harper Poll, Clinton holds a twenty-two point lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Hillary is currently at 55% while Bernie got 33%. Sanders improved from his standing in March but he’s still far behind.

Sanders’ one bright spot is very liberal voters who prefer him by a 51% to 45% margin.

There is a gigantic gender gap in this contest with Hillary leading Bernie 49% to 40% among men in contrast to her 60% to 27% advantage among women.


Both candidates are viewed very well by Pennsylvania Democrats.

Clinton has a 75% favorable rating (47% very favorable, 28% somewhat favorable) and just a 24% unfavorable rating (13% very unfavorable, 11% somewhat favorable).

Sanders recorded a 71% favorable rating (33% very favorable, 38% somewhat favorable) against a 27% unfavorable rating (9% very unfavorable, 18% somewhat unfavorable).

Harper Polling surveyed 603 likely Democratic primary voters through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The poll took place between on April 2nd and April 3rd. The margin of error is +/- 4%.

7 Responses

  1. Q-Poll shows a 6 point difference between Bernie and Clinton. That gap will close. Bernie is surging, Hillary is fading. Trust is one of the key issues sinking Hillary, as well as her recent vindictive streak. She must be in panic mode?

  2. Landlines? No wonder. Today’s Quinipiac has them much closer. I recall 50-44 Hillary. But then Q makes sure to ask everyone, not just the old folks.

  3. Hopefully people will wake up to this biased polling data. Bernie wasn’t suppose to win Michigan. He wasn’t suppose to win Wisconsin by more than 8% in any poll. Why not publish a few days after Wisconsin? Perhaps that would be more accurate and less favorable for Hillary?

  4. A moron alert has been issued on ADV.

    If you see him, stay away and tell him to have more TEA.

  5. Hillary will have NO coattails. She will lose to the Republican nominee, whoever he is. This poll, once again from Harper, is suspect. Several people here have intoned several times in the past about this pollster’s problems. After winning in Wisconsin today, Bernie will gather MORE momentum and PA will be a very close contest. The Bill and Hillary ego trip is fading and Bernie is surging! Good luck, Harper poll.

  6. An “interactive” (read automated) poll, using landlines. How impressive. Hasn’t anyone figured out yet that this isn’t the year to only survey landlines???

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