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Harper Poll: Kane 31% Zappala 18% Shapiro 13%

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1It’s probably name recognition, but perhaps not.

According to the latest Harper Poll, Kathleen Kane is the leading candidate in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

Kane received 31% in the survey while 30% were undecided. Among the other candidates, Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala got 18%, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro finished with 13% and Northampton County DA John Morganelli rounded out the group with 9%.

Despite all the controversy that’s surrounded her, Kane leads among both women and men in the poll and carries every region except Pittsburgh/Southwest, where Zappala leads.

Nonetheless, Kane’s image has taken a hit. Her favorability rating is 43% (17% very favorable, 26% somewhat favorable) while 49% (22% very, 27% somewhat) have an unfavorable opinion of her.

When split by gender, though, Kane fares much better with women (43/45) than men (42/53).

Without Kane

Given the fact that the State Senate is attempting to remove Kane and the State House is starting impeachment proceedings, it is very possible the Attorney General won’t have the chance to seek re-election.

In that case, Harper also polled the race without Kane.

A massive 49% of respondents were undecided. Among those that did chose, Zappala edged out Shapiro 20% to 19%. Morganelli received 12%.

Regionally, Zappala dominates Pittsburgh/Southwest with 63% while Shapiro holds a 33% plurality in Philadelphia/Southwest. Ideologically, respondents that called themselves moderates favored Zappala (25/14) while somewhat liberals were split (20/20) and very liberals chose Shapiro (23/19).

Harper did note that they are doing polling for Republican AG candidate John Rafferty.

Harper Polling surveyed 640 likely Democratic primary voters through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The poll took place between on January 22nd and 23rd. The margin of error is +/- 3.81%.

50 Responses

  1. Wonderful items from you, man. I have remember your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely fantastic. I really like what you’ve acquired right here, really like what you’re stating and the best way through which you say it. You are making it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to learn much more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.

  2. Diano, when THAT’S your argument (“yes, numerous Democrats were charged with several forms of lying and corruption, but they aren’t actually in physical handcuffs!”), you have already lost.

  3. Unknown-

    You should send copies to McGinty campaign. They’ve got a research team that would be very interested.

  4. Hey Diano: Your West Chester friend’s YouTube video now has over 2,200 views. Awful lot of interest…

  5. Scranton Sucks-

    You said “cuffs”. Please list who has been in cuffs in 2015.

    (Note: not interested in your S&M fantasies about Dems)

  6. Diano, I”m talking about all of the Dems who have been charged with (and in most cases convicted of) crimes in the past year. Surely you know exactly who I’m talking about. And, yes, Kane has been “arrested” twice, with more to come with her leaking confidential information yet again to Gansler. But hey, maybe the 2016 crop of Dems won’t take envelopes full of cash, extort campaign money by threatening governmental retribution, fund elaborate “birthday parties” with government money, or all that shit Pawlowski’s been up to.

  7. Diano, yes, because 2015 was a great year for Democrats in handcuffs, so let’s vote for more Democrats. Great idea!

  8. bobguzzardi

    You should get that printed on t-shirts. You are going to need a lot of them for 2016 elections.

  9. Marie,

    Only licensed attorneys are subject to the Disciplinary Board’s rules.

    You (HaHaHa / Pat Unger / Marie / Any other alter egos I missed) on the other hand, have nothing to worry about.

  10. Mr. Ha — Great point on Fina, his law license, and the Disciplinary Board. Apparently – there are two sets of rules. One for Fina and his corrupt buddies. And another for the rest of us.

  11. “If Kane illegally leaked secret grand jury material – I hope she goes to jail.” – HaHaHa

  12. congrsman mike brady from s. philly sez he gonna vote for caitlinn kain cuz she best purrson for job and she alrdy done jobb for 4 yrs,

  13. When is the Supreme Court/DB going to lift the temporary suspension that was corruptly and wrongly placed on Kane? And when are they going to suspend Frank Fina?

    An Appellate Court just held that Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.” They also threw out most of the charges against the people Fina was trying to rail-road.

  14. HeHeHe, no, Ha3/Pat Unger really is that dumb. He is either part of Kathleen Kane’s family or was prosecuted by Frank Fina (or both). There is no other way to describe his cheerleading for Kathleen Kane and the personal level of his hatred for Fina.

  15. Bruce Beemer and his chums in and around the AG’s office have had plenty of help from the state’s compromised Supreme Court justices, who for over a year have been doing everything they can think of (and the thinking doesn’t go too deep with these fellows) to deep-six the Hate-gate scandal.

    But with Sen. Baker’s truly strange letter to Deputy AG Beemer, the legislative branch is getting in on the act with the judiciary to obstruct executive law enforcement duties — and to protect their entrenched network of good ol-boy porno buddies.

    “Since the Committee made its report to the full Senate on November 25,” Sen. Baker’s letter to Beemer reads, “several intervening events have taken place.

    “Most importantly, on December 1, 2015, Kathleen Kane publicly announced appointment of a special prosecutor to review potentially pornographic and otherwise offensive emails exchanged by state officials.”

    Sen. Baker then asks Beemer: “Is there a procedure within the Office of Attorney General (OAG) for determining that a Special Prosecutor or Special Deputy Attorney General is necessary?” And, “Under what legal authority does the Attorney General make such an appointment?”

    LMAO – That issue has NOTHING to do with what the Senate was supposed to be looking into. It seems this has been a very lengthy attempt by Fina & The Corbett Pervs to avoid responsibility for their crimes. Remember back to when Repervlicans Corbett and Ryan sought to destroy the evidence before Kane took office? I do ….

  16. Has Eakin resigned yet?

    BTW – Great work, elroy. The dirty pervs are lurking. Gansler is going to be quite busy!!

  17. Fact check:
    Mark Rush is listed as Counsel to the Senate Committee that reported out regarding removing Kane from office. Rush works for K&L Gates and was the former First Deputy US Attorney to Tom Corbett when he was US Attorney in Western PA.

    Rush was heavily involved in the Republican House defense team while Corbett was prosecuting Republican House Members and staff during “Computergate.”

  18. @ H3 – we know you are a troll who dedicates every waking moment to this website, but surely you can’t actually be that much of a KK apologist. She is not a hero for exposing those emails; it was petty, vindictive, and frankly childish. I’m glad she fooled you, the greatest political thinker in the state of Pennsylvania, with her misdirection.

  19. The state Senate, and Sen. Baker’s “Special Committee,” really aren’t all that interested in Kathleen Kane, or even removing her from office.

    They’re desperate to protect themselves and their entrenched web of corruption in government, and nothing else really matters to them.

    They are so desperate to save themselves they no longer even care anymore how it all looks.

  20. The better question, Ha3, is when are the FEDS going to get involved. Perhaps they already are. We wouldn’t know, I guess. They are the only credible law enforcement agency left that could look t this impartially and make it right here in PA. They have let his play out long enough. The people in this circular firing squad are not good for the citizens of PA. If the Feds could take over for the Special Prosecutor investigating Hate-gate, grand jury abuse, and the corruption of Fina & The Corbett Pervs, I’d be fine with Kane being taken down too.

  21. Bruce Beemer (the 1st Assistant at the OAG) testified recently against Kane in the Senate’s hearing. That same Bruce Beemer found that the targeting of Blacks by Fina in the sting case was improper. He also found that the “plea deal” Fina made with the con-man Ali, where Fina dropped all criminal charges and let him keep the $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers, was unjust.

    The “plea deal” (in quotes because Fina DID NOT actually make Ali plea to anything) between Fina and Ali occurred at the 11th hour – right before Kathleen Kane was set to take office. And now we may know why.

    It turns out that Frank Fina, the corrupt racist prosecutor, and Tyron Ali, the con man he gave the deal of a lifetime to, have the same lawyer!!! His name is Bob Levant. Fina and Levant are now suing the State of PA for more taxpayer $$$. Their case depends on making Kane look bad. Lo and behold – the DA’s Office (where Fina and his lawyer’s wife now work) has been actively trying to make Kane look bad. Coincidence?

    And Levant’s wife was just hired by Seth Williams as his “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel” — two positions that did not exist until Seth made them up for Fina’s lawyer’s wife. It’s a high paid job. The lawyer’s wife has just about ZERO qualifications for the job as well. She has very little prosecutorial experience and zero general counsel experience. Did she get interviewed or vetted by the Hiring Committee?

    Seth Williams has some explaining to do. It is rumored that Levant has also helped Seth Williams out in the federal criminal investigation Williams is facing.

    COZY, huh? When is the Press going to write about this? Did you miss it?

  22. LOL … The polls are wrong now, PhillyPolitico???

    Too funny. Are you a Repervlican TEA-guzzler? Or a Zappala or Shapiro guy? If this was not so sad, it would actually be funny!!

    The Senate, who just abandoned the dirty trick they were contemplating for months, must have been paying attention to this Poll:

    “Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

    Yes (46%)
    No (54%)”

  23. PP – What leads you to say “if it is accurate”?? Dod you have reason to believe it is not? And – there is no way 31% is her high-water mark, because she was at 68% in the other Poll.

  24. “If Kane illegally leaked secret grand jury material – I hope she goes to jail.” – HaHaHa

    How times have changed…

  25. DD – even if she doesn’t “beat” the corruptly brought, trumped-up charges, she is a hero for exposing the corrupt racist woman-haters. The license suspension by that Clown Car of a Supreme Court is totally irrelevant.

  26. jmarshak-

    If she beats the charges and gets her suspension revoked, she will be a whistle-blower, reformer, who took on the Old Boys Network and won.

  27. I knew Chris Martinez. Chris Martinez was a friend of mine. HaHaHa, you’re no Chris Martinez.

  28. Yo, I’ze almost forgot — I’ze am a RETARD TROLL!! Youze should taks it eazy ons me. Tanks you.

  29. Katelyn kain lisence aint never been takin a way she is doine good job being gen attorney for penslvan and she gonna get relcted in lannslide and the aponnent is gonna bee thom corbit and he good mann but he gonna loose to kain,

  30. So the Democrats can either choose a scandal-ridden failure with no law license or an empty suit who has never prosecuted a case in his life.

    Even with their endorsement of a weak candidate like Rafferty, the Gleason machine might actually win a statewide race for a change.

  31. LMAO @ sklaroff and his “soon”s.

    To him, a TEA party candidate will “soon” be President. Taxes will “soon” be obliterated. And White will “soon” be the official color of the USA. Israel will “soon” have bipartisan US support. And his Jello will “soon”be gone.

    Meanwhlie – the Senate’s bid to remove the duly elected AG of Pennsylvania is STALLED. In other words – ABANDONED …. DEAD … Oh my God – it feels great to be this right!!

  32. kain beet thom corbit lass time and she gonna go agan cuz he gonna get in two duh race for genral atturnee,

  33. JJ in Phila, let’s hope so! Rafferty will start packing his boxes for the AG’s Office if Kane is the nominee.

  34. Only a dumb Repub like Rafferty would pay good money for a Landline Poll in this day and age. Completely worthless, unless you want to find out how the mid-state senior citizens are leaning.

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