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Harper Poll: Sheetz Dominates Pa. Convenience Store Wars

Convenience Store Map
The top two convenience stores in each region. Source: Harper Polling

Sorry Wawa. A poll of Pa. voters shows that a majority prefer Altoona-based Sheetz over the Philadelphia chain.

The survey by newly formed firm Harper Polling showed that 51 percent of Pa. voters prefer Sheetz compared to 26 percent for Wawa.  Lancaster-based Turkey Hill (13%), Dallas, Tx.-based 7-Eleven (7%) and York-based Rutter’s (3%) round out the five chains polled.

The GOP pollster called 798 registered voters on Jan. 7 via IVR. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.47 percent.

Wrote Brock McCleary in his analysis:

Sheetz’s popularity is strongest in Pittsburgh/Southwest and Erie/Northwest at a remarkable 88% and 80% respectively.  Men are more likely (54%) to rate Sheetz as their favorite store than women (49%).  While women are more likely (30%) to pick Wawa than men (21%).

Wawa’s regional dominance in the Southeast is unmistakable.  It’s the top pick of the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia at 60% and 88% respectively.

Republicans are 15% more likely to call Sheetz their favorite store (59% to 45%).  While Democrats are 11% more likely to pick Wawa over Republicans (31% to 20%).

13 Responses

  1. Grouping Berks County / Reading in with Harrisburg and the South Central is a pretty big leap. The area identifies, in media, culture, sports and planning, with the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia) and Lehigh Valley (Allentown) far more than with the Susquehanna Valley (Harrisburg). The Reading area is one of few in the state where all 3 large chains, Sheetz, Wawa and Turkey Hill have a large presence. I think for the sake of this poll, and future polls in the state, Reading and Berks County should be grouped in either the South East or Lehigh Valley region.

  2. I hate to say it, because I complain about it all of the time, but Sheetz wins here.

    Turkey Hill is my personal favorite. The closest Wawa is 45 minutes away, so I usually don’t go there only because it’s inconvenient to drive 45 minutes for gas and a sandwich 😛

  3. Uhh, 7-Eleven in NW PA? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one, at least in Erie County. I’d say Country Fair is MUCH more popular, even more so than Sheetz.

  4. Honestly, I used to be a Sheetz man through and through, have been liking Giant Eagle’s convenience store concept Get’Go. Great food and stuff from the Giant Eagle bakery. I like Wawa but don’t have any by me, but still prefer Sheetz or Get’Go.

  5. Ray Landis… Sheetz has a presence in West Virginia and Virgina.

    Berks and Lancaster counties are the only places with Wawa, Turkey Hill and Sheetz.

  6. This is sort of silly. Wawa and Sheetz have very little territory in common – I don’t think there are any Wawas west of the Susquehanna River. Nor are there Turkey Hills or Rutters west of the Alleghenies. Lancaster County may be the only place in PA where all these conveinence stores compete. So anyone in the western part of PA had only 2 choices – Sheetz or 7-Eleven. Of course they’ll pick Sheetz. The poll should have included Country Fair as an alternative in the West.

    FYI, Sheetz is a growing presence in Maryland and is certainly strong in eastern Ohio too. I haven’t been to West Virginia recently but I expect they are also there.

  7. On the other hand, Wawa is all over the place out-of-state in Maryland, NJ, etc. I’ve never seen a Sheetz outside PA. Maybe I’m just not travelling to the right places.

  8. I enjoy Wawa a lot, and it has a few advantages over Sheetz, but Sheetz is my #1 preference. Sadly, the closest one is 30 minutes from me, so I don’t get it as often.

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