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Harper Poll: Stack 20%, Critz 18% for Lt. Gov.

Sen. Stack
Sen. Stack

Unlike the race for the top spot, the battle for Lieutenant Governor remains close with less than a week left, according to the latest poll from Harper Polling.

State Senator Mike Stack leads the pack with 20%, followed by former Congressman Mark Critz at 18%, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski at 9%, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith at 6% and State Rep. Brandon Neuman at 5%.

42% are undecided.

In the Philadelphia/Southeast region, Stack leads Brad Koplinski 23-10%. Likewise, in the Scranton/Lehigh region, Stack leads Koplinski 19-11%. In the remainder of the state, Critz holds the advantage; in the Northern Tier, Critz leads Koplinski 25-17%. In the South Central PA region, Critz leads Stack 25-18%. Critz runs strongest in his home region of Pittsburgh/Southwest, where he leads Stack 32-19%.

Leading up til election day, Stack will be running ads across the state and Smith has a small buy running, but Critz cancelled his entire media buy earlier this week and won’t be seen on TV anywhere in the state.

On the ideological scale, Stack leads Critz among self-identified liberal voters by 21-18% while Critz leads Mark Smith among “conservative” voters by 20-17%.

Harper Polling also broke down Lieutenant Governor support by gubernatorial preferences. Those who prefer Tom Wolf for Governor support Stack over Critz 26-22%. Critz and Stack are statistically tied among McCord voters at 20% and 19% respectively, and Schwartz voters, both at 17%. Critz wins McGinty voters 23-15% over Stack.

The sample size for the survey is 559 likely voters and the margin of error is +/-4.14%. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated telephone survey was conducted May 12-13, 2014 by Harper Polling. The total percentages for responses may not equal 100% due to rounding.

18 Responses

  1. Stack wins this fairly easily. He is the only Philly area candidate and there are 4 non-philly candidates to split the rest of the vote. Also he is running ads in 3 media markets. If Critz weren’t so right-winged and offensive in his comments he would have a chance. It would be good to have a western pa candidate on the ticket. Kathy Dahlkemper would have been a good candidate.

  2. I will restate the fact that it doesn’t matter who wins this race it will not make a difference in the outcome of the general election. We should vote for the person that we would most trust to take over the office if for some reason the Gov were unable to perform their duties. People don’t vote for the second name on the ticket.

  3. I am voting for Mark Critz on Tuesday because the goal is to beat Corbett. With the Governor candidate coming from the east we need a statewide ticket that will bring out every possible Dem we can get to the polls, including Dems in the West and the T. Mark Critz will get union support in the west and will get the most Dems out to vote in those areas. Another Philly guy won’t cut it outside of Philly and maybe parts of Bucks and Montco. Critz on the ticket is the best choice.

  4. I would really hope at this point with Corbett sitting on $15 million that we will support the candidate who will be best to help defeat Corbett. I happen to think that’s Critz. And I really don’t see how one honestly see Stack filling that role.

    In any case, after the primary I am planning to support the Democratic ticket.

    There are a handful of people who haunt this site, and it’s pretty obvious who you actually are, are you going to sit on your hands if your candidate doesn’t win? Because I can still well remember how poorly some of you supported Onorato.

  5. Has anyone compared this poll to the results that were published several months ago when Paterno was still in the race?

    If my memory serves me, Critz was neck and neck with Paterno for the lead and he had around 15% then. He is at 18% now. Given his high name recognition in the west, I think he has found his ceiling.

    The only one in the field who have moved is Stack. He was at 7%. Now he is at 20% and the poll only shows him getting 23% in Southwest PA. who believes that. Looks like the LG race is moving toward a blow-out for Stack.

  6. I can’t believe Newman is still running. He only got elected Rep because Critz helped him out. Slap in the face to those who’ve helped him along the way. He’ll get what he deserves… And Stack will have a leg up on the Mayors race in 2016. Can everyone just learn their place and go after the real enemy– Republicans??

  7. Neuman is the best of the best. Vote for a great person on May 20th!! A true leader. Plus he’s not nuts!!! Unlike Critz or Stack looney Tunes

  8. Neuman is probably one of the Only politicians that actually goes into his community and gets involved! He actually volunteers two days a semester to each district in his district to talk to teachers and see what problems schools are facing! He has also gotten involved with students at the schools in projects for volunteerism!
    Neuman is up on ALL topics and actually has a strong rep backing as well that would help I the fall!

  9. @ Sean Pretend for a second Mark Smith is not on the ballot. He has 0 chance of winning. Why waste the vote. Between Stack and Neumann who should I vote for? Please advise. Yes I googled he’s cute also

  10. Stack can debate himself in the fall. The pro-life Stack v. pro-choice Stack. Pro family Stack v. Pro Gay marriage Stack. Brendan Boyle can have the same debate should he win Tuesday. I just hope the groups like the Irish Society and AOH are paying attention to these so-called “Irish-Catholics” and toss them out of those institutions if they are indeed members. I believe they are.

  11. stack is flooding airways, and critz is right there with him.I agree stack way to liberal.

  12. Ok after reading this my head is like mashed potatos!! I’m confused. First why would any Democrat vote for Critz it’s insanity. Koplinski I never heard of. If Mike Stack and Brandon Neumann are left who do I choose. Stack has best chance no? Just give it to me straight someone ? Anyone? At this point I’ll vote for Mike Stack because he’s smoking hot! Please advise

  13. Mr Critz has the experience. He also has the right values because he supported our President Obama in non prosecution of white collar criminals on Wall Street for theft while jailing Bradley Manning for exposing war crimes. Indeed, he supported President Obama in all his efforts to build the warfare and surveillance state. And, he would definitely support Joe Biden’s son getting a nice slice of crony capitalism pie from Ukrainian oligarchs. These are the new Democratic values of protecting the one percent and making sure people at the bottom get a food stamp card (which JP Morgan issues and takes a percentage on).

  14. Stack would likely tend to increase the Philly turnout in November, as the Philly machine tends to lose focus unless it’s a Philly candidate.

    That said, I think any combination can beat Corbett, so voters should think about which Lt Gov candidates have good experience and the right values to promote our causes.

  15. What bizarre results. I don’t think this poll will reflect what will happen on election day. There is no way that liberals or Schwartz voters would vote for Critz unless they had guns to their heads. And maybe not even then.

  16. The result of the Lt gov’s race will have little to no influence on the results of the general election. Fact.

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    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

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