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Harper Poll: Threats, Censorship, and Coastlines

CensorshipAccording to the latest Harper Poll, likely Pennsylvania Democratic primary voters are threatened by domestic extremists, against government media restrictions, and in favor of protecting the Atlantic coastline.

Threats to the United States

When asked to identify the biggest threat to the United States, nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents agreed that homegrown right-wing extremists are more dangerous than radical Islamic terrorists. In comparison, only 29% of those surveyed found Islamic terrorists to be the greater threat, while 6% remained undecided.

Respondents tend to identify homegrown right-wing extremists to be a bigger threat as their ideological leaning grows more liberal. For the moderate group, the split was 40/52, for the somewhat liberal group 20/71, and for the very liberal group, 15/84.

Government Censorship

For the next poll, respondents were asked their opinions on government intervention in First Amendment rights. Only 15% of respondents agreed with government censorship of offensive statements, while an overwhelming 77% of those surveyed favored freedom of speech over government involvement. ‘Not Sure’ respondents made up 8%.

Pennsylvania’s Atlantic Coastline

The final survey asked respondents their opinions on increasing funding to protect Pennsylvania’s Atlantic coastline. Answers were widely split, with 51% in favor, 16% against, and 33% undecided.

Harper Polling surveyed 640 likely Democratic primary voters through landline interviews conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The poll took place between on January 22nd and 23rd. The margin of error is +/- 3.81%.

3 Responses

  1. Here we go again. We are again going to dress the rising ocean problem by putting sand on the beaches for the ocean to eat in coming storms.
    This ritual is doomed to long term failure and is like giving offerings to the storm gods instead of updating our nations ability to create modern water ways, desalination, electrical grids and moves of vital communications facilities inland to build our nations future. Saving vacation areas from year to year does little to feed future population needs.

  2. “640 likely Democratic primary voters through landline interviews”

    is that really a representative sample of Pennsylvanians? i hardly know anyone who still has a landline.

  3. Pennsylvania’s Atlantic coastline? Ok, so we have determined that 51% of the respondents to this poll are idiots….which explains a lot of the other findings of the poll.

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