HD-159: Kirkland Unresigns?

KirklandState Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland was expected to resign once he took the oath of office to become Mayor of Chester.

So far, he has not.

In fact, according to the Associated Press, Kirkland rescinded the resignation letter that he initially sent on Dec. 8th “until further notice.”

The AP spoke to House Spokesman Bill Patton, who revealed that Kirkland can legally be both State Representative and Mayor of Chester. Patton also asserted that Kirkland will only accept his legislative salary while holding both positions.

Kirkland has served in Harrisburg since 1993. The 159th district consists of part of Delaware County.

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13 thoughts on “HD-159: Kirkland Unresigns?”

  1. moderate Republican says:

    There are MANY elected positions that do not conflict (legally) with each other, in Pennsylvania.

  2. Zakrey Bissell says:

    It’s Weird for Somebody is to have 2 Jobs in a Elected position.

  3. Tim says:

    Of course he’ll keep both jobs! Why? he’s “entitled” to 2 government paychecks. He will soon be inducted into the “Sons of Obama” Hall Of Fame For – Gaming The System. Well done old boy, you make your people proud! A True Pennsylvania Politician! Can We Expect No Less?

  4. Barricks Einwohner says:

    Before he was elected to Congress, the late Gus Yatron of Berks County (6th)was elected to the State Senate while he was a member of the Reading School Board. He finished out his the final two years of his School Board term.

  5. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Legislature does nothing anyhow, so he has time for a second job.

  6. Scoop says:

    Without looking it up, as I recall State Rep. Jaime Santora had a month or so holding two offices before resigning his Upper Darby Council seat. I believe he stayed on to finalize a budget.

  7. David Patti, CEO, PA Business Council says:

    Don’t remember all of the details, but Mario Civera (R) — also of Delaware County — held on in the PA House for some time into 2010 after taking the oath as a member of the Delaware County Council to which he had been elected in 2009. He took just one salary and ultimately resigned from the PA House. Believe Civera had sought and received a legal opinion that local and state offices are not incompatible in the eyes of the PA Constitution.

  8. @senator says:

    Not to be confrontational, but can you tell me when? Just don’t remember hearing about anyone doing this before – not that I am saying it hasn’t.

  9. Delco Observer says:

    No doubt this is to ensure Gov. Has full complement of Dem votes for budget and there is no chance for Turdzai to plop a special in mid March.

  10. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus says:

    Nobody ever complained about legislators holding a local office before…especially when a Republican did it.

  11. Talkin Dauphin says:

    Is Chester in New Jersey?

  12. David Diano says:

    This is why we have Primaries.

  13. B.J. says:

    No conflict of interest there at all! No sir!

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