HD-161: Esler Hits Mullen for Union Affiliation

Mullen MailerLisa Esler, the Tea Party activist who declared a write-in campaign for the HD-161 special election earlier this month, is criticizing Republican nominee Paul Mullen for his affiliation with the AFL-CIO.

A recent mailing from Esler’s campaign calls Mullen’s endorsement by the PA chapter of the AFL-CIO an “insult to GOP voters.”

“As the AFL-CIO head, liberal union boss Paul Mullen supported liberal Democrats Joe Sestak, Bob Casey, John Kane, and Tom Wolf over Republicans candidates,” the flier states.

“And guess who else Mullen’s union endorsed and worked hard to elect…” the mailer asks on an arrow pointing to the other side, revealing the mystery official to be President Barack Obama.

The flier encourages voters to “send a message to political bosses” by voting ‘no’ for Mullen in the August 4th election.

Mullen, a native of Aston, currently serves as President of the Delaware County AFL-CIO, Business Manager of the IBEW Local 654 and on the Delaware County Economic Oversight Board.

In the August 4th special election, Mullen, Esler, and Democratic nominee Leanne Krueger-Braneky will vie for the seat that Representative Joe Hackett vacated earlier this spring.

Of course, any battles between Esler and Mullen can only benefit Krueger-Braneky.

The 161st legislative district is located in Delaware County, and includes the boroughs of Brookhaven, Rose Valley, Rutledge, and Swarthmore, along with Aston Township, Nether Providence Township, and parts of Ridley and Springfield Townships.

9 Responses

  1. I will be traveling from Dauphin County to Delaware County to help Lisa Esler, and I know other people are traveling in from far away, too. Esler has tons of support. Lisa is the kind of person the Republican Party and the taxpayers need. Mullen is a liberal Democrat, not a Republican. Makes a person wonder who is running the “Republican” Party in Delaware County….and to the guy who claims that unions created certain working conditions and other middle income lifestyle qualities, I can only partially agree. That wealth was generated by the private businesses the union members worked for. It didn’t appear out of thin air.

  2. Mr. Knepper, you are correct. Ms. Elser’s only support is from that special interest group, which is led by the WORST statewide candidates the Republican party ever nominated for statewide office. A group that cares nothing about Pat Meehan, Tom McGarrigle, Jamie Santora, Tom Killion, Joe Hackett, Nick Micarelli or any other local Republican candidate. Ironic, since Ms. Elser has raised more taxes than all of those other candidates combined.

  3. The Unions built the Middle Class in our great country –good wages – Health care -pensions – safe working conditions –helped build the American Dream for tens of millions of working Families– If they like Mullins –he got my vote

  4. Esler will pull a lot of votes and that’s why the Delco GOP is running scared. Mullen was a poor choice and Mrs. Esler has a lot of support in the County. Stay tuned. The naysayers are going to be in for a big surprise. If the Republican voters want to elect a Republican they will write in Lisa Esler. Otherwise, they have a choice between two Democrats–Mullen and Krueger-Braneky. If either of them win, it’s a Democrat seat that will cast votes for special interests–right along with the Dems.

  5. If I were on Krueger-Braneky’s campaign, this is the mail I’d send out to Super Republican voters.

    I wonder how many votes Ester can pull off. I suspect not that many.

  6. This mailer was paid for by the CAP PAC. You might want to check the paid for by line.

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