HD-161: State Rep. Joe Hackett is Resigning

Joe-HackettState Representative Joe Hackett is stepping down.

The third-term GOP legislator, who represents the 161st district, is resigning his seat effective April 30th.

It appears the former Ridley Township police officer wants to get back into law enforcement.

State Rep. Hackett’s office released the following statement:

“Serving in the State House of Representatives has truly been a rewarding experience. I am thankful to my neighbors in the 161st District for trusting in me as their representative.”

“In light of recent episodes and situations that have placed a strain on the relationship between police and citizens of this nation, I’ve realized my true passion is in law enforcement.”

“Coming from a family of blue bloods – my grandfather, wife, father-in-law, two brothers-in-law, and three nephews – I’ve realized that law enforcement is not just a career – it’s a calling.”

“My family supports my decision, just as they did in my initial run for the House in 2008. I have to admit, it will be good to be back home.”

“I believe one of the highest priorities of government must be to protect citizens and keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. I look forward to continuing my public service to the residents of Delaware County as a member of law enforcement.”

The 161st could be a competitive seat for Democrats. Located in SEPA, it was one of our State House races to watch last year until the nationwide GOP tidal wave made most Republican incumbents generally safe.

A special election will have to take place as the May 19th primary is too close. Generally, Republicans tend to do better in low-turnout contests like the one that saw Martina White win the previously Democratic 170th district last month.

Either way, expect a lively open contest.

10 Responses

  1. Joe has been a great asset to Ridley in whatever role he has taken and I know he will continue his good work for the people in our community. i am sure this was not an easy decision for him to make but the best one for him, the town and his family. Glad to have you back Joe!

  2. I find it highly unlikely that any of these comments come from people who have actually met, worked with, or lived in the same community as Joe Hackett. Had any of these applied, you would know that Joe is a dedicated amily man, law man, and outstanding member of is community. Those of of us living in his district are lucky to have had Joe representing us. The amount of hard work he put forth during his 3 terms leave very big shoes to fill…no matter who fills them. There are some things, and some people that are bigger than the pettiness displayed here. I don’t find I coincidental that the Republicans continue to focus on the issues and how to solve them, while the Democrats maintain focus on….The Republicans.

    I’ll issue a challenge to all of you bored folks with too much time on your hands: Spend 26 years serving your community as a police officer. While doing so, stay VERY actively involved in your church, your local youth organizations (serving as president of that for an extended time). Don’t forget, while you’re at it to raise a family. If you happen to be able, squeeze in some time to run for state office and affect a huge mountain of positive legislation that will help to increase the quality of live for your constituents. Start each spring by physically walking a marathon every day, knocking on hundreds of doors to learn what those constituents concerns are, and then spend over 5 years traveling up and down the turnpike to address those concerns in Harrisburg.

    Once you’ve completed all of this, please come back and tell me again about all of the time Joe Hackett has wasted. And the nothingness he has filled his time with. Until then, know that you are not seemingly in possession of a clue.

  3. Joe Hackett wasted the time and resources of his constituency. Now he has the arrogance to have his friends write repeated letters to the press telling everyone what a great guy he is. Evidently, not great enough to be trusted.

  4. I find it fascinating that the comments on this recent development focus on the Democrats rather than on the blatantly cynical behavior of the Republicans. Before the last election cycle there were rumors that Hackett didn’t like life in Harrisburg. But Andy Reilly prevailed, forcing Hackett to run and giving the R’s the incumbent advantage in what is understood to be a competitive district. Does anyone really believe that it just occurred to Hackett that his true love is law enforcement? Or that he didn’t like the commute to Harrisburg? Does anyone else think it more than a bit suspicious that Hackett’s resignation will occur almost exactly 6 months to the day after the general election? Does anyone really believe that Hackett didn’t plan to resign the whole time he was campaigning? As a result of this incredibly cynical move on the part of the Republicans, hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds – not to mention the time and effort of volunteers – were spent to elect someone who didn’t intend to hold the office. As a result of these maneuvers, the county will now be put to the expense of a special election which – what a surprise – the Republicans are expected to win. Joe Hackett and Andy Reilly (and the Republican party they represent) should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Focus? It’s not about focus, Rep. Mark Cohen. Getting rid of David Landau and his cadre of inept political hobbyists will go a long way to improving not only the Delaware County Democratic Party, but the State Democratic Party. As for Lentz, he would be a much better candidate than Braneky of DeMarco for sure, but he is uinlikely to run and is tainted by his Landau exposure. And the best part of Kirkland becoming the Mayor of Chester is it will get him out of state government and make his corruption indictment more likely.

  6. Crazy man Johnny Docs already in there having meetings to sabatoge another Democrat and help the Delco GOP. All they have to do is help his pathetic brother Kevin. Just ask JOHN KANE who leaked the info about his daughter. Trust me is wasn’t the GOP.

  7. I think a key problem of the Delaware County Democrats has been a lack of focus. A Bryan Lentz candidacy for the state house seat that Joe Hackett is vacating and that Lentz previously held will be a step towards restoring that focus. So will Thaddeus Kirkland’s nomination as Mayor of Chester.

  8. Expect a lively open contest?
    From the Delco Dems?
    There is NO shot to win this unless somebody brings in new leadership that has a clue between now and then.
    Read this linked story about the David Landau led Delco Dems’ inability to accomplish even the most basic of polotical party taks and you will understand why that Democratic Committee is the laughingstock of the state and the Delco GOP will cruise.
    I mean if you can’t even get candidates on the ballot how are yiu inspiring people to win or even think of voting for you?
    David Landau and his cabinet of ineptitude will, I am sure, bring us the same, warmed over uninspiring loser-type candidates like Leanne Braneky or Larry DeMarco, telling us its cavier when it is really just crap!

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