HD-170: Del Ricci Hits the Campaign Trail with Schwartz and Rendell

Sarah-DelRicciThe HD-170 special election campaign is reaching the homestretch.

The contest is scheduled for this Tuesday and Democratic nominee Sarah Del Ricci is bringing in the big guns for the final days.

She will be joined by former Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz for two campaign events today.

The women will be making back-to-back trips to the Delaware Valley Veterans Home and the Paul’s Run Retirement Community.

On Saturday morning, former Governor Ed Rendell will join the campaign for their GOTV kick-off.

Del Ricci is running against GOP nominee Martina White to fill the seat vacated by now- Congressman Brendan Boyle.

14 Responses

  1. I love you democrats who toe the party line. Tell me one thing that the Dems have done positive for this city in the last 60 years? High crime ? Poor schools? Rampant poverty ? Now since Dems ghave gotten these seats the NE is going down fast. Btw her bankruptcy elder you can easily access on line while her hubby has a cushy DRPA job. Just what the NE needs another socialist candidate like Scwartz or Rendelll.

  2. Boyle and John Dougherty should be really proud of themselves supporting White. When did personal issues come before Party loyalty. The sad thing is a White win will also embarrass the Governor. Putting more Republicans in the State House is never a smart move for unions. Ever heard of Wisconsin? Right to work in a Democratic State. Boyle and his buddy Dougherty should be ashamed.

  3. Vote for the cute chick that rides horses. These are the kinds of people that piss me off in Pittsburgh. They put their nose in the air like they just don’t care.

  4. Ed. Allyson. SAVE ME! Somehow in this hugely Democratic district I’ve screwed it up. HELP! TUESDAY we will see whether Philly can still vote for a person, or just a party.

  5. To Observer: Martina White is ‘kinda stupid”? It is clear you never met her. That makes you “kinda stupid”!

  6. Philly Power…Seth is already falling…he was forced to resign from the Mast Board more to come…u have my word!

  7. Del Ricci is Fast Eddie’s kind of candidate: kinda hot, and morally adaptable, shall we say. But then, Martina is your usual republican female: kinda stupid, and easily manipulated. So this one is a toss-up.

  8. I still have no idea why Seth Kaplan and the Boyles are helping a Republican. I heard Seth Kaplan’s ex-wife has a restraining order on him. How is he on all of these boards?? It’s a disgrace. It’s apparent he is using the Somerton Civic for his own agenda. He is a sore loser and disgrace for being a women abuser. He should be removed immediately off of every board. How could the Boyle’s support a wide abuser?? This needs to get addressed. I guess this is why he didn’t run as an independent.

  9. As someone who has known Sarah her entire life, I can assure you, she never has, nor ever will be a stripper. I can debunk the bankruptcy claims and I can also debunk whatever muck else the gop would like to attempt to scrounge up.

    I can also assure you if she weren’t going to make good, she wouldn’t say it. Her word is better than anyone I have ever met.

  10. She is toast. Gov. Wolf could not have picked a better time to propose raising middle class taxes through the roof. Martina White should thank Wolf first on election night.

  11. I think Martina White definitely came out of the gate strong, perhaps stronger than the Democrats expected. I think the playing field has definitely equalized, if not shifted in Sarah’s favor. If you ask a voter in the 170th, they definitely know there’s an election coming up.

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