HD-170: Del Ricci, White Spend Final Hours Campaigning (VIDEOS)

It’s down to the final hours and the race for the 170th district is still up for grabs.

Over the weekend, Democratic nominee Sarah Del Ricci and GOP nominee Martina White fought to win over undecided voters, while convincing party loyalists to come to the polls, and sway the contest for the open Northeast Philadelphia seat.

Del Ricci

After campaigning with former Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz on Friday, Del Ricci hosted an event the next day with former Governor (and Philadelphia Mayor) Ed Rendell.

“We need a Democratic vote in Harrisburg to support Governor Wolf’s agenda,” Rendell told a group of voters from the back of a flatbed truck in Northeast Philadelphia.

The ex-Gov then picked up the theme of getting regular people back into politics.

“Let’s start running some citizen-soldiers,” Rendell said. “People want to vote for not politicians who’ve been in other offices all their lives, or all their careers, on the public dole. They want to work for someone who’s a citizen just like we are. Because if you roll the clock back to colonial times, people served in the legislature for two, four years and then went home. Citizen-soldiers. They were farmers, they were shopkeepers. Well we have a great citizen who has done so much to help so many people. It’s gonna be refreshing to send Sarah to Harrisburg.”

The campaign also produced their own 3-minute web ad, giving some biographical background on Del Ricci. The video prominently features Lt. Governor Mike Stack, who fought hard for her nomination.


Meanwhile, Martina White did an interview with John Featherman of Philly.com’s U-Turn blog.

“I’m running for State Representative because I believe the people of the Northeast need a voice in Harrisburg and I am that voice,” White told Featherman.

When asked by Featherman, the GOP nominee estimated that she has knocked on over 5,000 doors throughout the campaign.

White also asserted that having a member of the majority Republican party in the House will be more advantageous for the region than a member of the minority Democratic party.

While pulling in local GOP support, White has additionally been able to split the traditionally liberal unions by coming away with a significant number of labor endorsements.

The two women are running to fill the seat left vacant by now-Congressman Brendan Boyle. The contest is set for this Tuesday, March 24th.

39 Responses

  1. DelRicci is the real winner here! She is as good inside as she is outside! These comments are certainly not necessary against either party! Delricci can walk away with her head held high. And proud of the work she will Continue to do for the people! She such mean hostile people working against her. Revenge never wins! Look at these nasty comments and they are the people who voted for White. Look at the sign on names . If this is what represents republicans Tha k God I am a classy well educated democrat! Sarah DelRicci thank you for working so hard for us. Martina White I hope your RRh Raj people mature and somehow gain some type of stability in their lives!

  2. About time Mcnesby came to his senses and got rid of the democrats. Maybe there is hope .

  3. Where’s all the hot chicks? Must be at the FOP victory party !!!!!!! All you filthy liberals please do us nice hard working conservatives who like good schools with clean streets and low crime. Leave our area

  4. All you filthy liberals who tried to keep the NE on its downward path why not move to north philly where all the policies you love are on full display. Liberal heaven

  5. Bungy-

    How about how hard it is to find Republicans who won’t criticize rogue cops who kill unarmed black teens?

  6. Delricci’s entire family legacy on both sides is comprised of mainly Police. Her family is also strong Military. So while yes, libtards are cop haters until they need one, she is a huge supporter of law enforcement, even if the fop president did decide to throw a temper tantrum.

  7. Hey Lee I bet your a union democrat who is responsible for what has happened to this city after 60 years of democrat rule. How’s that worked out for you? Yeah you got your pension and Union wages to go along with section8 ruining neighborhoods high taxes crappy schools bankrupt every year. High crime rampant poverty filth bad services your an idiot. Hey bungy what time is the Martina white victory party

  8. Bungy you have so much hostility. I bet you are a Cruz for President guy. Did you take that name from the TV show Ray Donovan. That Bungy was a good guy. I would bet you have never worked a day in your life in manufacturing. If you did you would understand a union and the Democratic Way. I would think you are a guy that supports the Koch Brothers even though it is against your own economic well being. Democrat or Republican this country can only be governed from the middle. Both extremes have to tone it down.

  9. Democrats in general are horrible when it comes to fighting crime. Liberals hate Cops. Name 1 Republican who ever supported Cop Killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Plenty of Liberal Democrats have and still do. By the way Parkwood is Kensington with trees.

  10. Hostility by FOP Leader is why FOP has endorsed White ! This hostility is not healthy for crime! Not good leadership ! Just NY opinion! These comments are all opinions not facts, just we read and express. My vote goes to DelRicci because she earned it from the community! All enjoy your day and be nice! DELRICCI is not a hostile person!

  11. Because who’s hotter equates to who’s more competent!?!?! Gtfoh. No wonder our country is going down the toilets. How did half of you even figure out how to vote? That is exactly why I am voting for DelRicci. She’s going to get more funding for education. Which is apparently, desperately needed judging by the comments sections.

  12. THE FOP is worried about crime, that is why they are helping to elect White. Democrat neighborhoods are crime ridden. It’s funny nobody can even try to refute that fact.

  13. Oh, well! I guess I can relax until May 19th. I am fortunate to live in the 172nd district. Good luck to the two combatants.

  14. I voted for Martina White, today. Seth Kaplan was an idiot. Only horses are voting for the other chick. I’m proudly for Martina White, who is hotter than the other flunky.

  15. No reason for hostility and anger! Does not help your party! Shows people from your party are hostile rude and out for revenge ! Try really hard to keep an upper stiff lip! Enough said!

  16. Del Ricci is spreading rumors about Seth Kaplan and the Boyles instead. Don’t get it twisted.

  17. Such hostility! I just wonder why Sarah DelRicci is not spreading vicious rumors about White? Oh right she is not interested in games. She gets the job done with honesty integrity and class! Don’t stoop to that level! Just saying!

  18. Del Ricci’s experience
    1. Bankruptcy
    2. Riding Horses
    3. Marrying into a corrupt family.

  19. My vote is with Sarah DelRicci because she has experience in getting things done. White has a degree in finances her experience is studying from books. She has a voice but no experience in being heard, her video proves that! White was prompted by questions DelRicci spoke from experience and expertise. Democratic or republican just does not matter. I feel FOP should get crime in Philadelphia under control in the whole city and not try to get revenge on any party. If the city police are getting paid for rallying white, who is protecting all the people of philly? Hummm? Should McNesby be in this position. Revenge is against the law?

  20. What a shame McNesby would seek revenge on the democratic party! This is a man representing an organization as important as the FOP! What a shame he intimidates 400 people! That is not leadership that is bullying! Sad

  21. FOP will be out big time tomorrow for White. 300 man army I hear. Democrats should never have screwed over Mcnesby. He will get his revenge tomorrow.

  22. White will win. More back stabbing than anyone knows in the democratic party. You will never believe which Big name Democrats just threw their girl under the bus at a White meeting an hour ago.

  23. Martina always used to take me everywhere she went, but now that she’s losing momentum I got kicked to the curb. Time to puff out her chest and get that momentum back!

  24. From someone born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, Sarah is the right choice to represent our neighborhoods here. Go Sarah!!

  25. Martina by the way Rambler Park and Morrell Park are in the 170 district too. Where did you go to grade school and school. She can’t relate to me and our neighborhood. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and went to private schools.

  26. Somerton proud you must want section 8 up there so you can ruin what’s left on the NE. Democrats = high crime high taxes poverty graffiti. Scum. White is younger hotter and has my vote. She sends a tingle up my leg. Not trike phony liberals who get tingles from dudes

  27. Is it true that Joe Ashdale called Vince Fenerty and made him get Republican Philadelphia Parking Authority workers to call off work tomorrow to work the polls? We’re is the press and investigation and they call the democrats dirty. Wow and wow.

  28. Somerton Proud: “until I seen this video.” Yeah, it looks like your command of English isn’t that great either, pal.

  29. Also, why hasn’t Mike Stack been indicted yet? Smells of a stinky deal to delay his charges until after the election.

  30. The fact is both videos are horrible. If these ladies were running for anything besides State Rep, it’d be a major concern. However, since everyone knows White will vote the way Taylor tells her to, and Del Ricci will vote the way Stack tells her to, it really doesn’t matter that much.

  31. The truth is the White video is horrible. The people are correct in there statement. It shows her age. Bad move on the last day. It definitely swings votes for DelRicci

  32. The last 4 posts are obviously from the same person. Vote for White unless you want the northeast to turn into a crime ridden slum.

  33. White has just showed her age. Please get this video off. We are going to lose this election. Horrible White Camp. You have no one to blame except yourselves

  34. Dear Lord is this the best my Republican party can find? She seems nice but this video clearly shows Matina has no clue…this R is sitting this one out.

  35. Wow White had my vote until I seen this video. She can not talk on her own which tells me everything thing is selling is scripted. Vote DelRicci. I just heard White’s voting record is 9 for 18. Terrible how votes will she miss in Harrisburg

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