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HD-170: Martina White Scores Major Labor Endorsements

Martina WhiteMartina White just made a big splash in the HD-170 special election.

In a race that has been more notable for the contentious Democratic in-fighting over their nomination, the GOP nominee just picked up the backing of fifteen local labor unions.

Today, White’s campaign announced they are being supported by the following organizations:















A number of labor leaders explained their support of the GOP nominee.

White-labor“Martina has a strong financial background and the professional experience to hit the ground running as a new State Representative and fight for local working families,” said Joe Ashdale, Business Manager for District Council 21 when explaining why White received the endorsement of so many unions. “She is a moderate, common sense Republican who we trust to be part of the majority in Harrisburg giving a voice to the issues that matter to our members.”

“Martina White shares our values and our vision for strong and safe neighborhoods for every resident,” FOP President John Nesby said. “That’s why the men and women of our police and fire fighters are giving her our support.”

“Martina White represents one of the best and brightest our city has to offer. She’ll stand up for working families and be a vocal advocate for bi-partisan cooperation that puts our families ahead of political gamesmanship,” stated Joe Schulle of the Philadelphia Firefighters Union.

“Since day one of this campaign, I’ve said I care only about what’s best for the people of the Northeast – not politics, and not partisanship,” White responded. “I think these endorsements send a strong signal to the people of the Northeast that I stand with working families, with our seniors, and with our kids.  I am humbled and thankful for this support and will work hard everyday to honor the trust you have placed in me.”

The 170th district was represented by Brendan Boyle before he was elected to Congress last November. The Democratic nominee is Sarah Del Ricci. The special election is scheduled for March 24th.

29 Responses

  1. Well, it appears the FOP-5 and IAFF-22 still do wield a powerful axe, at least up here in the far northeast. Intrigued to see what happens next.

    Does McNesby run as a Democrat in 2016?
    Since he endorsed a Rep., he cannot be endorsed by Dems.
    Does Kaplan run as a Democrat in 2016?
    Do Republicans try to capture the likely vacated PA-174?
    I do not believe that the Boyles or Kaplan helped Martina, but it appears they did nothing to keep the seat Democratic either. If Boyle cared about the Dem. party and the 170 seat, he wouldn’t have ran for the two seats at once, allowing a proper democratic primary last spring.

    I think Republicans can still be relevant and competitive in compact representative in the general assembly races, but have little to no juice in senate and council district races.

    Still unanswered questions, what is Martina’s stances on pending legislation? Legalizing medicinal cannabis? Privatization of liquor? The proposed speed cameras? Charter schools?

  2. Brendan Boyle seems a little hostile with John DelRicci ! I guess he rows the same boat with McNesby! McNesby is trying to get revenge on the Democrats because he lost their vote to get in for the Senate race. So he picked up his toys and lined up all the votes for a Republican ! Wow turned on his fellow democrats! BOYLE did not get his guy in the race so listen to the hostility in his words! Oh right they support the Republicans why? Not nice to bully people with power! Should these men have this power? Only if you let them! Go vote for the person not the party! Vote for Sarah DelRicci! Her interest is not for the party but for the people!

  3. The Race in the 170th District is about the best person, not the same old party-line. Del Ricci is simply doing this at the behest of her husband who would be humiliated if he lost to Martina White. I held the seat and I proudly support the Best Person—Martina White. It is simply the realistic way to view the race.

  4. Since my post last week, I have since been informed that the name of the trucking company that White’s family is associated with is Marano and not Mariano. Apologies. Also, a quick Google shows several Marano Truck entities cooperating with Teamsters 107.

  5. McNesby backs a Republican on Thursday and is leader of a Democrat Club in the Northeast that has a party Friday night???????? Are you confused John. What are you a R or D.

  6. Plumbers Union Local 690 DID NOT endorse White. I asked for Martina to call me about this situation. I’m still waiting. If she can’t call me to answer a simple question. Then how is she going to stand up to the powers to be. She won’t!!!!

  7. The unions are backing a candidate who can speak up for them with the majority caucus in the State House. City Council just hired a lobbyist to talk to Harrisburg for them because even though they hold ALL the state Senate seats and all but one State Rep seat, they have no power to do anything in Harrisburg except vote No. Think of the money Philly taxpayers could save if they fired those useless legislators in the minority party and just kept the lobbyists. This is smart for the unions…they can put their power and money behind another in a group that has proven to be worthless in Harrisburg (DelRicci, the Dem candidate), or they can support White who will at least be a voice for them among the decision makers.

  8. Interested to see what happens if White loses. It will severely weaken any influence the IAFF-22 and FOP-5 have in political races. This district is filled with firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement. With the residency clause now lifted, their power will slowly diminish with every election cycle. I was hoping to see McNesby run against Brian O’Neill in 2015 while officers still live in the district (he still has 11 plus days to get 1000 signatures).
    If the post above is true, (about Mariano trucking) do the other Teamster unions put out a mailer about her family’s trucking company and their history with unions? What are both candidates stances on pending legislation? Legalizing medicinal cannabis? Privatization of liquor? The proposed speed cameras? Charter schools? White’s deplorable voting record? Delricci’s finance issue? Are Kaplan and Boyle bros helping the democrat, Delricci? Still more questions than answers in this race.

  9. Seth Kaplan would have been a disaster. I oddly support the GOP candidate in this race. I am really objective enough to admit same. Vote for Martina White!

  10. In these times it is dangerous for any Union brother to support any Republican Canidate. Once in the Republican Caucus they will always vote against the unions or they will be lose their office in the primary in the next election.

    Does anyone remember 47% of PSEA supported Corbett in 2010 for Governor. We all know how that worked out for teachers with huge layoffs in the CORBETT years. Union Brothers and Sisters think for yourself.

  11. What do all these unions have in common? They supported the Boyle Brothers…there guy Seth Kaplan didnt get the endorsement he and the Boyle Brother’s are helping Martina so Seth can run against her in 2016

  12. Isn’t this just a ploy so that Kevin Boyle’s Chief of Staff can challenge her next year (as long as nothing horrible comes out about him)?

  13. Lies and more Lies!!!!! There are 3 unions on her list that are not backing her. Someone needs to make a correction Missy!!!! Way to start out. Someone check out Martina’s voting record on the last few electionsSsshe doesn’t even make it to the polls to vote.

  14. I was wondering why Johnny Doc wasn’t in this picture considering he’s working with the Republicans in this race?? Then I looked again and clearly John McNesby ate him for lunch.

  15. Look at that list of unions…..this is the problem with the philly GOP…..they are/ second string dems and not real conservatives. She loses.

  16. The unions are backing a candidate from the party that has a mission of ending unions and turning PA into a right to work for less state. I give up trying to understand how unions can vote for a member of a party that only wants to end unions and a party that seeks to bring back Jim Crow voter laws

  17. Joe Ashdale was Perzel’s pick to head the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Nesby is sore about Sabatina being slated for the Senate.

  18. Martina White is perfect for the fiscally conservative and socially liberal North East. It is sad that the Democrats are more interested in extreme positions than in doing what is best for their constituents.

    And finally, Chakra Fattah

  19. Democrats can’t lose sight that the very real consequence of a Martina White win is the further empowerment of people like Mike Turzai, Daryl Metcalfe and friends, the complete antithesis to White’s campaign pledge that “She’ll stand up for working families and be a vocal advocate for bi-partisan cooperation that puts our families ahead of political gamesmanship.” If you don’t vote for the Democratic candidate, all you are doing is giving right to work, voter id, selling the state stores, privatizing the lottery and all the other failed ideas from the Corbett Administration another vote, and taking precious legislative time away from addressing income inequality issues, equitable school funding, improving healthcare access, and other items in the Wolf Agenda.

  20. Great Article! “She’ll stand up for working families and be a vocal advocate for bi-partisan cooperation that puts our families ahead of political gamesmanship.” I am glad that Martina White is focusing on the issues at hand.

  21. Somewhat confused with s9me of these endorsements…I am assuming Martina is a nice girl…but her family has a VERY negative history with unions. I believe they own Mariano’s Trucking and have fought for years to keep out unions.

  22. Sara Del Ricci made a deal behind closed doors for the nod.
    Who knows what Lt.Gov Stack did to make that deal. I’m sure he is supporting some idiot for this.

  23. Where are the Democrats in this? Haven’t seen anything about what they are doing to win this seat. Maybe they think its a shoe-in? Ask the Democrats in Massachusetts during Scott Brown’s 2010 special win about that…

  24. A pawn r u serious? Clearly Sarah is the right choice for the NE
    This woman does more to help people in her sleep alone!

  25. So sad that these endorsements are ALL because John Sabatina Jr was endorsed for State Senate and not what is best for the Northeast!

  26. Martina, we are all so proud of you,and thankful you are running for State Rep. We know you will do a great job for the people of the Northeast. As in all things you do we know you will give 100%.

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