HD-182: Waxman Has $73K COH

Ben-WaxmanBen Waxman, a Democratic staffer and candidate for State Representative, currently has over $73,000 cash on hand PoliticsPA has learned.

Waxman is a top aide to Sen. Vincent Hughes and a former field director for Pennsylvania Voice. In October, he indicated his interest when State Rep. Brian Sims declared that he would be running for Congressman Chaka Fattah’s seat. Nevertheless, Sims intends to also run for re-election at the same time.

Despite Sims’ pledge, Waxman has remained undeterred. He raised $74,301 from the period of August 20th to November 23rd. Waxman spent just $580, leaving him with $73,720 cash on hand.

The challenger is likely trying to send a message both to other Democrats and to the incumbent. To Democratic leaders and voters, Waxman hopes his haul shows he is a legitimate candidate worth supporting. To State Rep. Sims, Waxman seeks to prove he’s a real challenger and maybe even push the incumbent to focus squarely on his congressional contest.

One issue for Sims, however, is that many others are seeking to represent Pennsylvania’s 2nd district. Not only has Congressman Fattah refused to yield under legal trouble but State Rep. Dwight Evans made a major splash when he entered the race. Additionally, Philly Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff and Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon are also running in the crowded Democratic primary.

The 182nd district consists of central Philadelphia.

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8 thoughts on “HD-182: Waxman Has $73K COH”

  1. David Diano says:

    According to Philly News

    “Yesterday, Waxman’s political-action committee, WaxPAC, filed a campaign finance report showing a healthy $74,000 cash on hand.

    Although, upon further examination, that includes a $50,000 loan from Waxman’s mother-in-law, Barbara Wertheimer.”


  2. Ben says:

    This article reads more like campaign literature for Waxman. Sure, raising just shy of 75K could be an impressive haul, but what has Sims raised, or other candidates. Just throwing Waxman’s haul out there is definitely misleading.

  3. Jessica Myers says:

    This guy is a MEGA douche. Almost as bad as Diano.

  4. Scoop315 says:

    Marissa Piccaretto (sp?) is the other candidate.

  5. David Diano says:

    There are also two women running for the 182nd. One of them is Marni Snyder, I the name of the other candidate escapes me at the moment.

    PoliticsPA should not only list the other two candidates, but contact them for a comment on their fundraising.

  6. WhatWhat? says:

    If this guy is so great, why is he advertising for a Campaign Manager on Indeed.com?

  7. West Philly Steve says:

    Where is “central Philadelphia?”

  8. West Philly Steve says:

    Wow, that’s a great haul. I bet the other candidates including Sims can’t match that CoH

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