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HD-192: Bishop Resigns, Pleads No Contest

BishopAnother lawmaker was felled by the Philly sting case today.

State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop announced that she would resign today and plead no contest on the charge that she failed to disclose money that she took from an undercover agent.

This investigation has made a massive impact on PA’s political scene as the revelation that Attorney General Kane shut down the operation escalated her rivalry with Frank Fina.

Kane and Fina were both set to testify today but Bishop’s decision changed all that. The AG did suffer from the trial, however, as the allegation was made that she was included in the pornographic email chains.

Additionally, Bishop’s team abandoned their claim that the sting was racially motivated, which was the reason Kane gave for pulling the plug.

Bishop’s lawyer Charles Peruto conceded their defense no longer had any validity and even apologized to the court.

“I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended,” Peruto stated. “Because that is the information [on racial profiling] I had at the time.”

The 192nd district is positioned in Northwest Philadelphia. Bishop has served as its representative since 1989.

8 Responses

  1. I think is they made the right choice and in this corruption case is like Albany NY with the lawmakers down there and for Pennsylvania only have 1 more State Representative a Democrat, A Attorney General A Democrat, and A Congressman a Democrat is to deal with in these corruption charges and that’s why is I am supporting their challengers instead of corrupt incumbents in office in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and in Albany New York.

  2. if she deliberately failed to report her bribe ‘income’, should she not lose her pension? enforcement of the so called ‘ethics laws’ in PA is such a joke. expungement ??? does she get to run for office again after she’s been gifted with ‘expungement’? voters do have such short memories…

  3. I guarantee that the lawyer’s “apology” was a condition of the plea deal. That would explain Peruto’s quotes after where he said Bishop was his only concern.

    The DA’s Office basically gave away the farm so Seth Williams could look better. That IS NOT how a DA’s Office ought to be run. Somewhere – Lynne Abraham is saying: “I told you” … …

  4. Without Kane, all the people that have resigned over the emails would still be in office, including at least one Supreme Court judge (so far).

  5. Agreed, Pat. I assume you meant “corrupt lawmaker” there …

    This deal is even more egregious than the others before. The claims of racial profiling notwithstanding, the star witness is still a scum bag con-man that got away with stealing $400,000.00 from a non-profit set up to help children.

    It turns out that the prosecutor (Fina) who dropped all the charges against the con-man (Tyron Ali) and who let the con-man keep the $$$ has the same lawyer as the con-man. And that lawyer stands to profit from Fina’s $$$-driven lawsuit against Kane and The Inquirer.

    To make things worse – that lawyer’s wife was just hired by Seth Williams and is the one being quoted on the Kane saga.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  6. Didn’t think there could be a sweetheart deal more sweet than the deals given out previously, but the DA’s Office managed to out-do themselves.

    A supposedly corrupt prosecutor did not even get a slap on the wrist. She gets to keep her pension. And she has her record expunged after 6 months. It will be like it never even happened.

    And we all know why. Whether it was motivated by race or not, the “sting” case is a steaming pile of dung.

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