HD-197: Special Election Scheduled for March 21st

Voting-boothElection Day is closer than you think for North Philadelphia.

State Rep. Leslie Acosta was forced out of office last month after it was revealed that she had pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of money laundering back in September.

This week, State House Speaker Mike Turzai announced that the special election to replace her will occur on March 21st.

The party nominees will be decided by whichever process the respective party chooses.

The 197th district consists of part of North Philadelphia.

26 Responses

  1. I think for Lucinda Little will win this thing tomorrow 100% and keep her as a State Representative in the 197th District at least for a long time.

  2. Vote Cheri Honkala!
    Make sure you write-in her name, she won’t be on the ballot!

  3. Write-in Cheri Honkala. The Green Party doesn’t take money from corporations, unlike her opponents. She will be a true repestative of the people of PA.

  4. Please Please Vote for Lucinda Little on Tuesday March 21st 2017 and get her is to join John Taylor and Martina White as the only 3 Republicans in the Philadelphia Delegation in the Pennslyvania State House, and i’m hoping for the redistricting process should find the 197th State House District soon to be represented by Lucinda Little, 170th State House District represented by Martina White, and 177th State House District represented by John Taylor is to be favored by Republicans in these 3 Philadelphia State House Districts.

  5. Write-In Ed Lloyd for State Representative Of the 197th District.The Voice for All People bringing back Honor and Integrity to the District and Democratic Party.

  6. Cheri honkala is a convicted criminal. Who is the republican now that the other criminal was booted and they removed the Democrat from the ballot?

  7. I must admit I’m not a resident of this district, but I’m following this race closely. This election is about taking power back from the democratic and republican parties that continue to put corporate interests over peoples’ interests. Haven’t we learned anything from this past presidential election. Please write-in Cheri Honkala.

  8. i think for it’s to late now is to name a new democratic nominee is to be in the March 21ST 2017 Ballot.

  9. I’m still think for Lucinda Little is still going to win this race by a upset due to Freedie Ramirez got removed from the ballot.

  10. Massachusetts guy here, will be watching the race from here and supporting Cheri Honkala! The Democrats are running themselves into the ground, and a Green at a local level could do tremendous things– as have the other hundred or so elected Greens. Praying that we can stick up for the poor and create an alternative to the 2-party stranglehold. I’d trade in 3 corrupt or mediocre Dems for 1 Green.

  11. I will be supporting Cheri Honkala (G) for this district 197. The corrupted Leslie Acosta lobbied for Freddie Ramirez to win her seat and has conflict of interest issues. Cheri Honkala is the only candidate that has fought for poor and homeless people, she has made it her lifework. Cheri4197.com

  12. Change of plans and I will be supporting the Republican Nominee Lucinda Little for the special election in the 197th State House District in 2017 because for she could win a upset and is to avoid a another Democrat is to be corrupted. and for she will be the 3rd Republican is to join with John Taylor and Martina White is to represent Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the State House of Representatives in Pennsylvania in 2017 finally.

  13. If Lucinda Little wins the special election and for Philadelphia Pennsylvania will have 3 Republicans in the State House of Representatives along with John Taylor and Martina White.

  14. I will be supporting Freddie Ramirez is to win the special election but a Republican upset could be possible.

  15. I am supporting the Green party candidate, Cheri Honkala. The Dems are running Philadelphia into the ground.

  16. Why does Zakrey always assume that we are all waiting around for his pronouncement of who he will support? Who cares?

  17. The fact that people like Zakrey Bissell always support the Democratic nominee whatever the circumstances is why many of our Philadelphia Democratic Reps are prone to penny ante career ending acts of corruption. If we learn to push the Republican, Green or Libertarian button in some of these special elections that are held to replace these convicted Democratic Reps the Philly Democratic Party might get the message that corruption will not be tolerated and provide us with more honest candidates.

  18. because it is a democratic district a man or a woman should win this thing and run for a full term in 2018.

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