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HD-197: Supreme Court Keeps Democratic Candidate Off the Ballot

HD 197The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania confirmed the Commonwealth Court’s ruling that the Democratic candidate, Emilio Vasquez will not appear on the ballot in the special election for the 197th House district.  Republican Lucinda Little will be the only candidate on the ballot.  

In a per curiam ruling, the Supreme Court affirmed the ruling of Commonwealth Court Judge Anne Covey.  Democratic Party officials have already said they are prepared to run a write-in campaign for the seat.  

Despite the ruling the Democrats have an 85% to 5% registration in the district which will help – especially in a special election.  

Special elections often come down to organization within the district to get voters to the poll.  

“[Little] may think that the Presidential election is ‘not relevant’ to the voters of the 197th but, in a district where Trump’s GOP received less that 5% of the vote just a few months ago, she may be the only person in the district to hold that opinion,” HDCC Executive Director Nathan Davidson said in an email.  

Update: “The Pennsylvania Supreme Court made the correct decision to ensure a fair electoral process in the Special Election for the 197th District. It is unfortunate that in a district of 60,000 people we were the only party that cared enough to field a reputable candidate who actually lives in her district,” Philadelphia Republican Party Chairman Joe DeFelice said in an email.

10 Responses

  1. I congratulate Emilio Vazquez on his write in victory in HD 197. I sincerely hope that Mr. Vazquez is able to stay out of trouble during what could amount to lifetime seat in the PA House. He needs to take a lesson from Bill Reiger who represented much of the same area in current HD 197 for 40 years in the House. Bill was often accused but never caught. Representative Reiger was former Mayor James H.J. Tate’s gift to the Commonwealth.

  2. DD –

    Why? why should the Democrats who screwed the pooch on picking a valid candidate be allowed to have the rules changed for them? Little followed the rules and she is on the ballot. The Dems didn’t and they aren’t. Neither did the third party candidate, and she isn’t. We either have rules or we don’t. But since we do, follow them or pay the consequences.

  3. I agree with you Charles Pont on that one for your thought on politics pa about Lucinda Little winning this special election race next Tuesday March 21st 2017.

  4. Lucinda Little might win this one. She running on a great issue which is her opposition to the newly installed sugary beverage tax. Jim Kenney’s soda tax is very unpopular in large parts of the city including HD 197.
    There are many small store owners which feature take out food living above their stores in the 197. They have been taking real beating on sales since the January 1,2017 soda tax imposition. They are going to be the most motivated voters in this special election. Which will draw maybe between 10 to 20 percent turnout. If store owners break for Little as a Soda Tax Protest. She can win this thing.

  5. David, the Dems may have offered up a candidate who actually lives in the district, but they should have done that in the first place….And in a timely manner. There are rules and deadlines governing all elections, including special elections, and the Democrats failed to meet those minimum requirements. They are not a special party and should not be given special treatment to ignore deadlines. Maybe next time they won’t take the voters for granted, and do a better job of vetting their original candidates. They have no one to blame but themselves for this embarrassment.

  6. Joe DeFelice-

    The Dems offered up “a reputable candidate who actually lives in” the district to replace the original candidate. As it’s a special election, the Dems should have been allowed to put replacement candidate on the ballot.

    But, it doesn’t matter because the Dem’s write-in candidate will still get more votes than your candidate.

  7. please let Lucinda Little win this seat next week and not write in a democratic candidate.

  8. These rightwing whacked have hitched their wagons to the Trump Train… when he goes down, he will take every one of them with him, at the same time a new census calls for redistricting, and in-gerrymandering. 2020 will be momentous in many ways.

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