HD-200: Rabb Pulls An Upset Over Cook-Artis

Chris-RabbChris Rabb was able to obtain a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by challenging incumbent Tonyelle Cook-Artis.

Cook-Artis won the seat in a special election after her former boss, Cherelle Parker, was elected to Philadelphia City Council.

Rabb defeated Cook-Artis by securing 47 percent (10,114) of the vote, the incumbent was in second with 40 percent (8,6220 and Bobbie Curry in third with 12 percent (2,596).

Rabb is an author, longtime Democratic Committeeperson in Philadelphia’s 9th Ward and was previously an adjunct professor at Temple University.

April 27th, 2016 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg, Top Stories | 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “HD-200: Rabb Pulls An Upset Over Cook-Artis”

  1. Richard Keiser says:

    I’m proud of the role played by the Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia in helping Chris Rabb pull off this victory.

  2. Karen Bojar says:

    Chris’s victory is quite an achievement. Every single elected official–including the governor and the mayor were supporting his opponent. See

  3. David Diano says:

    Sweet beating the incumbent, especially after that ridiculous special election a month ago.

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