HD-202: In a Close Finish, Incumbent Cohen Wins Primary

Cohen1-735x1024Incumbent State Rep. Mark Cohen was able to stave off fellow Democrat Jared Solomon in the HD-202 primary — but it was a close one.

Cohen received 2,214 votes, which was good for 51.48% of the vote, while Solomon netted an impressive 2,086 votes and 48.50% of the popular vote. Not good enough for a victory, but a strong showing for Solomon.

Cohen has held the HD-202 seat since 1974, and it seems the Solomon truly gave him a run for his money this election cycle. However, even Solomon’s aggressive ad campaign was not enough to unseat the longtime state Rep. Cohen.

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  1. I am sure Jared would never use Voterweb as it’s a joke of tool. As someone from Sestak land I’m sure he was smart enough to use Votebuilder which is a lot more reliable. Cohen only won because he was the incumbent and Jared came a lot closer to winning than he probably should have.

  2. Philly Progressive-

    Actually, Cohen reached out to me to use VoterWeb. I think he knew Solomon was a Sestak acolyte and I’d be happy to help.

    I would never sell it to a piece of crap like Solomon.

    So, you are 0 for 2 on your comments.

    I also had a few other wins like Art Haywood in the 4th Senate district. Some write-in candidates and various state committee people and regular committee people. A few lost, and the rest didn’t have primary challenges.

    I usually help out the long-shot candidates, so it’s nice when they come through with a win.

  3. This is the “plant” from the northeast hall of Harrisburg. There couldn’t be worse news. FML.

  4. Serious question: does Cohen go door-to-door in his district? I can’t imagine anyone meeting him and then voting for him.

  5. Dave Diano, I think that is a great comment. I agree, Solomon should have lost.

    Just out of curiosity, did Solomon use your voter file? You know, the one with inactive houses, dead people still in it, democrats registered as republicans, etc…

    I’m just glad that Cohen won. Good thing he didn’t opt for the “Diano Special” for his voter file services!

    Let this win be a lesson to all future campaigns to stay away from the “Diano Special!” Right Dave?

  6. I look forward to watching Cohen have many more spirited conversations with himself in the Capitol building.

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