HD-202: Solomon Raises $75,000 in 2015

SolomonFormer Army reserve officer and Philadelphia-based community organizer Jared Solomon, candidate for HD-202 representative, announced his biggest fundraising year to date Tuesday.

Solomon brought in over $75,000 last year and currently has $53,000 cash on hand.

“I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished and I am looking forward to an even stronger showing in 2016,” Solomon wrote. “I think the fact that over 75% of our donations are $250 or less in size is indicative of the widespread excitement around our campaign. I know that we are not going to leave anything on the table come April 26th.”

The campaign also emphasized Solomon’s labor support, an area they sought to improve in after the candidate’s 2014 effort. Specifically, they pointed to the backing of Local 22 of the Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union and Local 690 of the Plumbers Union.

“We are proud to endorse Jared for State Representative,” said Andy Thomas, President of Local 22 Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union. “He is a proven leader and someone passionate about the well-being of his community. We need new leadership and we’re confident that he will fight for us when he is a State Representative.”

Solomon is challenging State Rep. Mark Cohen, who has served since 1974, for the second time after just coming up short two years ago.

The 202nd Legislative District covers parts of Philadelphia’s 35th, 53rd, 54th, 56th and 62nd wards.

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  1. It is what it is Jared is the elect and our current state representative therefore whether you like him or you don’t the respect of any elected official should be extended to Jared as well. You get more bees with honey than you do vinegar and that’s why they have vanilla chocolate and strawberry there’s something different for everyone everyone has their own taste and their own preference however at the end of the day majority rules. As with any newly elected official let’s hope for the best every now and then on rare occasion you get pleasantly surprised whether or not that’s going to happen here remains to be seen however I strongly emphasize to our local constituents​do the best that you can to put aside your personal feelings and emphasiz concentrate on the needs of your community do the very best that you can to make this in any other elect do their job.

  2. There are a lot claims being thrown around this comment section. I think before you make wild and outlandish accusations you should become informed and hear what the other side has to say.

  3. R. Jones-

    Given Jared’s tutelage under Sestak, I wouldn’t trust him to be anything but a bird of a feather.

  4. Solomon is nothing but an overhyped professional political operative that has no stances on anything. His only claim to fame is his neighborhood group that really hasn’t helped very many people other than himself.

    Rep. Cohen has been an exemplary legislator and has long been known for providing excellent constituent services.

    The issues of our time are great and we need someone who deeply cares about moving Pennsylvania forward. Solomon, your 15 minutes are up!

    Stick with Rep. Cohen!

  5. I personally know Jarred.
    First and foremost he WANTS the job. He understands HARD work. MARK has no energy uses his time in the house as though he will be able to get things done. When in all reality nobody goes near him or will even have a conversation with him.
    Union are moving towards Jarred because why give a job to a washed up politician when they can get a young hard working young well educated man who by the defended this country and served honorably.
    These dumb tactics that he doesn’t live in the district are obserd.
    JARRED 2016!!!!!

  6. Mark Cohen lives on Brighton Street just off Castor Ave. Where does Jared Solomon live?

  7. joel salomon and mike cohen both live in harisberg and aint never live in 202st distect.

  8. A tough decision for me is to support someone in this race between the incumbent and the challenger.

  9. This neighborhood needs Solomon. Cohen led this area into a serious decline – Cohen took our money and bought a second home in Harrisburg and spent $28,000 on a personal library. It’s appauling. It’s about time that someone exposes Cohen for the greedy entitled politician that he is. The community is NOT behind Cohen. We want change!

    Cohen is clearly desperate and making up stories about Solomon. Anyone who has met Solomon knows he is one of the nicest guys around. I highly doubt he is intimidating voters – Cohen is pretty unpleasant though – sounds more his speed.

  10. Kara-

    The issues regarding Jared’s residency are two-fold.

    First there is another person named Jared Solomon in Philly, in the 170th. This person is 28 years old, but due to the same name, may be causing some confusion.

    Second, the “rumor” is that Jared lives at his mother’s (or other relative outside the 202nd) and doesn’t live at the place he’s registered. I don’t know if this is true or not, but that has been the rumor/claim against him.

  11. Jared as well as his fiance live here, and he has grown up here, this seems more like a diversion and some underhanded tactics that are otherwise irrelevant to what really matters in our community. Actions such as Jared’s dedication to the community through his community activities are moving the neighborhood forward by bringing youth programs to the neighborhood, starting an anti- crime initiative, and helping to rebuild failing infrastructure.

  12. I’ve just learned about some more things that people need to know about Jared Solomon. This link will show that people in the community are tired of his sophomoric antics. Jared Solomon needs us much more than we need him. He has been intimidating voters into supporting him. Let’s make a statement and help Rep. Mark Cohen win by a landslide.

    Rep. Cohen, the community is behind you!


  13. The citizens of HD 202 cannot afford on the job training. Representative Cohen is a leader with a proven track record.

    Just like Donald Trump, Jared Solomon, just doesn’t get it and is not fit for elected office. Voters are too savvy to fall for Solomon’s hidden agenda.

    Cast your vote for Mark Cohen!!!

  14. Well, then who has the answer to the $64,000 question? Where does Jared Solomon live? Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s put the rumors to rest.

  15. I wish nothing but continued success for Jared. He appeals to the young and old. We live in a thriving melting pot of cultures in this neighborhood and he has brought a sense of community, awareness to this area.

  16. Jared moved into a house a block down from me near Unruh. He definitely lives in the district. Seems kind of silly that people don’t think the guy lives here. He seems like a great guy. I am glad he is my neighbor. I hope he wins.

  17. I don’t think anyone in the neighborhood questions where Jared is from considering he has grown up here, this seems more like a diversion and some underhanded tactics. Next Cohen is going to ask to see his birth certificate. Wonder what other tactics Cohen is going to steal from Trump.

  18. Many of my friends and neighbors wonder where Jared Solomon lives. Many suspect he doesn’t really live in the district.

  19. So many people are wondering: where does Jared live??? People who supported him before who don’t support him now because of his dirty, underhanded tactics have been spreading the word…

  20. I certainly hope that Jared would be the winner this second time around. He is a knowlegeable, community concerned citizen, GO! Jared

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