HD-202: Solomon Releases First Two TV Ads (VIDEOS)



Democratic candidate Jared Solomon announced the release of his first two TV ads today.

Solomon is running against State Rep. Mark Cohen in the Democratic primary in the 202nd legislative district.

The first thirty-second spot is an upbeat biographical video titled “Standing Up”.

“He’s the change the Northeast needs,” the narrator begins. “He’s Jared Solomon.”

The commercial features several of the expected aspects of positive videos, including upbeat music, bright lights, and a description of the candidate’s biography.

“A true son of the Northeast, Jared went to law school, then became a Captain in the Army Reserve,” the ad states before transitioning into Solomon’s work for the local community.

The narrator also explains that Solomon will “clean up Harrisburg” and a local supporter proclaims him “the change we need”.

The second thirty-second ad, however, is quite different than the first. A negative spot aimed at incumbent State Rep. Mark Cohen, titled “Poster Boy”, this video has all the hallmarks of a negative ad. This includes stinging music, dark hand-held or distorted footage and accusatory newspaper headlines plastered on the screen.

“Politician Mark Cohen, the poster boy for everything wrong with Harrisburg,” the narrator states.

It goes on to mention that Cohen took the infamous 2005 pay raise and his acceptance of $39,000 in per diems.

“When many Northeast families have been suffering, Mark Cohen has been ripping off taxpayers,” the ad concludes. “Election day, start over, by saying no to Mark Cohen.”

“These ads really capture the campaign themes of accountability and action,” said Sam Shoap of Jared Solomon’s campaign. “From day one, Jared has laid out a vision for strong leadership in the Northeast. These ads clearly illustrate the contrasts between the two candidates. While Jared Solomon is already making real improvements to our communities, Mark Cohen continues to line his own pockets with taxpayer dollars.”

According to the Solomon campaign, the first spot was made by Naveen Mallikarjuna of Philadelphia-based MK Media. The second commercial was produced by Neil Oxman of the Campaign Group, which is also based in Philadelphia.

4 Responses

  1. jared is full of half truths
    ask him how much hes paid in real estate taxes and for what property
    ask him where he went to elementary middle and high school
    ask him what has he really done for the ne
    other than stuffing my mail box with exaggerated literature NOT A WHOLE LOT
    hes not going to be good for the northeast
    knowing mark cohen for more than 20 years hes the one to help the ne hes filtered money to the school libraries
    hes paid taxes and lived in a house in the neighborhood for more than 20 years
    hes made friends of many many pennsylvania politicans
    mark cohen is the one for us !!!!!!

  2. Solomon was also part of the bullet-ballot scheme in 2007 while working for Landau. He was calling Dems to bad mouth Landau’s two Dem running mates (even though voters could vote for ALL THREE to for the three open county council seats).

    Just the worst kind of “Dem” to have in elected office.

    I hope Mark Cohen kicks his rear end.

    BTW, Solomon’s acting like he’s always been in the Northeast, but FEC records (for one of Sestak’s campaigns no less) show Solomon listing his address in Center City.

  3. Not a huge fan of Mark Cohen, but like Solomon even less…Solomon was worthless in Delco, and has been looking for a way to get on the public dole for years. If I were in district, I would vote for Cohen.

  4. Whoa. Surprised to see The Campaign Group in a state house race in the city. Probably makes a bit of sense, though, since Solomon comes from Sestak-land.

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