HD-36 Planned Parenthood PAC Attacks Readshaw with Ad

hd-36Just one day after State Representative Harry Readshaw (D-Allegheny) released an ad attacking his HD-36 challenger, Erin Molchany (D-Allegheny), Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC responded with an attack ad of their own in opposition to Readshaw.

The ad, entitled “Close Your Eyes,” rebukes Readshaw for voting in favor of a bill that would have required women to receive an ultrasound against their will if they sought a legal abortion. The title refers to a quote from Governor Tom Corbett, which advises women who have abortions to look away from the ultrasound image.

“When Tom Corbett proposed the strictest restrictions on women’s health care in the country, he told women, ‘You just have to close your eyes,’” the ad says, with audio of Corbett cutting in. And “his biggest ally in Pittsburgh? Harry Readshaw.”

According to the ad, Readshaw also attempted to limit women’s health care coverage and restrict health clinics opposed by physicians by voting in favor of HB 818 and HB 574, respectively.

“When you vote on May 20th, don’t close your eyes,” says the ad.

“Representative Harry Readshaw has spent the last twenty years in office voting time after time to restrict women’s rights and health in Pennsylvania,” said Sari Stevens, Executive Director for PPPA PAC. “In the last 12 years alone, Harry Readshaw has cast 31 votes against access to reproductive healthcare, even voting against an amendment that would have protected patients from the harassment and intimidation of protestors. The women of South Pittsburgh know politicians have no business inserting themselves into deeply personal medical decisions.”

PPPA PAC officially endorsed state Rep. Molchany, who has been an outspoken supporter of women’s rights through her time in office and is also a member of the women’s health caucus.

“Only one person in this race, Rep. Erin Molchany, represents the values of HD-36, and we are thrilled to be investing in this race,” said Stevens.

Robert Witmer, a spokesperson for Readshaw’s campaign, responded to the ad.

“In the newest attack ad, Molchany’s allies attack Harry on his record of women’s rights.  In fact, Harry has worked on behalf of women throughout his career– he fought for and won an increase in PACE, a program whose vast majority of enrollees is female, and, as a cosponsor, is pushing for the pay equity bill, a bill Molchany is sponsoring herself!”

Witmer brought up Molchany’s support of the “gas tax,” which has become the attack of choice for the Readshaw campaign.

“The more ironic bit of the attack is that Molchany’s allies call Harry ‘Tom Corbett’s best friend in Pittsburgh.’ Only one candidate in this race has fought for and supported Corbett’s landmark piece of legislation, and that was Molchany. As Harry fought Corbett’s policy achievement, Molchany voted for Corbett’s massive gas tax increase.”

7 Responses

  1. Malchany is so transparent. She didn’t grow up in Pittsburgh – or what she calls “South Pittsburgh” which isn’t even a place. She moved here for a job. She worked for a non profit “The Urban Magnet Project” which is a political blog spot for young people (Basically people who hide behind keyboards and act like they know things about the world). She has only been a Rep for 1 year. In that 1 year, she never passed a bill. Now she is public attacking a person, because they are a man and because they are older then she is… So is she against men and she against they elderly. One would say yes!
    Harry Readshaw has 2 daughters and 6 grand daughters. Let’s ask yourself people… Do you really believe that someone who has more females in their family then males would really be against fair wages for women??? The answer is NO! She is taking a law that was FEDERALLY voted on in 1963 and trying to make it her own idea. If she is concerned about her wages perhaps she should have taken a real job, like the rest of us. A job were you don’t hide behind a key board and bully people.
    She lies! I cannot stress that enough.

  2. There you go, Brookline! That’s right. It was an attack on labor and the working man.

  3. AngusPA:

    The Transportation Bill was not a win for Democrats and it isn’t a win for the hard working men and women that work on government projects in Pennsylvania. Is it right to tax the middle class and then turn around and not pay a fair wage to those that repair those roads and bridges?

    Federal Prevailing Wage Limit: $2,000
    PA Prevailing Wage Limit (includes municipal road/sewer/water projects): Now $100,000 because of the Transportation Bill.

    The GOP is loving how Dems are attacking Dems over this one.

  4. Witmer cannot be serious. Is he seriously thinking he can spin readshaws antichoice record? Then the cherry on top is trying to rally behind the fact readshaw didnt vote for the transportation package, by citing it as a policy win for corbett. Mr. Witmer, your logic is flawed. It was a win for PA when the transportation package was passed. Ask any of the residents who drive over the thousands of structurally deficient brides or thousands of people in philly that rely on septa fto commute

  5. @brandon- spoken like a true man. when’s the last time you had a politician propose forcing you to get a transvaginal ultrasound?

  6. I bet the people in the South Hills care more about pocket book issues than social issues

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