HD-38: Professional Boxer Enters Political Arena

Rod-SalkaFrom one combative enterprise to another.

Rod Salka, a businessman and professional boxer, is running as a Republican in the 38th House District.

Salka was raised in Forward Township and joined the National Guard in 2001. He went on to have a notable boxing career, finishing 21-4, which included a bout with welterweight champion Danny Garcia in 2014 (Salka was KO’d in the 2nd round).

“The 38th District has been under-represented in Harrisburg for decades now,” Salka said. “We need to break with the past and demand that our voices, our values, and our vision of the future be heard in the general assembly.”

“The military taught me a great deal about urgency. You can’t just get around to things. They have to be done quickly and done well,” Salka added. “That’s the kind of urgency I want to bring to Harrisburg, where the current crew can’t get a budget passed. It’s not enough to just show up.  You have to do your job.”

State Rep. William C. Kortz has represented the seat since 2006.

The 38th district is located in Allegheny County.

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  1. Ken is also clearly a class act ladies and gentleman. I’m just giving credit where it is deserved.

  2. The negative comments on here are absolutely mind blowing. Have any of the people posting the negativity ever had a conversation with Rod? Or any interaction with him what so ever? I’m going to bet that they haven’t. Rod is an extremely intelligent individual. Have a 5 minute conversation with him and that point will be proven immediately. He’s a go getter and one of the most ambitious and determined individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Give him a task, a challenge, a problem and I guarantee you that he will finish it, fix it, resolve it, whatever the case may be twice as good,if not three times better than anyone else given the opportunity. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that he can do absolutely anything that he puts his mind to, and anyone who knows Rod, knows that giving up is never an option for him. Rod is also without a doubt a man of his word. When he tells you he is going to do something, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can count on him to pull through. Rod is a true class act and any office would be privledged to gain an individual such as himself. He without a doubt has my vote!

  3. I don’t see anyone talking about Kortz’s alcohol problem in Harrisburg he stumbles around 2nd street like a high schooler

  4. Little Rod Salka is a bigot and a racist. He disdains the African American race, despite the fact that he is friends with several African Americans. He is in the closet about his racism and that’s the worst kind.

  5. It was an honor to serve with Rod. He is dedicated, hard working, and strives to be the best that he can be at everything he does. He would serve Disrrict 38 with the same enthusiasm and professionalism. I whole heartedly support Rod in any venture that he chooses to pursue. Rod embodies one of my favorite quotes.
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasm, the great devotions; who spends himself in worth cause; who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place will never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

  6. Looks like Billy Kortz and his whole staff is on this chain starting to create lies and fabrications about a military veteran because they realize Kortz is an empty suit with an 80’s mustache that’s going to get beat

  7. This is such a joke. He can’t run a business. He can’t box. He’s a liar. He’s a ConMan. Wait, he has a full head of hair any sellable smile! Perfect for politics. Only problem is he’s not very bright either. He’s a womanizer, and looking to find an easy way out of a failing business. Just registered to vote last month. This indicates desperation! His brainless followers from the boxing world will all endorse him, but educated folks will see right through this.

  8. Rod Salka is a woman abusing piece of shit.
    He is a shit boxer. He is a shit businessman. He would be a shit politician. He may be the dumbest person I’ve met. And his sister is a pig.

  9. We have watched as our elected representatives vote against the best interest of the voter, allow jobs to be given to people illegally in OUR country and raise our taxes to pay for foreign nationals. I would trust the first 200 people in the phone book as citizen legistators before the professionals we have now. Maybe the fact that Rod has already proved his love for Country and family are the only incentive he needs to add common sense to a group that forgets who they work for.

  10. Rod is a great guy. My grandmother slipped and fell on her walk in Pleasant Hills last week and he stopped his car, picked her up off the ground. That’s a class act right there. Thanks again.

  11. Diane, the comments about concussions seem not only irrelevant but out of anger. Do yu know Rod? Also, you are unable to run I see because you are a felon. Maybe your comments about Rod are not the only fraud you have committed.

  12. Diane, I hardly think you are someone to issue advice on matters of government, especially ones laced with anti-Republican sentiments. As we recall, were you not in an unpleasant situation with then-Attorney General Tom Corbett a few years back? I’m afraid it colors your view of things.

    Rod Salka is a straight shooter and a young man with a case to make for change and reform. Like many others, he has watched from the sidelines. Unlike others, he is stepping up to offer new ideas and leadership.

  13. Speaking as someone who served with Rod in the military for a number of years, I can attest to his devotion to duty, forthright character and intelligence. So what if he just recently registered to vote; perhaps his military obligations, attention to his boxing career and business interests prevailed earlier. It makes him no less a citizen, no less qualified and is not an issue. Folks, this is the kind of guy the entrenched career politicians will be challenged by. He merits your very serious consideration.

  14. Speaking as someone who served with Rose in the military for a number of years, I can attest to his devotion to duty, forthright character and intellugence. So what if he just recently registered to vote; perhaps his military obligations, attention to his boxing career and business interests prevailed earlier. It makes him no less a citizen, no less qualified and is not an issue. Folks, this is the kind of guy the entrenched career politicians will be challenged by. He merits your very serious consideration.

  15. The entire country is a disaster and we’ve employed every type of political policy for centuries, so yeah, I’m sure that the issue with the country is due to a missing votes… Please. Go watch Jimmy Kimmel’s series of “Lie Witness News” and find the ones about presidency and politics. These are the idiots that are voting for the country’s major decisions.

  16. If you are basing someone’s intelligence and capability on whether or not they “voted,” then you are an absolute idiot. Get serious. 90% of the voting public is brain dead and none of you on here would even trust the average voter to tie your shoes, let alone run for political office.

  17. Everyone is entitled to an opinion so therefore I will not hop off Anna. I find someone who only registered to vote in December of 2015 is not someone I would vote for, one who did not vote in a presidential election, who might or might not have suffered a concussion during his career as a boxer. Right now I don’t want any more Republicans in Harrisburg, there are enough there causing havoc. For the record he is campaigning using Dan Castagna’s name who I doubt he supports him and votes in Beaver

  18. So he hasn’t voted until last year what does that have to do with anything?
    Rod is an intelligent young man who is a hard worker. He cares about others so if he feels he can do a better job. And personally I feel he will do a great job. Welcome him let him show you what he is about. He has pushed his body to the limit and beyond l think he will do the same in this b arena.
    Good luck Rod you got my vote!

  19. I may not agree with Mr. Salka on his political issues, but I disagree with you Diane. Rod Salka is a concerned citizen. He has strong feeling about how his district is being represented. That should make him more than qualified to run. Again, Rod and I are political opposites, but he is a very intelligent, well spoken, passionate man about his political opinions. I respect anyone who is willing to put there opinions out on a public platform and defend them because they are just a concerned citizen trying to make a difference.

  20. For those who do not know Rod Salka, let me give you a former introduction to the man i’ve known for quite a while.

    From my experience with Rod Salka he will make an excellent politician. He is a natural born leader whom is committed to improve the quality of life for those individuals willing to put hard work. Rod is very well spoken, intelligent, not plans for success, but does not settle until success is achieved.

    Some people may choose to judge this man with out knowing him or his skill set or even try to bash him on public forums such as this site, but he remains calm and chooses to show his humility and passion by out working the competition and focusing his energy on improving each day.

    Rod Salka’s resume includes bit is not limited to being great boxer, great coach, great business man, great friend, great husband, great father, great leader, and future Pennsylvania Representative for District 38.

  21. If he is so accomplished and disciplined why has he never registered to vote. So he owns a gym and was a boxer explain why he never felt the need to vote, get involved in local government. He thinks he can just go right to State Representative. Think folks

  22. Rod Salka is an extremely hard worker in all aspects of his life. He is a loving father, husband, son, and brother. He is a hardworking owner of his own business, and a person of the community. His discipline from being in the armed services and also being a champion boxer at a pro level ensure his values are highly regarded and respected. Sometimes the best politician for a seat is one not tied to politics at all, and Rod is that person. Good Luck!

  23. In addition to challenging our current hard working Representative, the TEA Party wants to add another one of their folks to the already messed up Republicans that are responsible for the Gridlock regarding the budget.

  24. Well first of all I honor his military service, however when it comes to public service where has he been. Truth be told he just registered to vote in December 2015 and he seriously feels as a newly registered voter he qualifies to run for State Representative, again seriously! District 38 has been represented very will by Bill Kortz . The Tea Party is behind this young man , I am not fooled by him

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