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HD-46: Contrite White Wins Democratic Primary

Jesse-WhiteRep. Jesse White (D-Washington) has retained his seat in HD-46 against local elected official and US Army veteran Thomas Casciola.

All 184 precincts from Washington County reported their results for the final announcement. Compared to White’s 58.5 percent of the vote, Casciola received a decent 41.3 percent. The total was 1,949 votes and 1,376 votes, respectively.

In May, White was accused of going online and posting nasty attacks against supporters of shale gas drilling under various aliases. Reportedly, under the name “Harold” he told one woman that she was “dumber than a box of rocks” and “an embarrassment to her community.”

Yet it seems voters have forgiven White and he emerged victorious on this election night.

9 Responses

  1. I was one of Jesse’s White’s victim. He used my legal name to open social media account . He not only attacked me but other people using my name. You may not care about that because it didn’t happen to you but I am also tired of him useing my hard earned tax payers money to do nothing.
    He collects over $80,00+ per year plus $159 per day per diem or expenses what ever he decides. Also 52.3 cents per mile to travel to Harrisburg which figures out to be about approx. $200 per trip. If he is elected this time he will be eligible for a pension and health care for life. You might say why not he is working, WRONG. In 7 1/2 years he has had TWO bills passed, one names for bridges and roads. The second about ticket sales in this was back in the 2009-2010 session. He tells everyone about the bills he has out there, he has one for ever crowd he is working, but he leaves out he doesn’t get any passed.

  2. The Pa Democratic Caucus is responsible for Jesse white being in office. He should have been removed from office when he stole someone identity and used it to attack. I keep hearing he was ask to resign and he refused. What a dumb answer.I know I would have been fired from my job if I did what he did. The people of the 46th District did not deserve Jesse White attacks and they continues. The Government is to help the people not attack them.. So tell me you will help the people in the 46th District

  3. I bet Sophie wouldn’t feel the same if it was her identity Jesse White used online and attacked her. Stupid ?? Yes. Why would you vote for someone who is that stupid ?? Criminal ?? That remains to be seen as he is being investigated by the State Supreme Court.

  4. What O&G money Steventodd?
    Maybe you’d feel differently if you were the one bullied by this “representative?” Must not have been your mom he called a “whore”

  5. The good guys get to win one! Congrats on your hard-fought but decisive win over non-constituent O&G cash, Representative Jesse White. One of the true champions of We The People in our General Assembly.

  6. There are also Allegheny County precincts in this district which you failed to include. White won there by a wide margin also.

  7. White was the ONLY member to vote against a cyber bully law. He lied about his bullying and impersonation of his own constituents until the evidence caught up to him. Then he admitted being a bully. This is not who we want as a state rep.

  8. I think it’s appropriate to forgive in this situation. What he did was stupid, but it wasn’t criminal. I hope Jesse can pull this off in the fall!

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