HD-48: Neuman to Run for Washington County Judge

Brandon NeumanBrandon Neuman is looking to move from the legislative to the judicial branch of government.

The State Rep. is running to become a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Washington County.

“I’ve listened to people from around the county who have expressed concern that our area has lost a sense of security,” he stated. “I’m confident that I can help make our families and communities safer through a strong local judicial system.”

“As an attorney, I’ve focused on representing senior citizens who fell victim to negligent nursing homes and I’ve represented many other victims in civil court,” he continued. “And as a legislator, I championed legislation that ensures rape victims can seek justice, started programs that give opportunities to our next generation, focused on combating fraud, and I’ve supported law enforcement so they have the tools they need to keep us safe.”

The 48th district consists of part of Washington County.

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  1. @D Diano Exactly it’s the same equation of misfits running Wolfs reelection campaign that ran the failed McGinty campaign. Their lack of humility and arrogance is astounding. The GOP will have Trump in here and the Tone Deaf administration will have RENDELL on tour. Very sad.

  2. OverUnder

    The only “juice” the Wolf pack has is what they can make from sour grapes. Their petty process to install a lackey for state chair resulted in complete failure at the presidential, Senate and PA legislative levels. A few token row office wins do not make up for this dismal performance (as we would clearly trade wins in the former for the latter).

  3. Dream On Anna. Wolf pack doesn’t control anything. They have no juice. All they got is lil sneers running around trying to rustle up some more grub for Big Mama Mary

  4. Good move Brandon. Run for a job you aren’t qualified for and leave the seat ready for the Republicans to snatch up. Hope you win!

  5. >This might be shocking to some on here but you don’t have to run for re-election if you know that you’re going to run for something else.

    you run for re-election if you don’t think there’s a good replacement at the time being. you think an open seat would have stayed blue in SW PA during the 2016 GE?

  6. I think for he will win this thing in 2017. and for his supported successor should win in the special election is to replace him and win a full term in 2018.

  7. But he could not run in Allegheny County, as not crooked enough. You have to be a corrupt politician there. Then they put you in Family Division where you can swim in your own “cesspool”, as the lawyers outside Pittsburgh call it.

  8. This might be shocking to some on here but you don’t have to run for re-election if you know that you’re going to run for something else.

  9. Well the guy’s been in office for 7 years. If he stays in the state House, he’s a career politician, if he moves on to other things, he’s an opportunist.

    I graduated with him from law school. Very good guy. Hope he gets it.

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