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HD-81: Fleck Appears to Lose GOP Nomination Yet Wins Dem Nomination

It appears State Rep. Mike Fleck will be on the ballot in the fall after all, though not where he expected.×300.jpg” alt=”mike-fleck” width=”213″ height=”300″ />It appears State R

As we reported last week, Fleck was beaten by write-in votes in the GOP primary. It was initially unclear whether enough of those votes would be valid, however, and the possibility remained that Fleck could prevail.

Now it is being reported by WTAJ-TV that Fleck did lose the GOP nomination to write-in challenger Rich Irvin. Yet, in an unexpected twist, Fleck won the Democratic nomination by receiving more of those write-in votes than Irvin.

According to the unofficial totals, Irvin was the recipient of 3,600 write-in votes in the GOP primary while Fleck picked up 3,396. In the Democratic primary, though, Fleck outpaced Irvin by a 901 to 886 margin in the write-in votes.

Rep. Fleck seems ready to embrace this reality and campaign against Irvin in the fall.

“Rep. Mike Fleck (D) Three Springs. How’s that for an oxymoron,” the State Rep. wrote on his Facebook page. “Thank you to the 15 democrats who put me over the top on the democratic write-in, with a final tally of 901-886. And thank you to the three thousand plus republicans who voted based on my job performance. While a lot can still happen legally, today is a new day and if we are ultimately successful in our bid to continue thru the fall, rest assured, I will give it my all.”

These results must still be certified by the county Board of Election and it is also possible that Irvin could challenge these results. Nevertheless, as things currently stand Rep. Fleck remains a viable candidate for re-election.

28 Responses

  1. Since when is it a conflict to be a Democrat, a Christian, AND Gay? I am so incredibly tired of labeling and stereotyping in our dialog. I became a Democrat because I see the party as the one that predominantly has more concern for all people of this Nation, poor, struggling, middle class, wealthy, all included. I am a Christian because my faith journey led me to it and the God I worship has commanded me, and I believe others, not to judge anyone lest we be judged. In fact, I believe the superseding commandment uses only the word “love.” I’m gay because my Creator, who doesn’t make mistakes, created me as I am. And because of all the knowledge, skills, and experiences that I have been fortunate enough to have in my path and some hard work on my part, I’m also a Candidate. After elected, it will be my job to represent every person, regardless of their political affiliation, their religion or lack thereof, their color, their sexual orientation, their marital status, their economic circumstances, and any other way in which they may be the same or different than me. I find it tiring that both Republicans and Democrats continue to base their argument in ideology rather than solutions. Neither party is right all the time. I’ve voted for people of both parties and I happen to like many people of both parties. The fact that this whole discussion even has to occur, and also to devolve, is very unfortunate. We can be so much more than that.

  2. Mr. Diano,
    Unfortunately when as a Christian I voiced a concern based on my beliefs it is quickly bashed and I would be told I am bigoted. My views on many issues is blasted by those who oppose it, but I must accept their view?
    My views are considered bigoted, but the other side’s views are ok? They can have such a spirited and ugly response to my views, but I cannot express my views without being chastised or deemed a bigot.
    It is a shame that Mr. Fleck has to deal with this as an issue. It is a personal decision that I do not agree with, but it does not disqualify him from his previous track record.

  3. Larry-
    There have been plenty of Dems supporting gay marriage, and for a lot longer than a decade ago. In the mid 1990’s, support was around 25% (and it wasn’t the Republicans).

    It took a long time for the rest of the population to catch up. The black voters came aboard pretty quickly once the President announced his own support.

    The Dems support grew because they became more educated on the subject and shed the false allegations and rumors against gays.

    Blurred Conservative-
    No one is stopping you from expressing your beliefs, and I’m glad to hear that you would decide voting for Fleck based upon his merits, and not his sexual preferences. However, your fellow Christians who do consider that a voting issue are engaging in bigotry and are rightly called out on it, just as one would call out a religious bigot opposing interracial marriage by claiming the Bible tells them black are an inferior subset of humans and God doesn’t want them destroying white racial purity.

  4. First of all, I don’t give any credibility to anyone that makes a statement like, “the gays are louder than the blacks.”

    The truth is that more republicans in the 81st voted for Rich Irvin because Mike Fleck is gay. Otherwise, they would have not voted for him, uncontested since 2006. If you’re going to vote for someone based fully on their sexuality, I feel sorry for you.

    I read these comments so full of hate and hiding behind religion. I was raised and am a practicing catholic. I thought we weren’t suppose to judge others. I thought we were suppose to love one another.

    Also, this is to Erika – your analogy is beyond stupid. You are justifying peoples hate for one another and their actions, to a parent scolding their kid for being on the road. If you learned that in church, I think you missed the lesson that week.

  5. It is a shame that people appose Fleck because he is gay. If he did a good job, he should be judged based on that. I am tired though of the left bashing Christians, as a Christian I am allowed to voice my views and beliefs. We are not allowed to voice our views and beliefs because others find them wrong, but I have to accept the viewpoint of the other side? That doesn’t sound very appropriate. I would’ve voted for Fleck if I lived in his district, I do not agree with his lifestyle, but that should not disqualify him from being a good State Representative. I am also not pleased with the Republican House Leadership if they did not back him.

  6. David Diano, let’d drop the false dichotomy on gay marriage. Some Republicans continue to oppose it, but don’t give me the liberal “right side of history” argument. Just a decade ago, Dems all supported DOMA and would never risk losing their black constiuency over gay marriage (blacks being opposed to it). Dems do not suddenly support gay marriage because they are righteous; Dems simply see that the gays are louder than the blacks these days in terms of wanting something from the party.

  7. I swear, if Pennsatucky from Orange Is The New Black was real and ran for state legislature after being sprung from prison, she’d fit in real well.

  8. Which Tom Corbett will appear to campaign in this district….enlightened Tom Corbett who is trying to move to the center… Or the real Tom Corbett?

  9. @Erica
    Your analogy is beyond idiotic and you are clearly a moron. Keep on bible thumping you dope.

  10. erika-
    “is it hate for a person to try to turn another person from a path that they believe to be fatal?”

    Yes. It is hate to believe that being gay is “fatal” path. For years there was a terribly wrong belief that gay people were degenerates, pedophiles and/or mentally ill for merely having a different preference. That ignorance has been confronted and is receding. But, there are plenty of die-hards who will not accept people who are different from themselves and will use (and misuse) religious, cultural and pseudo-scientific dogma to condemn whole groups of people and take away their rights.

  11. Fleck’s ex-wife and Irvin’s ex-wife both endorsed Fleck. What’s that say about Irvin? Perhaps he’s not the picture perfect family man, then again as long as he’s not gay, who cares. Perhaps people should dig a little deeper.

  12. Rich Irvin has been a trusted Treasurer of Huntingdon County for many years. He has also been well respected as a good family man invested in his community. I believe he won because he is the superior candidate.
    Can anyone list Flecks accomplishments since taking office other than being gay ? So people are supposed to vote for Fleck because he is a gay man who has done nothing except take up space ?

  13. As for Fleck being an honest rep, you may note he did not reveal his sexual preference until after he was voted in, just saying. And as to Christians hating gays, is it hate for a person to try to turn another person from a path that they believe to be fatal? Would you say a mother hates her child because she won’t let him play in the road, where he may very well have a good bit of fun for a little while? No, a mother who acts to protect her child is displaying love, not hate.

  14. Larry-
    We didn’t vote for Schwartz for several reasons:
    1) She wasn’t ready be governor. (She wasn’t even ready to be a candidate)

    2) She was extremely regional and had barely any support outside of Philadelphia

    3) She had a terrible campaign operation and could not able to run a statewide general election operation.

    4) She was a poor debater.

  15. Larry, Allyson didn’t lose cause she is a woman she lost cause she was bad candidate that ran a horrible campaign which is unfortunate because I would love to have women governor. Just not Allyson Schwartz.

  16. Yay! The Christians won! They hurt the gay guy because, you know, he’s gay! Jesus is so happy.

    Fleck was a good representative for a long time, so much that over multiple election cycles not a single Christian felt any need to oppose him in either the primary or the general election. But once he was ID’d as gay, well, obviously he had to be swatted down and his career in public service ended. That’s what Christianity is all about!

  17. I’m guessing that those accusing Republicans of bigotry were the same sexist Democrats who didn’t vote for Allyson Schwartz because they’re not ready for a woman Governor.

  18. Most of the votes from Huntingdon,County, Were because of plant closings. 2 plants in the past 4 years.At a cost of over 500 jobs. When that many jobs are lost,I don’t think sexual preference matters much

  19. It looks like the bigoted religious zealots are back here again. Unless they’re engaging in satire.

  20. “They had every right to vote their values”…. their #1 value happens to be bigotry.

    Given the choice between “right and wrong”, the GOP write-in voters chose “wrong”.

  21. Congratulations, Richard Irvin!
    Our Heavenly Father has every thing
    under control, and He is certainly
    showing Him Self strong on behalf
    on those who are truly trusting in
    Him and in His Ways.

  22. The people of Huntingdon County are old-fashioned, and what a breath of fresh air that is! They had every right to vote their values, whether you disagree with those values or not. It has nothing to do with hate, and everything to do with right and wrong.

    Now we’ll see if pure conviction can overcome the thousands and thousands of dollars that lobbying groups are going to pour into the general election.

  23. So if he wins in November does he caucus with the bigots who hate him or with the Democrats?

  24. I served with Mike in the house and on the education committee for several years. He’s a good man and one of the most honest reps you’ll find. He serves his constituents well regardless of party label. I wish him well.

  25. I served with Mike in the house for several years and was on the education committee with him. He’s a good man and one of the most honest reps there. He serves his constituents well regardless of party label. I wish him well.

  26. I can’t wait for the inevitable “the voters have spoken” rhetoric from Turzai et al. They were fervently hoping for a way to disavow that shameless Fleck, and now they have it: “See? He’s not a REAL Republican after all!” The ALEC money will be all in on the homophobe.

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