HD-95: Schreiber Out of 2016 Race, York Dems Seek New Candidate

Kevin-SchreiberState Representative Kevin Schreiber won’t seek re-election this November.

That’s according to Gary Haber of the York Daily Record.

Schreiber will finish out his term but this leaves Democrats without a candidate. The only obvious choice for the Dems would be York Mayor Kim Bracey, yet Haber reports that she isn’t interested.

The Democrats have until August 25th to decide on a candidate, so just how will they do it?

Well, an email from York County Democratic Party Chair Chad Baker explains that potential applicants can send in their resumes and letters of interest to the party. One must be a registered Democrat, at least 21 years old, and a resident of the 95th district for at least a year as of Election Day. Those letters were be accepted up to Friday, August 12th.  

On the 13th, the applications will be distributed to the Democratic County Committee members from the 95th district as well as the York County Dems Executive Committee.

That Tuesday, the 16th, the York Democrats will hold a public Q&A with potential candidates. Questions will be submitted in writing ahead of time.

Finally on August 17th, the County Party will choose their nominee and send it to the State Party for approval from its Executive Committee.

The 95th district consists of the city of York.

12 Responses

  1. My guess is that the York Dems put up the man, the myth and the legend of Voni Grimes. He is tight with Gov Wolf and let’s face it everyone loves a guy who can play a harmonica.

  2. Regardless, I could think of a lot worse people than Ms. Pinos to take the reigns. I’m sad to see Rep. Schreiber go, but he will certainly be able to continue to serve the community in his new role. Ms. Pinos is a capable staffer who knows the district well, has served ably under Rep. Schreiber, and would bring a desperately needed fresh viewpoint to the General Assembly as a young person, a woman, and a Latina – perspectives that are sorely lacking in our disproportionately old, white, and male legislature.

  3. Central PA Dem…correction Sully Pinos did not run Braceys campaign and we aren’t sure she ran Schreiber’s.

  4. if there’s a republican in the race and I think for the republican could win this race in 2016.

  5. @Zakrey Bissell…Kevin took a new job that wasn’t announced until yesterday. He’s the new president/ceo of the York Co. Economic Alliance.

  6. Thank you Rep Schreiber for taking a stand against animal cruelty right out of the gate! All the best to you and your family.

  7. We wish Kevin Schreiber the best but sure are going to miss him in the legislature. We could always count on Kevin to stand against animal cruelty.

  8. I hope the York Dems consider nominating Sully Pinos, Kevin’s Chief of Staff, as the replacement. She’s a smart, hardworking person who ran the Obama campaign in York in 2012, then ran Schreiber and Bracey’s campaigns in 2013. She’d be an additional female member of the legislature and the second Latina.

  9. Kevin was a great Rep. With the stock of campaign consulting class the HDCC has… and intellect… well I won’t say anymore…

  10. Isn’t this akin to the Orioles having their first baseman retire and, instead of having multiple potential players lined up in the minors, the team just going on the PA system and saying “Hey, does anyone here want to play baseball?”

  11. I not sure of what’s going on here but people should not be announcing retirements late only a few more days to go to the election.

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