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HD30: Lori Mizgorski to replace English on November ballot

The GOP has its candidate for HD-30.

Lori Mizgorski, state Rep. Hal English’s (R-Hampton) Chief of Staff, closely defeated two other candidates to replace English as the Republican candidate on the ballot in November according to WESA.

The race is now set between Mizgorski and Democrat Betsy Monroe for HD-30.

English caught many people off guard with his surprise retirement announcement made in the beginning of the month. He won the seat in 2012, taking over for Randy Vulakovich, who was elected to the State Senate that year.  

Mizgorski, English’s Chief of Staff and Shaler Commissioner, describes herself as the “qualified candidate” and has said she’s been on the “front lines listening to concerns, responding to needs and addressing the issues in our district.” She responded last night for comment after a day of campaigning.

“As a Shaler Commissioner and legislative staffer, I understand the needs of the district and I am excited to engage with constituents in a greater capacity,” Mizgorski said. “I will be bringing their priorities to Harrisburg. Some of those include passing a balanced budget and revenue plan simultaneously, maintaining roads and bridges and supporting school safety measures.

Monroe, former supervisor at Highmark, won the Democratic nomination during a three-way primary in May collecting 39% of the vote.

She believes the nomination of Mizgorski was made, “solely by Republican insiders”.

“I think it’s telling that it’s been a dozen years, including two cycles with incumbents not seeking reelection, since voters have had the chance to choose their Republican nominee for PA House District 30,” Monroe said. “Every cycle the nomination goes either to the incumbent or someone handpicked by party leaders behind closed doors.  When did order of succession become part of the democratic process?”

English was unopposed for this seat in 2016. 

The nomination means Allegheny County’s State House delegation will be slightly less lopsided next session (it is currently 22-to-1 male-to-female). The HD30 winner likely will join State Rep. Anita Kulik, who is favored to win re-election, as well as Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee, who are unopposed in the fall. The race to replace outgoing Rep. John Maher features Natalie Mihalek (R) and Sharon Guidi (D). The candidates for Rep. Mark Mustio’s seat are Valerie Gaydos (R) and Michele Knoll (D).

HD-30 has been reliably Republican, but the 2016 general election indicated a closing of the gap.

President Trump defeated Sec. Clinton 52-44 in 2016, which is a considerable difference than the 2012 Presidential Election. GOP Presidential nominee Gov. Romney bested President Obama 58-41 in this district.

In Gov. Corbett’s re-election bid denied by Tom Wolf, he still carried HD-30 58-42.

*Election results are courtesy of DailyKos. 

6 Responses

  1. Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection ACT

    Will you champion to resolve the HOLES in the ACT to protect the citizens of this state from illicit and deceitful contractors?

    There are just too many elderly people in this state that are being scammed.


  2. Over the past decades, I’ve had cause to contact my state senators and representatives many times. Approximately a half dozen of those instances my requests for assistance were directed to Representative English’s office, and my point person was Lori Mizgorski. I have told many about the excellent service I received. Lori’s efficiency and communication skills were impressive. (Especially when compared to what happened with the haphazard disinterested staffs of other politicians.) Based on my experiences, and the fact that Lori has had an excellent education working for Representative English, I will not hesitate to vote for her in November.

  3. I don’t think that voting for a candidate means voting for party. Voting should not be biased by party. Look at experience, accomplishments, attendance, community supports, and passion and exposure to what the people view as issues, problems, and concerns. The outcomes speaks volumes. Reps & Dems need to learn to play in the same sandbox. Mrs. Mizgorski display’s experience and dedication to community. I would endorse her based on her resume.

  4. Congrats Hal English, I only support incumbents so I will write you in for November’s elections.

  5. It’s tough to gauge the candidacies of Republican Congressional candidates in Pa. in a climate where Pres. Trump is taking the political air out of the room and there are “mini Trumps” running for top tier level offices like Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. On top of that, Scott Wagner confronts a tracker at a York country club and calls an 18 year old citizen questioning him at a town hall meeting “young and naive.” So, when you have Pres. Trump and “two mini Trumps” at the top with Scott Wagner’s mistakes to add on to things it hard assess the climate for Pa. Republican Congressional candidates but it does appear this cycle that it’s a challenging cycle for R’s.

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