He’s Back! Rohrer to Head Americans for Prosperity’s PA Chapter

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Other than perhaps Pat Toomey (in his 2004 challenge to Senator Arlen Specter), no political figure in PA better reflects the Tea Party outlook more than former State Rep. and GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer.

Now, he’s back. Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a conservative group aligned with the Tea Party movement, announced today that the Berks County native is taking over as state director of the PA chapter.

Rohrer is a good fit for AFP, which is well known for targeting Democrats, as well as Republicans seen to stray from the conservative line. That was the main premise of Rohrer’s long shot challenge to Corbett in last year’s GOP primary.

“Sam should be familiar to some of you. As a nine-term former State Representative, he’s been walking the path of economic freedom and prosperity in the state legislature since 1992.”

“As a former member of the House Education Committee, Sam wrote the school choice law that has empowered over 33,000 Pennsylvania students to attend private or enhanced public school programs,” read the release.

The takeaway: Sam Rohrer is back, and more than anything, Republican patrons of pork had better watch out.

February 15th, 2011 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Harrisburg | 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “He’s Back! Rohrer to Head Americans for Prosperity’s PA Chapter”

  1. Rick says:

    @ Dave –

    Do your research – Sam voted for the pay raise b/c the corrupt Republican Leadership in the House told him he had to or they would kill his property tax bill. He never took the money, and when Leadership broke their promise, he led the charge to REPEAL the pay raise.

    Sam has led by example and comes up clean under even close scrutiny.

  2. Dan Colgan says:

    Thanks for staying in the fight as a voice for those whose voices for too long have been ignored.

  3. Bob Wickes says:

    Way to Go Sam! I’ve heard you articulate your political and economic beliefs and they are the ones I was brought up with at home, Deerfield, and in the larger life beyond University days. You are the right man for this job. Speak long and loud for our rights as citizens of the Republic and for our profound dislike of all large government social and economic enterprises.

  4. Tom Porter says:

    That’s the Indiana/Armstrong (County) Patriots…part of the Tea Party movement.

  5. Tom Porter says:

    Sam is already on the move at the grassroots level. He was in Armstrong County last night (2/15) to endorse Dave Battaglia, a Conservative and member of the Indian/Armstrong Patriots for the GOP nomination to County Commissioner.

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks Sam! I’m so glad to have someone in the system watching our backs.

  7. Dave says:

    Great! Now Sam can get a pass again for the pension and midnight pay raise grab AGAIN! I just canceled my membership in AFP! What a FARCE!

  8. Marie Schumacher says:

    Great news!

  9. Bob says:

    Glad to see Sam back, he is the most honest and humble gentleman I have ever had the privilege to meet. Congratulations Sam, let’s keep up the fight for the rights of man, smaller government and less taxation. Let’s take on property tax soon, I thik a 14th Ammendment challange to property taxes is viable.

  10. Sam, get to work. We are on the move, and if you could not be governor, this might well be the best landing spot to affect the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Thomas Altman
    co-founder, Pennsylvania Freedom Allies

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