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Heinz Returns to PA, Possible Political Career

HeinzChristopher Heinz is coming to Pittsburgh.

The son of former Senator Henry John Heinz III and Teresa Heinz Kerry, and step-son of Secretary of State John Kerry, is returning to the Keystone State.

According to Joyce Gannon of the Post-Gazette, has left his New York investment firm Rosemont Capital and will be seeking to lay down roots in his father’s home.

“[Pittsburgh] offers a lot of what I’m interested in: a financial sector, a nonprofit sector and great sports,” Heinz told Gannon. “The leadership here right now is exciting. The corporate sector is in good shape and you look at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development: There’s a strong set of people…a lot of awesome people in town and I’m super-excited about it.”

Heinz also said that a political career is “not on my radar”. Nevertheless, he has the name, money and background that would make him a prime candidate in the future.

The one major issue is the question of which party he’s in. Senator Heinz was a Republican and Secretary Kerry is a Democrat.

Apparently we’ll just have to wait to see if he ever does seek office.

6 Responses

  1. This seems a bit odd, because there is a Christopher D. Heinz with the exact same birthday registered to vote in Bucks County at a Quakertown address – a beautiful farm with two commas in the price; the registration declares No Affiliation. It would appear the property was purchased in 2005 and listed for sale October of this year. Perhaps it was just a summer home to complement their Manhattan residence? I can think of at least two possible reasons why he would prefer to be registered in Bucks County: he wanted to maintain Pennsylvania residency or he tends to vote Republican and figured his vote would count more in a district that isn’t awash in a sea of Democrats. That being said, he stumped for Kerry in 2004 and his father likely wouldn’t be welcome in today’s Republican Party, described as a “moderate-to-liberal Republican” by the New York Times back in 1991.

  2. If his father picked Theresa and had him, and you subscribe to the old adage of Apple, tree, falling; I say we have enough stupid people in Pa

  3. Hello Pennsylvania, I’m a smug investment banker entitled to my late Father’s Senate seat. Now vote for me!

  4. The reporter couldn’t figure out how to answer the million dollar question of what party he is registered in currently?

  5. So whom will he be representing: the Billionaire Class he was born into, or the Working Class who made his family’s wealth possible? My guess is that he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple…

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