Henry to Run Cruz Campaign in PA

lowman-henryTed Cruz’s presidential campaign announced the head of their Pennsylvania operation.

Lowman Henry, Chairman and CEO of the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, will chair the Cruz campaign in PA.

Henry is a Republican state committee member and former political director for the PA GOP. He also served as Dauphin County Commissioner and was the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania State Treasurer in 1992.

“I am honored to have Lowman join our team as Chairman of our Pennsylvania campaign,” Cruz’s campaign stated. “He has been a conservative stalwart in Pennsylvania for over 25 years and his commitment to fighting for conservative causes in the state is unmatched. His endorsement will help consolidate conservatives across the state to take on the Washington cartel.”

“In a historically strong field of contenders for the 2016 Republican nomination Senator Cruz stands out as the most dependable constitutional conservative in the field,” Henry explained. “Given the large field of contenders we fully expect the Pennsylvania primary to be pivotal in 2016. That is why we have begun the process of building a grassroots organization that will position Senator Cruz to win the Pennsylvania primary and win the delegates needed to secure the nomination.”

The Pennsylvania primary is scheduled for April 26th.

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21 thoughts on “Henry to Run Cruz Campaign in PA”

  1. History Teller says:

    I worked with Loman Henry in Dauphin County and in Lower Paxton Twp. more specifically. he is a good man, a fine Republican and is well connected locally and throughout the state. He may not have pleased many on this comment string, but who would? Jesus might have trouble pleasing them. Don Rickles would have referred to it as a “tough room”. Let’s unite behind the candidate and work with the team that assembles and rise above our local or personal gripes.

  2. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Can we see proof first that Ted Cruz is even an American citizen? Did his mother renounce UC citizenship and opt to be Canadian before Ted was born? That has never been clarified.
    Why is Trump not hiring investigators to research that? Maybe because even he thinks Cruz is too nutty to be taken seriously.

  3. Agnes Tillerson says:

    I am not familiar with Lowman Henry but I do like the Lincoln Institute. Glad to her that he was not the choice of Gleason which is a BIG plus for me. Gleason is a RINO and a not successful one at that. Pennsylvania did not do well when he was the helm of the State Committee. He was not a grassroots supporter which was a downfall for all Republican voters and candidates. I wish Lowman Henry well in this position. I am a grassroots supporter of Ted Cruz, a TRUE conservative and constitutionalist! United states needs these traits for survival.

  4. HurHurHur says:

    what was the last thing you won guzzardi? A scratch off?

  5. David Diano says:


    So, Lowman is an “acquaintance” whom you “tapped”? Not really making a strong case here for yourself.

    I’m glad to see you and Bob on the same page in your support. Pretty much guarantees Cruz’s doom.

  6. rsklaroff says:

    @ d2:

    In the interest of full-disclosure, the only “negative” that I can recall, regarding Lowman, is that I told him [a half-decade ago] that I felt he should have invited speakers from both sides of an issue [I think it had to do with the school-choice compromise being promoted by then-Rep. Curt Schroder]; otherwise, his April-event has been…for a quarter-century…a must-go calendar-entry [comparable, I suppose, to Dems who revel in attending the NetRoots convention].

    This didn’t stop me from ALMOST taking a table @ his 2014 convocation on behalf of Guzzardi [which I had planned to self-fund]; Guzzardi asked, however, that I withdraw the arrangement [for whatever reason(s)] and Lowman didn’t bat an eyelash on either occasion [when I contacted him to sign-up and when I contacted him to sign-off].

    The key-point that Guzzardi made [amidst the other political observations, phrased in his unique style] is that Cruz has not aligned himself with the GOP-Establishment [and/or those associated therewith] AND that Cruz has chosen a high-quality statewide-colleague [in contrast with other POTUS-candidates].

  7. rsklaroff says:

    @ Guzzardi:


    @ the bottom of the page…
    …is another appellation…
    “Gerow Institute of Deceit”!

    [It is amazing that he has achieved this level of notoriety.]

  8. rsklaroff says:

    @ d2:

    My “acquaintance” with Lowman goes back over the years but, frankly, I chose that term because I haven’t interacted much with him otherwise [although I felt gratified by the amount of time and instant-wisdom that I was able to tap, 1/2 year ago].

    @ Guzzardi”

    Per the Urban Dictionary, the “GET” Acronym denotes “get it done” or “getting it done”; thus, how does this relate to Gerow?

  9. David Diano says:


    You wrote: I have already renewed my “acquaintance” with Lowman

    Are the quotes around acquaintance meant to imply a sexual relationship?

    No need for euphemisms. You are both adults.

  10. bobguzzardi says:

    Lowman Henry is a very smart choice; Lowman Henry is a consistent conservative, well-liked by all who know or interact with him and a highly competent organizer.

    Wise choice by Team Cruz . Lowman Henry is not only a decent and kind person, a Christian gentleman, he is, also, highly competent an experienced organizer, and very well informed not only about policy but well informed about political dynamics in Pennsylvania, the personnel, who’s who of Pennsylvania politics, both Republican Establishment and Democrats.

    Lowman Henry knows that Gleason Asher network of incompetent, self-serving opportunists can only produce failure as they did in losing five out of five statewide appellate court elections and losing Bob Asher’s home county of Montgomery. Gleason Asher = Losers.

    Carly Fiorina has GID, Charlie Gerow, an incompetent phony, Establishment wannabe, as her state co-ordinator.

    It appears that the Gleason Asher Republican State Committee Establishment network of self-serving, incompetent losers is supporting Establishment’s second choice,Marco “Gang of Eight Open Borders/Amnesty” Rubio.

  11. rsklaroff says:

    I have already renewed my “acquaintance” with Lowman, with whom I last spoke in June [extensively, for he kindly chatted briefly a half-dozen times regarding ongoing observations] @ the NE Regional GOP Conference @ the Sheraton.

    I have referred a friend who volunteered and linked-up his e-mail address with another friend with whom I’ve been collaborating [“strategery”] for 2+ years.

    His cred is unassailable within the Conservative Community [recalling, for example, the annual Leadership Conferences] and, thus, Ted’s personnel-choice [to quote Guzzardi] reflects his having adopted quality policies.

  12. HaHaHa says:

    Diano, news flash: you are a creepy old white man. I know that self-loathing goes hand-in-hand with the mental illness of liberalism, but you really ought to seek help for that.

  13. David Diano says:

    I’m VERY disappointed in this pick. rskaroff would have been a much better pick to convey the sheer foolishness and recklessness of Cruz’s policies, as well as appealing to the creepy old white man vote.

    Maybe Henry will share his Cruz juice with rskaroff.

  14. HaHaHa says:

    Did you guys see where I said repervlicans? Pretty funny right? I’ve been working on it for years. But I finally got it. The ultimate insult. Repervlicans, it’s so perfect, so clever, so inflammatory. Repervlicans will never die. I spent half of my last unemployment check on a repervlicans tattoo.

    Please someone say they approve oh please!

  15. GamerGate says:

    What do you expect from an anti-semite like Hahaha? Decorum?

  16. Observer says:

    So this guy is like the circus poodle who pretends to pull the Klown Kar around the three rings? He has the face for it! But he’s got those Michelle Bachmann crazy eyes, so maybe he’s not such a good fit…

  17. jmarshak says:

    I see Ted Cruz was smart enough to steer clear of Rob Gleason failure factory. Lowman Henry is an excellent choice.

  18. Tom says:

    Really immature to swear in the comments section. I suggest your post be deleted and let the adults talk.

  19. HaHaHa says:

    I support the lying, cackling, soulless she-devil who comes from family money as the Democratic candidate. Woohoo — rich old white people!! That’s what we Dems stand for!!

  20. rsklaroff says:

    Great match!

  21. HaHaHa says:

    Cruz is a fuckin’ loon. He’d be a great nominee for the Repervlicans.

    Go CRUZ !!! !!! !!!

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