Hey Look, Jeb Bush Wrote an Op-Ed in the Trib

It’s not a byline Pittsburgh newspaper readers are accustomed to. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, penned an op-ed in the Tribune Review Tuesday on the subject of energy. His name has been floated as a possible VP pick.

His piece doesn’t mention President Obama by name, but criticizes his policies and emphasizes the country’s domestic supply of energy:

The discovery and production of massive deposits of gas and oil on American private land, even without a coherent White House energy strategy to develop domestic resources, has created two distinct opportunities for America.

We must seize the opportunity we have been given to reshape both our economy and the economic dynamics of global freedom. Simply by untethering ourselves from “despot oil,” we can force regimes that used oil wealth to prop themselves up to find a new source for national prosperity — the great power of human freedom and innovation.

Read the whole piece here.

Though Bush has repeatedly said he will not be on the GOP ticket in 2012, chatter has consistently followed him. Most recently, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham named him as Romney’s best possible VP pick. That he’s sending op-ed submissions to a big paper in a swing state certainly is interesting.

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  1. The mere fact that his letter was in the Trib is enough for Bush to lose all credibility for me. Not all of us have been drinking the kool- aid from Dick Scaife’s warped political agenda

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