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HHS Arkansas Decision a Boon For CorbettCare

arkansas-mapGovernor Tom Corbett’s Medicaid plan may very well become a reality thanks to -of all places – Arkansas. That’s because the Obama Administration has accepted the Arkansas plan to cover those people eligible for the Medicaid expansion with private insurance.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, announced over the weekend that it will accept Arkansas’ model of covering 200,000 of their uninsured residents with private insurance using funds originally intended for a Medicaid expansion. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius personally called Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe to tell him the news.

The Arkansas plan served as a model for Gov. Corbett’s private expansion idea, which he unveiled earlier this month. If HHS has approved the model for Arkansas, it stands to reason that it is likely that they will also approve “CorbettCare”, as it has come to be known.

This comes as welcome news to the Governor as his proposal has an uphill climb with the state’s voters. A Muhlenberg/Morning Call poll found only 22% of respondents favored Corbett’s approach over the Obama Administration’s preference to simply expand the federal Medicaid program.

There is, however, one problem. Unlike the plan in Arkansas, or a similar one in Iowa, Corbett’s proposal requires that beneficiaries be actively seeking employment. It is possible that HHS will reject this requirement as it opens the door for other states to attach any particular prerequisite in order to receive funds. It also may prove difficult to determine and define what actively seeking employment means, which could force HHS to reject the whole issue.

5 Responses

  1. BRABENDER-CORBETT HITMEN: I’ve checked the genealogy center. Daryl Metcalfe doesn’t have one drop of RINO in him. Leave Mr. Metcalfe alone. He loves the WHITE FOLK just like you.

  2. Wow-This is cynical. Corbett is evolving. He ran on a healthcare platform in 2010 that the Emergency Room was his health plan for the working poor, because access to health care is not a universal right. When times get tough and poll numbers get terribly bad Corbett suddenly discovers people that don’t give thousands of dollars of donations. Now you can see on many postings that the Brabender/Corbett hit men are attacking Daryl Metcalfe, an easy target. Brain Nutt, why don’t you get the cojones to take on the Trib Review editorial team that have the same opinions about Corbettcare as Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. Why can’t Rep. Metcalfe commit political necrophilia, just like you Gromis-Baker, Zogby, Gleason and all the rest? Since we are speaking of political hit jobs, when is Charles B Zogby, our Brabender/Corbett K12 Inc, IMBED going to confess to the political hit job of former Secretary Bill Harner, the Middlesex Republican, Army Vet and distinguished educator who has been transformed into a creepy guy, whom you’d be afraid in the urinal next to you?

  3. Readers may want to note that the Arkansas plan require a larger cash outlay on the part of the state. That’s part of the deal with HHS. Given Tom’s oft-stated objections about costs to state taxpayers, this may not be welcome news. After all, Tom was hoping the Feds would reject his plan and that would give him his cover story.

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