Hillary Returning to Pittsburgh on Monday

clinton-pittsburghHillary Clinton is making one final trip to the Steel City.

On Monday morning, the Democratic nominee for President is campaigning in Pittsburgh.

The GOTV event will be held on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. It is scheduled for noon and doors open at 9:30 a.m.

Clinton is set to host a major rally on Independence Mall with Bill and Chelsea as well as President and Michelle Obama on Monday night. With a stop in Philly set for the early evening, it makes sense for her to also come to Pittsburgh in the morning.

For the most part, the Clinton team is spending their final days in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire that they need to hold and that don’t have any early voting.

7 Responses

  1. Observer, come on up to Erie, I’m sure my friends in the men’s gay chorus can find you an hiv infected tranny you can party with!

  2. Why did people who hated USA union working men and women love Solidarity so much? Because they were standing up to a totalitarian dictatorship? These so called Communist totalitarian dictatorships banned unions. So did the fascists. Freely organized unions are surest sign of a democracy.

  3. Good, I’m glad you homos are staying far away from this part of the state you Libtards! You can be with your commie union members pals and your welfare rat buddies.

  4. Nah …. Hillary knows Erie is Hickville. Nobody chooses to go to Erie. It’s Shittown, USA

  5. If she really cared about getting Pennsylvania votes, she would have made it to Erie at least 1 time during her campaign. She never madeit to this part of the state 1 times during her entire campaign. I gusess she was too busy taking naps and resting in between her seizures.

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