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Hillary Secures Support of Every PA DNC Member

Hillary ClintonThe Hillary Clinton campaign announced today she’s won the support of all 13 DNC members from Pennsylvania.

“We’re honored to have the support from these party leaders who know that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who can stop Republicans from ripping away all of the progress we’ve made,” said Marlon Marshall, Hillary for America Director of State Campaigns and Political Engagement. “These DNC members will only strengthen our grassroots-driven campaign and help us engage even more voters across Pennsylvania in order to win the April 26th Primary.”

The full list of officials included below:

Richard Bloomingdale

Tony Coelho

Ronald Donatucci

Penny Gerber

Amanda Green-Hawkins

Marcel Groen

Gerald Lawrence

Nancy Patton Mills

Ian Murray

Mayor Michael Nutter (previously announced)

Evelyn Rafalko-McNulty

Marian Tasco

Sylvia Wilson

These endorsements are particularly valuable for Clinton because of each of them is a superdelegate. As we recounted earlier this month, the DNC members make up 13 of PA’s 21 superdelegates. The other eight delegate spots were allocated by whether the state has a Democratic Governor or Senators as well as the number of Democratic Congressmen. Gov. Rendell also has a vote as a former party chair.

We know Rendell is a long-time Clinton ally and FiveThirtyEight’s endorsement tracker shows Gov. Wolf, Sen. Casey, and Rep. Cartwright are also in the Clinton camp.

Therefore, we can conclude that Clinton has already secured at least 17 of the Keystone State’s 21 superdelegates.   

30 Responses

  1. I am checking into all those that are supporting Hillary and I will be voting against every one that I possibly can in hopes of getting them out of office be it this year or 2 years from now and I am making a list and giving them to friends because if politicians in office are supporting Hillary they are supporting gov’t corruption, terrorist and destruction and are no better then she is being she is guilty as hell and everyone knows it.

  2. Jan 29….long before your state has voted …and YOU have taken it upon yourself to declare for Hillary Clinton….Well, I hope you will read my letter….I am just an ordinary woman and an American who is tired of the status quo – Please listen:
    Dear Super-delegate,
    As a Super-delegate, you wield significant influence over the selection of the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. It is my opinion that it is very wrong for you to pledge your support to a candidate before the primary season even begins. You are basically telling the electorate that you don’t care about their wishes, and you have the right to do whatever you wish regardless of their input. If you are currently uncommitted,, good for you;
    I respect your willingness to wait and listen to the electorate.
    I hope that when the time comes, you will have paid attention to the hordes of people who are coming out by the thousands in support of Bernie Sanders. The fact is that if having a Democrat in the White House is your main objective, then Hillary Clinton is NOT the way to go. Here’s why :
    Voters don’t trust her as has been demonstrated in survey after survey. They trust Bernie; he says what he means and he doesn’t change according to which way the wind blows.
    Voters don’t like her. (again – check the surveys) They like Bernie because they know he is on their side and he is honest and compassionate.
    Independents in the general election will play a significant role and they have been shown to have very strong support for Bernie.
    Many Republicans, who are very anti-Trump, can be swayed to vote for Bernie. I can’t imagine any of my Republican friends who would vote for Hillary – She just has too much history. They just would not vote.
    Hillary is a warhawk…She voted for the Iraq war. Yes, she has since said that was a mistake, but hindsight is always 20/20. She and Bernie reviewed the same information, and Bernie had the necessary judgement to vote against that horrible war.
    Hillary is indebted to Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry, and other moneyed entities. Bernie owes nothing to anyone except the thousand of supporters who rally around him and his future to believe in. It is interesting that Hillary went around the world to encourage the use of fracking, but now she is not too sure about that – I wonder why – could it be that the people and Bernie are against it, and to favor it might cost her some votes. She also supported the TPP….until she didn’t.

    All of the polls show that Bernie would defeat any of the Republican candidates by double digits….

    The choice is clear – If you want to win the White House rather than adhere to some party affiliation, you need to cast your super-delegate ballot for Bernie Sanders.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Anne Harper

  3. Funny how all these Sanders supporters are whining about super delegates now because Hillary has so many of them. Sorry folks but you can’t change the rules in mid-stream because your candidate is losing. Want to change the rules – you should have done it before the campaign started.

  4. I believe the super delegates own it to the voters to take the will of the people into account rather than the wishes of large contributes in the finance, defense, and insurance/pharmaceutical industries. Please refrain from engaging in a betrayal of Democracy.

  5. This state is as corrupt as can be .We have NO budget now and the governor is more interested in Billary’s delegate count! I’ll write in Bernie’s name before giving my support to the privileged class of career politicians that only have self interest at heart…BERNIE ONLY 2016 PS.TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST NOW!!!

  6. What happened to voting?!
    Bernie is correct in telling us that our Democracy is in mortal danger from corruption. We have to save it. Hillary doesn’t have the trust, honesty, or vision to take that on. The DNC is very much part of the problem.
    Bernie or bust!

  7. hilerey and cruise aint never gonna bee able to bee prasedent cuz thay both where borned in cannada and so cant bee preasdent,

  8. steventodd-

    While having all the primaries the same day would be interesting/different, I think that it’s very difficult for individual candidates to mount operations nationwide at the primary stage. For some good candidates, they’d still have to raise money and build their operations state-by-state, moving their New Hampshire and Iowa volunteers to super-Tuesday states.

    I think national same-day primaries would be insurmountable obstacle, as only the final nominees, with full party support, could mount national campaigns (or billionaires).

  9. Boo, DNC. This Dem stopped giving you money years ago. Now, I have blocked your emails.


    And I second Jerry below: “The whole super delegate system is a corruption of our so-called Democracy.” It is even more undemocratic than the nominating Convention itself, and that is saying something.

    How about this: every state has a primary/caucus on the same day. We count up the votes. The winner wins.

    I can promise this: there will be hell to pay if TheBern takes our PA Primary, and the party takes him from us.

  10. Jerry Policoff-

    I think PoliticsPA should have a poll to see who is a bigger fool and more wrong on every issue: you or bobguzzardi

    He’s so crazy, that he thinks Republicans will/should reject Toomey for not being conservative enough.

    You like Bernie. That’s fine. But, even Bernie has made it clear to his followers (though the message hasn’t penetrated the hat-rack you have for a head) that if Hillary is the nominee, that failure to vote for her is a vote for Trump or whoever the GOP nominee is.

    So, if Hillary is the nominee you are going to cry and moan and whine like a little baby and piss your vote away on Stein or a write in, and HELP the Republicans by denying Hillary a vote?

    How does that help Bernie and his cause?

    It’s voters like you that are the reason the Founding Fathers were against direct voting and had things like the Electoral College.

  11. Dave, It’s none of your f—–g business who I plan to vote for, but since I am proud of my choice I gladly will reveal my strong support for Bernie Sanders. If Hillary is the nominee I will either write in Bernie or I will vote for Jill Stein (Green Party).
    I could care less who Sestak supports. I respect every person’s right to make their own choices.

  12. Bernie or Burst! I’m only voting for a candidate not using a SuperPAC. and not a billionaire. If you have a SuperPAC you owe them something. You’re not in office for the people (voters). All of you voting for Hillary want to give handouts to banks again from your taxes because she’s not interested in breaking up the banks.

  13. Jerry-

    1) Nothing prevents the super-delegates from supporting Hillary

    2) In 2008, your buddy Sestak was all about helping Hillary. His brother, Richard, was even a DNC delegate for Hillary

    3) Who are you going to vote for? Trump?

    4) Stop talking like an idiot. Bernie has made it clear that if Hillary is the nominee, he wants his supporters to vote for her.

  14. The whole super delegate system is a corruption of our so-called Democracy. Hillary Clinton is just fine with securing the nomination via super delegates rather than by getting it through the ballot box. That is just one of the many reasons I will never vote for her. She would be perfectly okay with Bernie winning the primaries and then stealing the nomination from him via this circuitous route.

  15. Hillary for Incarceration-

    Worst president ever is still George W. Bush

    They might as well retire the title (unless they elect one of the fools on the GOP ticket this year).

  16. After JFK, Humphrey and Truman- sad commentary that scum like the Clintons are what we are left with. Bill is moral sleaze -AND HILIARY is corrupt to the core. She isn’t stupid- but her arrogance has led to corruption and poor judgment that risked lives. Sad choice sleaze like the Clintons or Trump et al???

  17. Clinton’s have been sleazy money grubbers since their Arkansas years. Remember the Cattle Futures and Whitewater? Now its the Clinton Foundation. Bill a sleazy womanizer now with his “Energizer” at Chappaqua. Hillary will upend BHO as Worst President if she elected.

  18. Real Democrats know Hillary can get the job done.Over the years she has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with working people,women and minorities to pass legislation to help children and families. She is the REAL THING, and the biggest threat to the Republican mindset

  19. Tony Coelho? Wasn’t that Andy Kaufman’s alias. Maybe he is still alive. Somebody call Jerry Lawler for a rematch.

  20. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    We’ve got a US Senate candidate in PA who really lives in Virginia.

    First Santorum and now Sestak.

    WTF is wrong with Virginia sending us its trash?

  21. Meaningless. In the states after Super Tuesday, Bernie will run the table and all these HRC buttkissers will be out on their keisters. The Dem Establishment has done NOTHING for Poor People OR the Middle Class – so they are Gone.

  22. Maybe we should make it a rule that DNC members from Pennsylvania actually be from Pennsylvania. There’s a novel thought.

  23. The League of Dirty Coal Plants endorses Senator Clinton as well. Who cares if she lies, she takes payola to a whole new level, and that’s what it’s all about.

  24. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus

    You are correct.

    There is an Anthony Coelho age 18 NoParty registration in Northampton, but NO Dem by that name.

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