Hillary to Visit Pittsburgh on Friday

hillary-clintonHillary Clinton is returning to Pittsburgh.

She last visited the Steel City on October 22nd during a joint appearance with Tim Kaine.

No details on the campaign stop have been revealed besides the fact that it will be on Thursday and in the Pittsburgh area.

It is quite possible that this will be Clinton’s last stop in Western PA.

On Saturday night, Katy Perry will headline a GOTV concert in Philadelphia.

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  1. Tim: Now you have lost your mind. Even sleazy Breitbart would refuse to print this trash.

  2. Did QATAR Bribe Clinton To Overthrow Syria Gov’t?

    When Syria refused permission for the QATAR Natural Gas Pipeline, QATAR made a multi-million dollar “contribution” to the Clinton Foundation. Shortly thereafter, seven CIA operatives were suddenly sent to Syria to form the “Free Syrian Army (FSA)” to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad!

    On the surface it looks like flat-out Bribery; Qatar paid millions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was US Secretary of State, and suddenly the State Department sends CIA operatives to form a “rebel” group in Syria to overthrow its government. Of course, it this was flat-out Bribery, it subsequently grew to depraved-indifference Murder, when innocent Syrian men, women and children starting being killed by the Free Syrian Army formed by those CIA operatives.

    People Dying from a rebel insurgency was a foreseeable consequence of forming a Rebel group to overthrow an elected government. In certain jurisdictions, that would make Hillary guilty of Second Degree Depraved-Indifference Murder . . . times however many thousands of Syrians ended up dying since then!

    If QATAR actually did bribe Clinton to start the overthrow of the Syrian government, then we have an interesting explanation for Hillary wanting her e-mail run through a private server and not through government computers; she would likely have wanted to keep all this information far away from government eyes.

    This is, of course, just speculation at this point, but with prominent Democrats scurrying for cover by abandoning Clinton, this speculation may not be far off the truth.


    Adding more to the misery of Hillary is an unexpected “Data Dump” by the FBi this afternoon. And what is in this dump? The entire FBI Investigation of Hillary’s handling of CLassified emails through her personal computer server!

    No one has explained why hundreds of pages from this recently-concluded investigation have suddenly been made public, but they have! A link to this FBI Data Dump is Here


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