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Houlahan Raises $840K in Q2

No incumbent? No problem.

In the first full fundraising quarter since incumbent Rep. Ryan Costello dropped out of the 6th district race, Democratic congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan announced that she raised more than $840,000. That’s slightly higher than her Q1 haul. She added to her cash on hand by finishing the 2nd quarter with more than $2.2 million.

“Our campaign momentum keeps growing, with new faces showing up every week ready to go out and tell not just my story, but the story of working Pennsylvania families taking back our government and sending proven common-sense leadership back to our nation’s capital,” she said.

Houlahan highlighted that the average individual contribution was $16.34, with 97.5% of the donations being less than $100. Houlahan entered the 2nd quarter with $1.6 million cash on hand and raised over $740,000 in the 1st quarter of the year.

Republican hopeful Greg McCauley’s campaign has not posted its 2nd quarter earnings yet. As of April 25, he had just $54,000 cash on hand.

McCauley’s first weeks on the campaign were tumultuous, with GOP leaders in SEPA and DC scrambling to determine a course of action in the wake of Rep. Costello’s surprise retirement announcement. Since then, Republicans have coalesced around McCauley’s candidacy. The NRCC designated him as a Young Gun in May.

10 Responses

  1. I am one of her early supporters at more than $16.34. I live next door in MontCo…not Boston. Why is it that she is maligned for having a successful biz career? I DO hope that some $$$ flows downstream…like the Harrisburg/Dauphin County new district.

  2. At least the Koch Brothers and the 1%ers aren’t buying her like they do the Republicans.

  3. Of course she will keep it for herself. You guys don’t know this woman yet in her short year she has been involved in politics. Greedy Chrissy keeps everything for herself at any opportunity given. She has NEVER donated any of her campaign or personal wealth to any other candidates.

    She is not fit to be in Congress.

      1. She’s obviously a fantastic fundraiser, but with the new makeup if her district and Costello out of the picture, she has her seat locked up. She should indeed be assisting down ballot candidates (the balance of power needs shifted in Harrisburg badly), and I have yet to see that happening.

  4. With all that money, maybe she’ll finally decide to spread it around and help some down ballot candidates. Or just continue to hog it and help no one but herself.

  5. Hopefully the same person that asks McCauley from where he got his single donation.

  6. Someone should ask Mrs. Houlahan to list the hometowns of each of her $16.34 donors (cough cough…Boston…Act Blue…Emily’s List…)

    1. While we’re at it we should ask her how long it would take to earn $16.34 in one of her sweatshops that created the AND1 clothing line. At $0.35/hr, we’re talking over 46 hours.

      She gave herself a raise at every turn. She is self-serving in the nonprofit/business sector and she will be self-serving given the opportunity in Congress.

      Chrissy Houlahan is not fit to hold elected office.

  7. Fundraising is important and it does not have to mean mega donations as Bernie Saunders proved that as well as Beto O’Rourke of Texas. We got serious problems that are not going to go away like healthcare. Dem or Republican–we all can get ill-and being like Scott Wagner and taking a poll at the Republican State Committee to see how many have employer based healthcare is like sticking one’s head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away. On education, in today’s paper it was noted, Wagner was unable to point to one instance where Gov Wolf thought the switch from the existing funding distribution scheme should be immediate or resulting in cuts to certain school districts. The bottom line–elections have consequences and with healthcare and education it certainly shows and to get elected fundraising is important.

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